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Herbal (Seduction Masters Interview)


posted by Donovan at 2:15 PM

Seduction Masters Interview

Tell Me About Yourself!

I'm 25, living in Austin TX. I've been in the game for about 3 years, tovarying degrees. Right now I barely go out, but back in LA I would often times go out seven days a week and used to teach workshops with Mystery.

Download Tynan's MP3 Rap about Mystery (Click here)

I just started working for a friend who moved his tech company to Austin, and on the side I run my site, I'm actively working on becoming a rapper as well.

UPDATE: Herbal has written his own guide for bringing charisma and energy to your conversations and lifestyle. Read my new interview with Tynan at my new blog.

Herbal Seduction

Describe the moment, when you suddenly realized, "I need to work out this part of my life."

I had a huge crush on this girl for three years. I took a certain amount of pride in not going after other girls - I had the AFC mentality that waiting for her to move back to Austin was a romantic thing to do.

In retrospect, of course, it was pretty creepy.

One day, after having this crush for three years, I decided that I had enough and that I needed to change. A friend had showed me ASF a year prior, but not being ready to give up my crush, I had ignored it. I searched for it again, and read it until the wee hours of the morning. That's when I was hooked.

I then got involved with the Austin Society, and got lucky and got a number my first night out. That success gave me the false confidence to press forward through a lot of rejection.

Have you had any mentors (perhaps well-known pickup artists) within the community/life that have helped you improve your game, and what did they teach you?

Mystery, Style, and Tyler Durden are probably my biggest mentors. Before moving to Project Hollywood I had a nagging worry in the back of my head that I was nothing more than a tenant. What if I moved there and they wanted nothing to do with me? After all, I'd never met Mystery or Style, and had only briefly talked with TD.

However, as soon as I got there any worries I had disappeared. Mystery began teaching me the first week and we were soon going out every night together as wings. Eventually I started teaching workshops with him, which only furthered my knowledge.

I went out with Style and Tyler less, but both of them taught me more than I can thank them for. Tyler helped me understand the importance of learning the skill, and was a huge motivating factor. He was always brutally honest with his feedback, which was very helpful.

Style also gave me a lot of good advice, and his lifestyle which integrated pickup and his real personality and hobbies inspired me.

It's incredibly important to have mentors. Being around someone teaches a lot more than reading what they write.

Can you describe the first time you used a counter-intuitive routine that yielded it's promised results, and how you felt?

The whole game was counterintuitive. It honestly never really occurred to me that I could cultivate any sort of relationship with a stranger. I had never been in a bar or club before the game, and hadn't ever asked a girl for her number. That first number I got just blew away my reality and made me wonder what else I didn't know (the answer: a lot).

Could you describe what you're life was like before you were aware of this, and what options you have with women now?

Life was fine before, but I never felt like I had much control. If a girl liked me, I could usually guide things in the right direction. However, the girls always picked me - I had no choice in the matter.

I don't really go out anymore. I'm not terribly interested in girls who are into the party scene. But now when I see a girl I'm interested in, I can start talking to her and know that she will be attracted to me. In fact, the process is so internalized and subconscious now that I KNOW that any girl I spend fifteen minutes around will like me.

What was your biggest sticking point?

My biggest sticking point was, and still is, going for the first kiss. I am awful at it. I get nervous and then usually end up finally doing it much later than I should have.

Part of the problem is that I'm much more picky than I deserve to be, and I've never "practiced" with less desirable girls. Oh well - I guess there are worse problems to have.

Do you have a favorite routine/step in your model, can you describe it, and what it accomplishes?

"When I first met you, I didn't really like you. Now that I get to know you - you're amazing"

I don't know if I actually ever say those exact words, but I love the sentiment. It's one of Mystery's lines. It's usually also the truth, and I love the reaction it gets.

It says...

"I am picky"
"I like you for more than your beauty"
"I'm not chasing you"
"I'm honest"
And "I like you"

... all in one little phrase.

Have you had the experience yet, where you feel that you've reached a certain degree of mastery? Can you explain the time, and how you got the realization?

I wouldn't consider myself a master. I'm not an AFC either, but when I see people like Mystery or Tyler Durden in the field I realize how much better it's possible to be.

There was one set I did in LA that really sticks out in my mind, though. I was at Lotus with Tyler and a bunch of other people. I chatted up the hottest girl in there, and she was head over heels. I had her feeding me sushi that some other guy bought, begging for my number while these tall modely guys begged for hers, and kissed her goodbye. Later I found out that she was a professional model and even had model trading cards that people bought and sold on ebay.

When I got home she had already left a message on my phone. We never ended up seeing each other because shortly after meeting her I got involved with Katya, but she was still calling me even after I moved back to Austin.

That set made it blatantly obvious that I COULD attract any girl. Before pickup, I would have assumed that she would have no interest in even talking to me. Now I walk around with the confidence that I can get any girl, which is a great feeling to have.

What advice would you give to newbies starting out, in order to greatly accelerate their learning curve?

I could write a book here. Take a workshop, first of all. I was always too proud to take a workshop. I didn't need to spend money to get good. It's true - I didn't, but I would have gotten much better much faster if I had.

Now I'm fortunate enough to be friends with most of the seminar and workshop people, so I can sit in, but it's not the same. If I could go back and pay to have a real workshop, I'd do it. I had no idea how high quality these programs were (specifically Mystery, RSD, Pickup 101, and The Approach).

After you take your workshop, go out religiously. I taught with Mystery for a while, and the people who got good were the people who applied what they learned.

Also - dedicate your life to it. EVERYONE who has gotten very good has done this. It's equally important to take a step back later and see what's stuck with you. But in the beginning - dedicate your life to it.

I MOVED ACROSS THE COUNTRY to get involved. I had a house in Austin that I kept paying the mortgage on while I was in LA. I literally spent all of my savings on the deposit for my chunk of Project Hollywood and had no idea how I was going to pay the rent when I got there.

You're not going to get good starting out two nights a week on your own. It just won't happen. Surround yourself with people who are GREAT (not your fellow AFC friends who are also learning). Go out a lot.

Pickup is both the hardest skill you'll ever learn and the most important. Everyone I know who is any good will say it's the most important thing they've learned, because it applies to EVERYTHING, not just women. I have better relationships with friends, family, and business associates because of it. Do what it takes to get this.

What's your belief on inner game, and how did you improve it?

Inner game is essential, especially as you get later in your game. Don't use it as an excuse, though. I see a lot of guys "working on their inner game" instead of going out. That's crap.

You improve your inner game by being in the field. What would have helped me more? 1000 affirmations saying "hot girls love me" or picking up that model and KNOWING that hot girls love me?

Learning pickup should be the process of amplifying who you are. You're not changing who you are. That's a mistake. You weed out your bad traits and amplify the good ones. Figure out what you like about yourself and what others like about yourself and make THAT be your core.

Habits that you want to kick and that are unattractive need to be minimized or eliminated.

The best way to cultivate a strong inner game is to be out in the field constantly while being hyper aware of everything you do and how it affects others. Every single thing you do or say will get a subtle reaction from everyone in the set. Take note of that.

Do you have a personal favorite field report (your own) that you could relay?

It was the 2004 pickup summit that I organized (see how involved I got?), and everyone was there. More importantly, everyone was trying to show off.

Thundercat and Cristophe were talking to two girls of a three set. The last girl was facing away from the group and had the coldest body language I'd ever seen.

The One came up to me and pointed her out.

"Dude, that girl is really cold. Try talking to her."

It sounded like a challenge to me. PUAs from all over the world were watching, and I had a lot to prove since I had just moved to ProHo.

I walked up and started talking. She ignored me. I just stacked and stacked and stacked, totally unwilling to walk away as a failure. She didn't acknowledge my presence. In any other situation I would have given up long ago, but too many people were watching.

Finally I said something funny and I noticed that the corner of her mouth, the only part I could see, had broken into a slight smile.

"I caught you!" I said, "You've been sitting here being entertained this whole time while I stand here like an idiot? Forget this..."

I started walking away, knowing that she would turn around.

"No... wait!"

I turned and saw that she was smiling. She looked embarrassed. We started talking like normal, and she became attracted to me. Hey, who can blame her?

Thundercat, Cristophe, the three girls, and I walked to Mel's as I had gotten used to doing every night.

During dinner I tried to use a new lying game Style had taught me. Unfortunately I introduced it without really knowing how to follow up.

"Did you know that you can tell if someone's lying just by looking in their eyes?"

"Really, how? Ask me something and tell me if I'm lying or not"

Oops. That's not how this is supposed to go. I got an idea.

"Ok. Do you want to kiss me?"


"You're lying."

Really, was there anything else I could say? Kissing's always been my big sticking point, so I figured I might as well practice. She was cute.

"No I'm not."

It was a test. I could now tell that she was attracted.

"Yes you are. And now that you've lied to me, I'm NOT going to kiss you."

There was a pause.

"I'm sorry for lying! I didn't know what to say!"

I shrugged apologetically and kept eating. She apologized a couple more times, now very eager to kiss me.

On the way back up to the house I asked her why she was in a bad mood earlier. It was a guy.

Some guy had chatted her up. She didn't like him, but gave him her number in hopes that it would end the conversation.

It did, but then he called her every day until she finally answered. He badgered her into going on a date with her.

Then he badgered her into being his girlfriend.

She had broken up with him earlier that day and was calling her incessantly. That's why her phone was ringing every few minutes. I answered once and told him I was her new boyfriend and to stop calling. He was furious.

We got up to the house and laid down in the pillow pit. I made out with her, but it wasn't really appropriate. There were 20+ PUAs standing in the living room. Maybe that's why I did it.

It didn't seem to be going as well with Thundercat and Cristophe's girls (maybe they weren't interested in the girls, I dunno), so soon the girls left.

My girl and I called each other a few times, but suddenly she stopped calling back. Oh well.

More than six month later I was eating dinner with Mystery when he got a call from TD.

"Dude... tell Herbal to answer his phone. Someone's going to call him."

Sure enough my phone rang. It was that girl. I let it go to voicemail for some reason and her message said :

"Hey Herbal! I'm so sorry I never called you back. I lost your number! I just met your friend Tyler and he used the same tricks on me that you used! We should hang out again! Call me!"

I was dating Katya at the time, so I never called her back. I like that set because I learned a lot. It shows how importance persistence is (both with her boyfriend and me). If I can turn around a set like THAT, I can turn around any set. I probably talked to her back for at least five minutes.
That's a long time when the other person is totally ignoring you.

What is your current sticking point (if any)?

The biggest problem I have these days if finding girls I'm seriously interesting in pursuing.

As it's become easier to attract higher quality girls, my standards have gone up to match. How many beautiful girls do you know who are interesting and fun to be around, but don't drink or smoke?

Luckily I've got some ideas that I'll be putting into action soon for meeting women like that.

What are you goals now within the community, and in life?

I don't really have any goals within the community now, other than to see my friends who are actively involved in it succeed.

In life I focus on constant improvement. I want my relationships to be better, my business to be better, and for my health to be better.

I was hanging out with JLaix in San Francisco last week and he told me that his goal was to gain proficiency in 10 new areas this year (or was it in six months?) I thought that was a great goal and I might borrow it.

Other Seduction Masters Interviews:

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posted by Donovan at 2:15 PM Dating Advice for Men


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Mystery Method (6): Seduction


posted by Donovan at 12:04 PM

UPDATE! Do you want to get Mystery to teach you every step of the way? Check out hisDVD Home Course.

Female-to-male attract phase (often called "attracting")
Male-to-female attract phase (or "qualifying")
Last-minute Resistance

If you remember from OAP 5, you enter the Seduction phases after you and her have spent (usually) at least a few hours together, but not more than about 10.

Seduction Mystery Method

Seduction is a pretty easy element in itself. It goes wrong for a lot of guys, but this is because of mistakes in Comfort that only become apparent when you try to close the deal in Seduction. It's like trying to tell a joke. You may feel that you can't deliver punch lines well, because you don't get the laughs. But the mistake may not be in the delivery of the punch line. Your punch line may be just fine. But if the buildup and lead-in aren't any good, no punch line in the world will save you. Seducing a woman is the same way. If you haven't done your groundwork, there's no Seduction game in the world that will help you.

If you'll permit me a small tangent here, this is a frequent pattern in the Mystery Method. Problems in one phase often don't become apparent until a later phase. For example, many guys who think they have problems in attracting a woman (A2: Attraction) often have decent attraction skills but are bad at opening (A1: Opening). If you start off badly or awkwardly, it's much harder to make a woman receptive to your attraction material. So the cause of the problem is in A1, but the symptom only appears in A2. Similarly, guys who have trouble in Comfort don't realize that this is often due to rushing through or skipping (A3: Qualification).

How do you know if your Comfort game was smooth? Well, ideally, you should be entering Seduction with the following elements already in hand:
  • You've spent 4-10 hours together
  • You've kept the attraction/sexual tension with her going while making her comfortable with you and trusting you.
  • It feels totally normal to both of you that you are touching each other (non-sexually).
(If you can't get this done consistently, go back re-read OAP 5. If that doesn't work, get the ebook and at least DVD 3 of the Mystery Method Video Archive. I'm not trying to sell you stuff you don't need, just telling you where things are. L'il ol' Francis doesn't make any money whether you buy anything or not)

All good with Comfort? Great. Now let's jump into Seduction.

Seduction, to a successful man, is mostly about logistics. You have attraction. You have comfort. She is ready to sleep with you. She may not think she is, but that's because she is conditioned to avoid -- at all costs -- feeling like she is 'easy'. That's one of the worst things one woman can say to another. So be understanding of her psychology, and LEAD her to sex so she doesn't have to take responsibility or feel easy. Three key rules:
  1. Make it feel "natural". Any time a woman thinks "If I do this (go home with him / let him take my bra off / etc), it's going to lead to sex", there is a risk that she won't do it, even if she actually wants to sleep with you. Don't argue with this logically; it is part of many women's psychological makeup and we have to work with it. This can be very subtle. Saying to a woman "would you like to come back to my house" makes her decide right then and there if she wants to escalate sexually. In contrast, going for a walk, passing by your house, leading her inside "for a second" while you get your wallet or use the bathroom, will not trigger that reflex in women if done properly. Result is the same -- she's in your house -- but you haven't triggered any of her reflexes to avoid thinking of herself as "easy".

  2. Distract her when it's necessary to be "unnatural". Say you are leaving a party with an attractive woman. You each live 20 minutes away, in opposite directions. No matter how good you are, and how good your excuse is to bring her home, you will not be able to avoid the fact that she's going in the opposite direction from her home to go to a man's house. In this case, don't make it a decision for her. Hold her hand and lead her to your car. Don't ask; assume she's getting in. Keep talking the whole time, telling her interesting stories so she's not left alone with her thoughts. I've literally gone on 20-minute monologues to entertain and distract a woman through especially awkward "unnatural" moments (e.g., waiting in line to check into a hotel).

  3. Location, location, location. Attraction and Comfort can -- theoretically -- take place anywhere. Seduction can usually only take place in private. While it's theoretically possible to close the deal in a restaurant bathroom, it's not what most of us are going for here. So realize that you are going to have to get her to your house (or possibly her house, but yours is better). Plan for this. Don't spend all of your Comfort-building time on the other side of town. Make her comfortable with your living quarters before you get into Seduction. If she's learned that she's safe and can have fun at your house during Comfort without your trying to sleep with her, she's much more likely to follow you there when it's time for sex.
Got it? Ok, let's dive a bit deeper.

Make it Feel Natural

Have you been a passenger in a car, when you are enjoying the ride, talking to your friend who is driving, and then looked up and thought "wow, we're here already". This is because there were no 'state breaks'. Nothing that made you suddenly change your mental state. For example, the driver never stopped to ask for directions, felt nervous about arriving at your destination, or left you feeling bored and wondering where you were going. More than likely you were talking about enough interesting things and sharing each others' company enough that you stopped thinking about the fact that you were in a car going someplace. That's how to seduce a woman. In bed afterwards, try asking her "so . . . how did THIS happen?" If she says "well, I was horny, you were cute, you did this, I did that, and now here we are", you still have room to improve your game (though congratulations on the result anyway). If she says "I don't know . . . it just happened" you are on the road to becoming a Mystery Method man.

Distract her when it's Necessary to be "Unnatural"

Also known as managing state breaks. Some state breaks are inevitable. A few techniques are valuable to getting over them. One is to oversell whatever is on the other side. For example, if you are moving her from your living room couch to the bedroom, say something like "I have more pictures in here . . . you said you like Miro right? Oh my god, come check this out, you will DIE" while holding her hand and leading her into your bedroom. Much better than "I have a new lamp in my bedroom, want to see?"

Location, location, location

Let's assume you got her to your house. You're on home turf now. Everything is perfectly set up for seduction, right? It had better be. This is something TOTALLY under your control and there is NO excuse for not giving yourself every chance to succeed. It's like training for months for the big race and then wearing running shoes with broken laces. There is so much that is difficult or not under your control in this game that you can't afford to make mistakes on the stuff that is.
It should be clean. It doesn't have to be spotless, but it should be clean enough for a woman to be comfortable. The bathroom, especially, should be hygienic.

The living room (or wherever you plan to bring her) should be laid out so there is no obvious way for you both to sit down but side by side together on a couch. If you have chairs, pile stuff on them or get rid of them before she comes over so she can't sit there.

Have fun things to do if you still need to build comfort. Interactive fun is better than cool DVDs. Fun truth-or-dare games, an easy 3D jigsaw puzzle, whatever.

Some romance and implied sexuality never hurt. Have champagne, have strawberries, and have whipped cream around. Don't be cheesy with them, but realize you have them and can break them out when needed.

Alcohol can build comfort and also let a woman feel less responsible ("I can justify this to myself because I'm drunk even if I just had two drinks"). Have drinks that women like. Many women -- not all, of course -- prefer wine to beer, shooters to shots, vodka to rum, and sweet mixers to bitter ones. Learn how to make drinks women order when they are having fun. Cosmopolitans and Margaritas are good places to start.

Condoms are the ultimate state break. Keep them near the bed, where you can get to them easily and unobtrusively. You will inevitably lose out at least once with a woman who was quite happy to sleep with you until you introduced a state break and reached for the condoms. Live with this. Literally. Unsafe sex is never an option. Lose the girl, not your health.

Seduction is kind of a touchy subject for a lot of people. Especially when we talk about minimizing state breaks and not giving women a lot of time to sit and think about whether they really want to begin a sexual encounter. So I want to be very clear that we are talking about seduction, not manipulation. There's no need to manipulate a woman into sex. All we're trying to do is lessen her feelings of guilt and responsibility for the first time. Yes, we tell it like it is, not how society wants it to be. And yes, some women are very comfortable with their sexuality and choices and don't require men to lessen their feelings of guilt and responsibility. They are often great catches, but are not the majority.

One final thing to remember -- to you, No will always mean No. Even when it doesn't mean No to the woman who said it (it can mean no, but it can also mean not yet, not like that, not here, not until you've convinced me, or yes but don't make me feel easy), it will mean No to you. You can try again later or you can try something else, but you cannot ignore a "no". You have no way of knowing for sure what no means, and it's simply wrong to assume that you do. Successful men never have to ignore a "no" and successful men also know that there are many willing women ready to replace the one who might not be.

For complete coverage of everything the Mystery Method can offer, download the Magic Bullets ebook



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posted by Donovan at 12:04 PM Dating Advice for Men


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How To Kiss Like A Moviestar!


posted by Donovan at 9:02 AM

Hello my care free and courageous connoisseurs of creative kissing and countless carnal pleasures, Tis I! Your buddy, the one and only David Van Arrick!

I'm back to share some more outstanding insights into the world of all things erotic, carnal and ultimately orgasmic.

Kiss Like A Moviestar

Now the interesting thing you will discover as we journey together on the forbidden path to true sexual mastery is that the path itself has many seemingly unrelated tangents and offshoots -- twists and turns that sometimes seem to have no direct relation to the forbidden arts of sexual mastery as most folks would understand them but have faith and pay attention because the connections often become excitingly immediately apparent as time goes on...


Today's installment is not one of those cases!

In fact far from being obscure this particular post concerns one of my very favorite topics --- Kissing!

If your kissing game sucks, you're probably not going to get any further in the course of making love to a woman because many many women judge how good a lover you are by the way you kiss her the very first time.

Although many women are more than willing to kiss you a second time in the hopes you just had an off moment, the bottom line is if your kiss can't make her toes curl, buckle her knees and have her heart pounding and racing in her chest like a hyper-active jackhammer, your probably going to find yourself immediately shoved into the "love-dud" category or the Joe-average lover slot to say the least.

That's not a good place to be, believe me.

Well I don't know about you but I don't accept mediocrity in my life in any way, and especially not in my sexual and romantic skills and neither should you.

Now for today's question...
Dear David,

You write: "When you go in for the kiss, cup her face in both of your hands so that your palms are gently cradling her jaw line and your thumbs are just in front of cheek bones."

This seems really awkward, Normally, I like to move in with my mouth then slowly get my hands involved. ( I don't mean feel her up, I mean more along the lines of what you describe -- I just introduce it later in the process). How do I go about your way without it being really awkward?



Dear Cahn,

Well I think we understood you weren't going to feel her up right on the initial kiss but thanks for the clarification none the less.

First of all I'm not sure exactly what you mean when you say you feel awkward. But from what you do say it appears that the order in which you bring your hands into play lies at the root of that awkwardness.

The simplest way is when your ready to go in for her first kiss...

Look her deeply in the eyes, allow your hands to slowly but gently touch the side of her cheek you can use one or both hands.

I find for first kisses the two hand approach works much better. Cup the back of her head or contour her jaw line with the palm of your hand.

Your thumb can rest either just in front of the ear or on the cheekbone just below her eye or any point in between. While maintaining eye contact, gently draw her lips to yours. Allow your eyes to close as your lips gently touch.

That's the quick lesson.

For First kisses, I always use my palms to face technique.


Because It Just Plain Works More Reliably Powerfully and Consistently Than Any Other Method of First Kissing I Have Tried!

I discovered many years ago that when you really want to get a woman's romantic desires clicked into over drive the fastest way to do it is by touching her anywhere on her face while your kissing her.

Now pay attention here folks.

Notice I did not say her sexual drives!

Understand that kissing certain areas of her body will signal her to become romantically turned on, and consistently more passionate, while others will actually stimulate and accelerate her sexual drives and desires.

The first thing you want to do with any woman, (at least in the world of David) is get her romantic muscles flexing and her passions enflamed... Why?

Because her sexual drives inevitably follow her romantic drives!

Guys this is important...

If you can't create that physical/emotional connection or chemistry necessary to turn her emotional sparks into a roaring flame, your likely to throw too much fuel on the fire to fast. The result...

All progress stops and the fire goes out!

Have you ever tried to fan a small flame in order to make it grow and accidently blew it out?

In your effort to feed it more oxygen you actually gave it too much fuel too fast and poof!

Out goes the flame!

That's what I'm talking about when it comes to enflaming a woman's passions.

Your kiss creates the tiny flame i.e. the connection (everything is clicking for her inside) the touch on the face adds just enough fuel at just the right pace to cause that romantic spark to grow into a passionate flame.

Once the passion fire is really burning, if you know where to go you can actually transition to other parts of her body that acts as sexual accelerators, which means that you are actually transitioning her from a predominantly emotional sense of arousal to equally physical sensation
of arousal.

You see the key to mind blowing sex is not how big your penis is or how good looking you are or even how long you can last in the sack...

The key is... How Deeply Aroused You Can Get Her!

You will discover that the root of many of the obstacles you will face in your journey to sexual mastery will ultimately come down to this one simple element --

Lack of Sexual Arousal!

The more aroused your partner becomes the more receptive she is to all manner of sexual acts, stimulations, and intensities!

Don't take my word for it!

Prove it to yourself... master the art of building sexual tension taught in my Secret Orgasm Tips course and she will think your the greatest lover she's ever had or will have the first night your together!

For all of you who wrote in with some really great questions be on the look out for more answers and awe inspiring techniques and concepts that will turn you from Joe average lover into a sexual superstar practically overnight.

All the Best!

David Van Arrick
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posted by Donovan at 9:02 AM Dating Advice for Men


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How To Get A Date With 25% of All Women You Meet


posted by Donovan at 7:39 PM

If you knew that 1 out of every 4 women you approached would meet you for a date and not FLAKE, would you go out every chance you got?

Sure you would, you'd be crazy not to.

Now I realize that this may seem unrealistic to you, but this is not only POSSIBLE, it happens all the time.

Listen, I don't know if you have ever been in sales, but a 25% close ratio would make you one of the worlds greatest salesman.

In fact, millions of dollars are spent on advertising campaigns, and if they get a 2% response the company execs bust out the Champagne and celebrate.

Only TWO percent... that's one out of every fifty.

Frankly, for a lot of men, when it comes to meeting women, they would be ECSTATIC to
know that all they have to do is approach 50 women and they will get a date.

In fact some people will tell you that you have to go out to nightclubs 4 nights a week for SIX MONTHS and approach ONE THOUSAND women to even begin to develop your skills.

BULLSHIT! That's a myth passed on by guys who don't want to admit they don't have a
SYSTEM to teach you their skills.

It takes LESS than four months of meeting about 100 women a month, you are doing

Now I won't lie to you and say that you will get to a 25% success rate in 4 months, but it is POSSIBLE. (Frankly once you learn the tools, the only real obstacle is in your own head.)

So where does this 25% number come from?

I used that number because last weekend one of my instructors (Daniel) went out to have some fun on a sunny day (not that common lately here in San Francisco).

In one afternoon, he set up FOUR DATES for this week, and he only approached sixteen

That's 25% my friend.

That's why I tell you you can get 4 dates in under 4 hours when you know how to combine attraction & rapport in daygame.

Yes, Daniel is an instructor, so he SHOULD be that good, but a year ago today he wasn't an instructor.

In fact, a year ago today he had only recently finished his first workshop.

But he put into action what he learned, and that's WHY he can get 4 dates in an
afternoon. That's also why he is an instructor.

And I'll tell something, his results are not unusual. I've got a stack of Thank You
letters to prove it.

My point... YOU CAN DO THIS!

So how can you get to a 25% success rate?

Well it's a combination of three things that make it happen.


Daygame means meeting women in non-social environments. In other words, they are not expecting strangers to talk with them like at a nightclub or party.

This is an important difference because how you approach here needs to be adapted to
this scenario.

But that's a topic for another time, the important point here is that in the
'daygame' environment, you can have a MUCH higher success rate than in a nightclub or a party.

Remember when I say success rate, I don't mean phone numbers, those are next to
worthless. I mean a solid no-flake day-2 meeting is established.

Listen, I know most of the world's BEST pickup artists, and not one of them has a
25% success rate in night clubs.

The main reason has to do with the energy level and the amount of distractions

It's hard to keep a woman focused on you in a loud, busy, frantic nightclub.

It's a challenge to get her alone from her friends, and you had better get each and
every friend to REALLY LIKE you before you try, or else they will 'rescue' her.

One of the major bonus points of daygame is that you find women ALONE. In fact, when done correctly you can have your first date THAT DAY.

If you find a woman alone in a nightclub, unless she looks like Ms. Ballbreaker from
the movie Porky's, there is a guy or girl friend that will be back in the next minute.

Cute girls do NOT go out alone to clubs.

ALL WOMEN go out alone to run errands, go to work, go shopping, get their hair cut... you get the idea.

So the lesson here is:

* Fewer distractions during daygame
* You find many women alone during daygame
* You can spend a lot of time with them during daygame

This one thing alone can MASSIVELY increase your success rate.


In a recent Tips Emails you learned that rapport is more powerful than attraction.

You learned how attraction happens in an INSTANT and disappears just as fast.

You learned how when a woman has a deep 'connection' with a man, it is a RARE
experience and one she will NEVER forget in her life.

Virtually ALL women have a romantic FANTASY about meeting a man who can give them this experience.

Most men either don't know how, or won't allow themselves to appear vulnerable to a
woman. So most women never have a deep rapport experience with a man.

You discovered that when you know how, deep rapport can happen in less than 20 MINUTES.

And you learned how having a deep connection allows her to give herself PERMISSION to sleep with you.

What you didn't learn is that it's almost impossible to go into deep rapport with a
woman in a social environment such as a nightclub.

It can be done, but it's VERY difficult to pull off, because you need her undivided
attention for at LEAST 15 minutes.

BUT in daygame, almost every women you meet will have 15 or 20 minutes she can
spend with you.

If she is ATTRACTED to you, she will make the time for you because she will want to
get to KNOW YOU better.

The Lesson Here:
* Deep rapport is more powerful than attraction (but you need both)
* All women have a fantasy about meeting a man they can 'connect' with on a deep level
* In daygame most women have all the time you need to go into deep rapport with them.

Now so far you have runners on first and second base, with the combined benefits of
DAYGAME & DEEP RAPPORT... Now for the home run hitter.


On the surface this seems simple. Maybe even obvious, but it is surprising how many
guys ONLY use one method of approach.

That would be like playing golf with just one club. You can do it, but the game is
more FUN and less of a STRUGGLE when you have all the clubs to choose from.

Now in nightclubs, all your really need is a high energy playful approach, and you will do really well.

But in daygame that won't cut it for two reasons.

First, there are situations where being super high energy and playful is the last
thing you want to do. Libraries, bookstores, and museums for example.

Second, there are situations when you can get a woman massively attracted to you in a frickin' MICRO-SECOND if you know how to use a direct approach.

Then you can IMMEDIATELY go into rapport with her.

Why would you want to mess around if you could make this happen.

Now it takes some BALLS to walk up to a woman when other people are watching and
tell her she's beautiful and you just had to meet her. But the RESULTS are worth it.

The Lesson Here:
* You need the tools to match your approach with the situation.
* Direct approach can get you instant attraction

So here's the formula for a 25% success rate: Take one part DAYGAME, add equal
parts DIRECT & INDIRECT approach skills, plus a generous amount of DEEP RAPPORT.

Then go out and approach women until you have all the dates you can handle.

Oh, one more thing, I'm going to post a near perfect daygame field report by another
program graduate who is now an instructor in the next few days.

Look for it...

Now, go out and meet some women.

Your Friend,

Lance Mason

P.S. See my review's of Pickup 101's Art of Attraction workshop, and their amazing audio CD series "Surefire Attraction Secrets".
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Blogger saxaphonegirl said...

women dont like that!!!!!!!! /:-\

2:58 PM, May 12, 2006  
Blogger saxaphonegirl said...

they like people who are friendly, (no sexual terms or comments about then until you are on the so called date you desire) listen to them, and understand (smart)

3:00 PM, May 12, 2006  
Anonymous Seduction said...

You know you CAN be direct in nightclubs and do well.

8:29 PM, June 28, 2006  

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