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Will You Get Better With Women?


posted by Donovan at 11:43 AM

Over this past year I've been posting about being successful with women. Guy's come seeking alot of different things: girlfriends, one-night stands, multiple partners, and spouses. To each their own, and I find it inspiring when men take the initative and take small (and major) steps to improve their lives.

The truly brilliant thing is when you start becoming better with women, you start to lead a happier more fulfilling life. You actually improve all other areas of your life.

Sounds strange, but by fixing your problems with dating, you ultimately help your relations with all people around you. Which inturn helps you have more confidence to start a new job, mend old relationships with family, or who knows what.

Isn't that what it's about?

Improving your life, and controlling your lifestyle.

Theres a slight problem though...

Sometimes the solutions are right there but we don't ACT.

I discovered something recently, that procrasintation is DIRECTLY related to DEPRESSION and INACTIVITY.

What this means is, if you're feeling down, it's because you aren't evolving and progressing into who you're suppose to be!

This is massive problem with men. I think this is the BIGGEST problem with men.

When a man acts with purpose, doors open for him.

This is true with finances, careers, family, addictions, and most importantly (for us) WOMEN.

How many times have you been invited to go out with someone, and you've said in your mind...

"It's gonna be alot of fun, but I can't be BOTHERED," then your mind starts making up excuses for you not to hangout. Like, "Nothing ever happens there anyway," or "There's no hot girls there", or my personal favorite, "All the girls are shallow and whores!"

Ha ha

The important point is that your mind makes excuses for your inactive behavior, which inturn makes you LESS motivated to make things happen.

Like I said before in other words, INACTION is the key to MISERY.

So what can you do?

Well, identify your problem.

Are you not getting dates? Are you feeling depressed? Are you not getting the type of women you want? Do you wish you could have a lifestyle more like your dreams? Do you feel your destined to be great, but suffer from lack of action?

It's time to get your life handled.

Your hear on the internet, searching for your problem: wanting to get better with women.

So what can you do?

You can take action!

You need a foundation.

I don't care how much success with women you've had. You need some basis and understanding of how women tick, what makes them tick, and how you can trigger the tick.

I've been using Double Your Dating techniques (with other things) for a while now, and I can honestly say, it's helped me gain a much stronger perspective with women and dating. It's defintely the cheapest, and most directed start to your future dating lifestyle.

Alot of people think Double Your Dating is the definitive guide to dating. Maybe, maybe not.

What I do know is that the principles in it, GOVERN all the other dating guru's advice (directly or indirectly).

If you're starting out, and haven't made this investment in your life, you need to.

It's a cheap price to gain more confidence, direction, purpose, and social skills.

You'd be suprised by the emails (and photos) that I get from guys. Before and afters.

I'm shocked, and that's why I love running this blog. It helps guys. It helps them take control.

That's why I give you advice. I've been there (with many others), and there is hope. You just need to take ACTION.

If you're not ready to purchase Double Your Dating, why not just signup for his free newsletter? (Which is filled to the brim with insider dating secrets, pickup lines, techniques, and theories)

You know how you can't tell someone unless you've been there...

Check it out here

Remember: TAKE ACTION, and DO.

Till next time,



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posted by Donovan at 11:43 AM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI nice post !! really : )

but why its always Us that have to think about that and its always to men to take action and to make approach

you know what.. i dont like to give power to women i dont like show my card show interrest

everybody treat women like Queen

but us the men is not the same thing its more difficult to make contact because we have to do everything take rejection the fear all that thinking again and again...

i think in all my life just 1 women approach me... it happen in the club but not a lot ...

you think i like to give interrest to a superficial women ??

and be rejected by those stupid ladyes no way !!!

i know its not really good to think the way i think but im bored that all the nice ladys have big adventage on the men in those social life and relation ship...

do you think women think like us about that ??

i dont think so ...

women have everything and i dont like to give more and more interresest to that kind of girl

anyway really nice post nice Job

lets take action

but i think that women have to make approach sometimes ...

hehe see ya

7:16 PM, October 12, 2006  
Blogger Donovan said...

Your concentrating on things that you have no influence over. You cannot control (to a large degree) whether a woman will want to approach you. All you can do is work on if you approach her, and in what way.

So shift the responsiblity to yourself, and take the power back! Don't leave it up to her!

Good luck!

7:19 PM, October 12, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

its true that i have no control on the fact that women do approach or not ...

i think that women have fear of approach too loll

so all people fears and nobody talk

because i think really to much and i know it but i think again and again and its gone or i leave ..

its very frustrating but

do you have fear sometimes before approaching a nice women ??

my i dont feel good about that

terrible sensation ..

its like a ugly sensation that when the women are very attractive to me that the chance that the lady dont like me are very high

but its our problem and Big problem

i dont like that stupid problem lol

and the only solution is to approach i know but i dont do

because i dont like to give more power to those women ..

do you have tips or something of the way of thinking or for approach ??

how many approach you do in your life ??
see ya : )

8:46 PM, October 12, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to reframe how you think about approaching women. It's not about giving power to women, but about approaching to screen beyond her looks to see if she is worth your time.

However, your time is only worth something if you are worth something yourself. That means you have a life that is powerful, focused, and admirable.

That fact that you worry so much about losing power means that you currently LACK power and need to start working on improving your life.

9:12 AM, October 13, 2006  
Anonymous MAC said...

ya i know all that thanks for remember that

but i stay in montreal

and i dont know why but all the girl dont smile look angry frustraded and they look like stupid Bitch that want to play with men and thats why i dont like that not all the women of course but a 1 /2

maybe is the way we living

a lot of women look supercifial and they give a lot of importance to clothes the way they look but to much they are fucking snob

unbeliveable where is the natural women ?? not the lady that try to look like a stupid model or a actress or thing like that...

me i stay myself im not trying to like another persons and i look everybody in the eyes with respect i give sing on interrest like eyes contact in case that women give it too

i feel that all lot of women are to selective they want too much

why i feel this bad energy ???

im looking ok not problem with that

maybe its a big city problem

its different in smal town ...

take a latina is more affectious and happy that a north american women.. that are influenced by the televison publicity im not sure but something wrongs out there...

its like we need a society change


i know i have to think to win and not lose thats true ...

but when im play poker exemple

and i have a BIG FULL HOUSE and i know that the others have a flush i know exactly that im gonna wins and i know my propability im realistic and its fucking simple loll but...

a women its not a poker game

when you see a women really hot that you want to have...

you know that that girl have a lot of choice and the way we living she can choice the man she want

i know it and its like that ..

thats a fact...

and i know that the propablity that she rejecting me are very high because she dress to nice and she really attractive

and i said in my head Fuck that i fold that hand...i dont want to play that hand ...

all that to say that im realistic and not stupid i know when i have a chance i feel it !!

but know in 2006 !!!

i see a lot of women dress very nice like a copy of a model

my good all that mutton and wear BIG UGLY Sunglasses to look like hollywood stars loll

my good thats very stupid

to much importance to look

and know its like all women dress like that anyway

so when i see a girl that im interresed its to confuse

i feel the people its easy

but know women look for something to high... WHY ???

believe me thats really stupid

and i dont want to give interreses to girl think like that ...that are to much influenced by the others and all that crap...

soooo.... i know its logical to think in a positive Way

but its hard to change the way you thnik because when you feel the others very well and you feel her attitude its confuse

anyway good post but

i think that women are to selective for nothing

and me i stay myself i not gonna dress like the others or illusion like that...

be yourself thats it

hehe see ya lol

its a strange post but thats the way i feel about the others the way the society goes!!

take care byebye !!

4:12 PM, October 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friend's first night in Montreal, he got a blow job outdoors.

Why can't you get laid in Montreal? You are probably 90% of the problem. Try seeing a shrink.

7:55 AM, October 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quote: i feel the people its easy
but know women look for something to high... WHY ???
believe me thats really stupid

Don't be a hypocrite. If you think women having high standards is stupid, you should lower your own standards and fuck fat chicks.

7:58 AM, October 16, 2006  
Anonymous MAC said...



The FaaaT chicks !!!

why i dont think before ???

hehe !!!


5:41 PM, October 16, 2006  
Blogger BigSend said...

Great post... man, this is key

End the procrastination.

I never related Procrastination to depression/inactivity, but it makes sense.. this is something I am going to need to crunch on

4:55 PM, October 17, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ACTION is the key, experiment, try new things, get out of your comfort-zone... just do it!

1:30 PM, December 19, 2006  
Blogger Hot Alpha Female said...

I think when it comes to dating and life in general there will be times where you are attempting to improve and nothing seems to be happening.

In fact you kind of feel like you are going backwards. But these are some of the most exciting time, coz usually means that you are going to have a breakthrough.

In regards to the procrastination part i think the best way to overcome that is to just do one small thing.

So if you are scared of approaching women, then just start as smiling at them and giving them eye contact.

Once you get a couple of positive responses it is much easier to then go up and talk to one of them. Then you have the momentum going, and it s easier to ask for a date and so on. The biggest problem is you see it as ONE huge as task .. where really it all starts with a simple smile

Hot Alpha Female

8:30 PM, February 13, 2008  

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