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How To Attract A Gorgeous Actress (and Mom)


posted by Donovan at 11:15 AM

Senior Instructor Daniel is taking the PickUp 101 Girl of the Day challenge to new levels, as this field report from an Art of Attraction weekend shows. The Girl of the Day challenge is a simple, and wicked idea. Every day, you have to approach the hottest girl you see. There are no excuses allowed. Doesn't matter if she's with a man, 2 men, 12 men, her dad, her grandparents, a dog and a monkey and a pet lemur, or driving thru high-speed traffic on her moped. No excuses. She's the girl of the day.

Read what Daniel did when he saw her.

I started off the day pretty lazy. I knew that we were doing a workshop that night and I'd be sure to meet some hotties. So, I didn't even bother looking all day.

It wasn't the best idea, however, since it put a lot of pressure on the evening to pay off. And when I first arrived in the Marina, I wasn't opening anybody. I saw girls right and left and kept saying "oh... there'll be hotter." But, man hotter's gotta come eventually. Can't fight the inevitable.

And, then it all went down when I walked into Mel's Diner. I was waiting for a table when I saw a STUNNING blond. !#@* drop dead gorgous. The guys who were there will back me up on this.

She's eating with two older women (mom and auntie as it turns out).

No hesitation. I must go!

"Hey guys, is the food any good here?" I ask.

Then I bust on them, whatever they said. I don't really remember that much.

"Hey, are you mom and daughter?"


"Wow, you're daughter is really cute." I say to the mom.

Mom proudly replies, "Yeah, we just watched her debut in her first movie! It's not coming out for another couple months, but we were at the screening."

"Wow, congratulations. Sounds like fun." I replied. Still talking to the whole group... not going to isolate on the cutie just yet. There's no need. Her mom loves me.

I keep talking about god knows what. This and that.

Eventually the girl asks me: "So where do you go to school?" Whoa! ... That's a blast from the past.

I tell her quite bluntly that I'm 28. She's cool with it. I ask her where she goes to school. She says UC Berkeley! Holy !#@*... that's my school!

I say "Go Bears" and she lights up. I have her guess what my major was and she's very close - says molecular biology. I say "No, Chemistry."

I ask her and she says that she's just a Freshman. Sherlock Holmes would easily deduce that she must therefore be 18 years old (plus or minus a year). Holy !#@* again!

I keep bantering and flirting with the girl and with her mom and auntie. I work the whole table while they wait for food. Actually, her mom and auntie were way cool. I even asked if she would be my auntie too.

Eventually, I ask the girl: "So, do you come out to San Francisco often?"

She says yes.

Cool. I say "We're throwing a Party and you should join us." (had to give a little reason there so that it all looked kosher for the parents.)

She's way into it. I tell her to give me her email (so that I'll put her on the guest list). She says "give me your number." And brothers... she said it in a good way. Like "Give me your number!"

I take her phone and dial my number and call my phone.

I talk a little more and their food arrives and I say goodbye.

As she's leaving the restaurant, I smile and wave at Auntie. She smiles and waves back, which catches the eye of my hottie. So, the hottie turns and waves and then mouths the words to me across the restaurant. "Call me!"

Wow... this girl was loving it!

So, out of 4 days, I've got two mom daughter sets. Guess that's my calling in life.

This girl is by far the hottest yet. I got home and googled her and the first listing for her name is her imdb profile. I'll say no more. Eighteen year old actress/slash/UC Berkeley Business student.

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posted by Donovan at 11:15 AM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice field report, I'd be interested to know what happens with this beauty!!

2:05 PM, October 10, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A++++++ Nice. Its always good to c when a girl has hidden qualitiez

2:06 PM, October 10, 2006  
Anonymous Peter said...

Daniel ive always enjoed your fr's.

2:07 PM, October 10, 2006  
Anonymous Husi said...

*&^% Me. Actresses are out of my league right now, But Im working on it!!!!!!

2:07 PM, October 10, 2006  

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