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Why Orgasms Matter!


posted by Donovan at 1:09 PM

Neil Strauss (Style) was down at the Mystery Method convention in Las Vegas a week or so ago, and had a question from an audience member.

His question was: "I can't seem to get a steady girlfriend, whats the problem?"

Neil question: "Is she having regular orgasms?"

The importance of this is profound.

Women will go elsewhere if their not receiving pleasure from you. If you don't know how... you need to learn. Much like the game of seduction / attraction, we all started from scratch in many cases.

Neil theorized that the major reason why women leave men, is that they aren't being sexually statisfied and that contributes to a total lack of attraction.

From ABC News recently:
"A recent study concluded that almost half the adult women in America are not happy with their sex lives and they don't know why. Many are too embarrassed to talk about it with their partners, or to get help.

But more and more women are finally beginning to admit to an awful feeling they've avoided discussing. Sex isn't enjoyable for them."

Women need orgasms!!


If you need help in this area, a brand new manual "Secrets of Orgasms" just got released that could give you the help you need. Get that woman addicted to you!

Like Mystery says: "One funny joke from a comedian and IT'S funny, three or more and HE's funny." Same with sex.

Get pleasure from giving pleasure!


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posted by Donovan at 1:09 PM Dating Advice for Men


Blogger viva las vegas said...

from: *female*- yes the "OTHER"
I went on the web site (Tampa/Orlando guys of the straussian persuasion) and created a ruckus. It seems that suggesting that what they have always called "done deal" is really not out of the starting gate. That there is a darker side of the female passion begging to be touched. Not many men are even remotely attempting this, thus the "not happy with sex lives and DON'T KNOW WHY". Don't know why is because there are too many partners out there seeing goals and forgetting the ride. I'm not talking basic "not enough foreplay" here, I'm talking something more radical, and yet not quite the "gimp outfit". For me it's mental. It's power struggle. It's playing games with the rules. I can't claim to speak for all women, just myself. I've had my experiences, and usually kept a diary which included descriptions, inspiration, prose, fantasies- I have ruminated on each experience for pages, or for a paragraph. And, I'm older than most of them- by probably 15 years. Experience both tempers and arouses. I guess that when you realize that there isn't as much time as when you were in your 20's (older =professional, works more hours, has house, reads, etc, as opposed to youth=bar tab) quality becomes a bigger factor in the success of a "mission".

Anyway. Kudos to you for bringing up the subject.
Oh, yes, about the thing- I was willing to discuss, very openly, and to learn, too. I mean, women CAN AND DO seduce men. Sometimes the guys we want are the ones who DON'T approach us, and we want to do something about that. Life's too short to wait around. make sense?

Anyway. Kudos to you for bringing up the subject.

I'm gonna get that book.
guys- are YOU?

2:51 PM, June 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Getting a woman into bed is the hard part (for me anyways... hence I'm reading 'attraction blogs'). Giving women orgasms however is easy. I guess I'm a 'natural' in that department.

In fact, I think it's easy enough that there's no excuse why a guy can't bring a girl to the edge, keep her there and then make her beg to be pushed over. It takes some practice but it's no major feat!

4:33 AM, July 13, 2006  

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Openers for All "Situations"

posted by Donovan at 10:52 AM

Hey guys,

Joseph Matthews here. I want to share a story with you all that I thought was interesting.

Friday night, I was out with a friend of mine clubbing. As we were walking from one club to another, we saw two women walking together in front of us.

These women were HOT!

So hot, in fact, that every guy they passed by on the sidewalk tried to talk to them. How did they try this? By saying things like:

"Hey, where you going?"

"Damn, you fine!"

"Hey, come back here, baby!"

Needless to say, these girls were completely ignoring each and every guy who talked to them.

It's a harsh reality that most girls who are as hot as these two were get approached by men ALL THE TIME, and have heard every stupid line in the book. In fact, they get approached so much, that they don't even respond anymore. They're just focused on getting to where they're going.

So of course, upon seeing this, I thought to myself "How would I approach these girls?"

The answer was pretty self-evident. In fact, it was staring me right in the face!

The situation was dictating what I should say to them.

"Oh my god! Every single guy is trying to pick you guys up! How annoying is that? You guys need to hire BODYGUARDS just to keep all these horny waldos at bay!"

This is an example of a SITUATIONAL OPENER.

Situational Openers can be the best way to meet a woman if they are done right. This is because this type of Opener is UNIQUE to the interaction you are having with the woman.

Not only that, but it shows you guys have a common understanding of the reality you are mutually experiencing. And that, my friends, creates a connection between the two of you.

It's like knowing the punchline to a joke most others have no clue about.

And more importantly, this is one of my most favorite kind of situational opener, namely, the "Crash and Burn" opener.

This is a situational opener where you capitalize on other men's failures, while conveying the illusion that you are different from the other guys and are not looking to get into the woman's pants (even though the truth may be VASTLY different from that which you are conveying).

For example, anytime you are in a situation where there are women you want to approach, and you see a guy go up to them and try to hit on them, this gives you the chance to use the "Crash and Burn" opener.

Simply walk up to the girl, and comment on what the other guy did wrong.

Saying things like:

"So, how'd he do?"


"Did it hurt? He was hitting on you pretty hard. Did it hurt?"

Or anything along those lines will open up your target for conversation. These types of "Crash and Burn" openers work great in high stimulus environments where girls are being hit on (like bars and clubs, for example).

So next time you see some poor schmoe strike out, be sure to take the opportunity to capitalize on it!

You can find out more about the "Crash and Burn" Opener, along with other Situational Openers in my ebook, "The Art of Approaching: How to meet ANY Woman, ANY Time, ANY Where you may be."

You can download the ebook right now at:

Art of Approaching Link

Until next time!

Your friend,

Joseph Matthews
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posted by Donovan at 10:52 AM Dating Advice for Men


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The Power Of Negs

posted by Donovan at 9:49 AM

Last night, I was ran a set on HB7.8, really cute girl with a European feel. A fitness freak. We picked her up (her and her friend), and decided to hit up some dance parties. We wanted to have social proof by having somewhat decent girls around.

This girl is a really cool girl, she responded kind of distant to the conversation but after a DHV stories, and photo routine she got a little warmer. Then after one of the stories about making animal noises while making out (a true story that's a complete FREAKSHOW) I negged her, and said "She'd probably love it!" Then like Mystery says, "Throw and Go" so I continued on, just to have continuation in the set.

She got way pissed!

The neg was successful.

This is the gauge of a good neg. Women will look at you like, "WTF" then if you continue like it wasn't a big deal. Success. Don't ever linger for a reaction, that's key to a neg.

I could tell because of the sexual tension in the car. Then 10 minutes later, after more light banter she asked, "Donovan, can I get your phone number?"

This is the first time that's EVER happened to me, so I was taken back, so I said, "Yeah, I'll give it to you a little later".

We had a great time dancing at the parties. Definitely meet up with her again soon.

Just remember guys, that negs must be "throw and go". You can never wait for a response or care what she says in return. In fact, don't even give her a chance to respond. The cocky and funny techniques and negs all work to DHV and lower her perceived value.

Negs work great.

Some example negs:

Man, how do you guys hang with this chick? You can dress her up but you can't take her out huh?!

I think I loved you *pause* before you turned out to be such a freak. (smile)

Video About Negs Being Bad

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posted by Donovan at 9:49 AM Dating Advice for Men


Blogger VanWilder said...

What is DHV?

1:08 PM, March 05, 2006  
Blogger Donovan said...

Demostrations of Higher Value.

1:10 PM, March 05, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool man, i found this blog yesterday and i think its pretty cool blog, i want to ask you though, because i have found *A LOT* of websites, ebooks, seminars and stuff about this PUA stuff, what do you think is the real deal?

I mean i found, Ross Jeffries, David de Angelo, The Game by Neil Strauss, Derek Vitalio, Carlos Xuma, etc.

What methods, authors do you think works?

Personally i found some success with DyD stuff by David, but haven't tried Ross Jeffries methods.

Thanks! and keep up this gret site.

11:50 AM, March 07, 2006  
Blogger Donovan said...

Personally... I'm switching to Mystery Method, and incorporating different methods into that.

Eg. Ross Jefferies for the comfort stage, David Deangelo for the overall inner game, Juggler for vibing and normality, and Art of Approaching fits perfectly into the Mystery Method for A1.

Pickup 101, I've heard is awesome, and I'm going to be doing a review on this site real soon on that stuff.

Basically you find what suits you best, I think MM because it provides a step-by-step structure. But there are numerous disciplines you can learn from and incorporate so you get the best you can. Just don't overload like I've been doing lately.

1:38 PM, March 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks donovan, you're great, it just A LOT of information and with so little time i want to read the best only.

Thanks again!

4:45 PM, March 07, 2006  
Blogger Donovan said...

Are you starting out, or have you been around for awhile? Email me, we can chat.

4:47 PM, March 07, 2006  
Blogger Reddro said...

hey donovan i was just wondering, i have the MM dvd set and the book, but am looking for 1-1's with pua's when i get back from iraq. i was wondering if you had any information regarding those i would be much obliged. have a good day.

9:16 AM, June 12, 2007  
Blogger Donovan said...

i would check out Stephen Nash's 1 on 1 Coaching stuff.

10:04 AM, June 12, 2007  
Blogger Reddro said...

how would i go about doing that?

10:10 AM, June 12, 2007  
Blogger Donovan said...

by clicking the link......

10:12 AM, June 12, 2007  
Blogger Reddro said...

sorry to keep bothering you but does nash use the mystery method?

10:25 AM, June 12, 2007  
Blogger Donovan said...


10:27 AM, June 12, 2007  
Blogger Reddro said...

i appreciate the help. thanks for your time.

10:36 AM, June 12, 2007  
Blogger Reddro said...

i see that you have left a contact link on one of your post i was just wondering if perhaps you and i could chat sometime cuz i m always looking for more information, and you seem to know your stuff pretty well.

10:46 AM, June 12, 2007  
Blogger Donovan said...

That's why I have this blog. My best commentary is on here, and my new blog

10:50 AM, June 12, 2007  
Blogger Reddro said...

k i am going to check this out asap. thanks.

10:55 AM, June 12, 2007  
Blogger andrew z said...

andrew said
I am new to all this but have always had some natural abilities, but it has been difficult relearning all this as I go out solo. I am looking for a crew or wing man in SDiego. You can reach me through my web site

12:26 AM, December 15, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im just reading about negs. i dont think they are a good idea. two guys have used these on me, and it really hurt my feelings. i dumped both of them soon after and iu just continue to think of the negative comments from them. if youre trying to seduce a woman, i wouldnt recommend these.

6:30 PM, September 21, 2009  

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Getting The Phone Number, Mystery's View


posted by Donovan at 7:57 PM

At Mystery's kick ass seminar down in Vegas this weekend, my buddy asked the main man about getting women's phone numbers at the mall.

He asked for how long should rapport be being established before he gets the phone number to time bridge.

Mystery said that it's probably better not to time bridge but bounce. (Move to another location) Like, "I want some ice cream, come with and get some with me down here..."

Although if you MUST time bridge, then Mystery recommended a minimum 25 minutes, preferably 40 minutes. Mystery elaborated and told us that in his personal experiences, this has been the best situation no matter the woman.

This means that you would be in FIRM A3 before getting a number or email for it not to flake out.

Looking back, I've seen this to be totally true in my dating life. Another point for Mystery. The sick genius.

I was also looking on the Bedroom Blogger, a Cosmopolitan published blog about a woman in the real world, apparently...

"Hey John," I asked, since he'd been so quick to offer his advice on the
Jane situation. "Why would a guy hit on a girl, ask her for her number and then
not call?"

I know, I know. I'm should let go of the Dr. McDreamy thing.

"He probably has a girlfriend," he said. "He thought you were hot and
wanted to hang out with you and flirt. He probably just asked for your number
because it would have seemed weird if he didn't. Even though he wasn't planning
on calling."

Hmmm. John-With-The-Baseball-Hat is a wealth of useful guy information.
On the way out, Jenna and I discussed him.

"You know," she said. "I don't want to terrorize anyone but

"Me neither."

"I do believe we have ourselves a cooking class boyfriend."

"And maybe a boyfriend for Jane."

Ok, I don't know about you blokes but if I ever get a phone number from a woman, I always call her.

Otherwise, I wouldn't get it. There has to be a better reason other than, I've got a girlfriend. Good advice dickhead, and what a effing eye opener to woman... please. I'm never reading that blog again, well... maybe to rag on it.
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posted by Donovan at 7:57 PM Dating Advice for Men


Blogger The Asian Playboy said...

I have to admit, sometimes I get waaaay too busy.

I wrote a post about the Importance of Keeping Rotations for Phone Game.

Yeah, in any one weekend I could get half a dozen plus numbers, but then when Monday rolls around, not only do I have to call the new girls, but I'm still keeping track, touching base, and scheduling things with my OTHER girls.

Trust me, "Phone Day" can be hectic and I don't even LIKE talking on the phone.

1:31 AM, March 03, 2006  
Blogger Donovan said...

Good point, but if the girl is above average, almost everytime I'd say.

Maybe you're game is far ahead of mine Playboy!

9:26 AM, March 03, 2006  
Blogger tone said...

Hey, anymore details about Mystery's seminar. I'm curious to see how he performed in person.

1:54 PM, March 03, 2006  

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Killer Techniques To Overcome Anxiety When Approaching Women

posted by Donovan at 3:20 PM

I loved Cedar's post on Mystery's forum about approach anxiety and dealing with it properly. If some of these terms seem foreign to you, read Mystery's e-book for a heads up.


Anxiety is a defense mechanism. It exists to protect you from abnormal behaviour. Consider a high steel worker. These guys stand on two foot wide beams hundreds of feet off the ground. They're strapped in, but their body doesn't understand that. The first few weeks are hell.

After that, it's no big deal. Heights don't bother them. Their body has accepted heights as a feature of the environment. It's normal to THAT person. Buddy of mine worked high steel a decade ago. Said the heights were nothing to him at the time.

But he's afraid of heights now. Because HIS ENVIRONMENT CHANGED. He doesn't work high steel. He's not SURROUNDED by his anxiety any more. To him, heights are ABNORMAL now, when they were NORMAL a decade ago.

Approach anxiety is a collection of anxieties. Fear of talking to strangers. Fear of interrupting people. Fear of running out of things to say. Fear of looking dumb (social pressure). And fear of success (a personal favorite).

Talking to Strangers

Talking to strangers is the most common. In our hunter/gatherer days, this kind of behaviour could get you killed. We don't live in a tribal society any more, but our bodies doesn't understand that. Our biological programming is from the olden days.

If you do not talk to new people EVERY DAY, how do you expect to sarge at the bar? You're body will fight you. It will protect you. Unless you acclimate it.

I picked up a pamphlet on breaking habits on the trip to Vegas. It takes 21 days to form or break a habit. If that's true (and it sounds about right), it takes three weeks to overcome approach anxiety. By talking to strangers EVERYWHERE.

That means on the bus, at the gas station, line at the coffee shop, airplanes, work, restaurants, etc. Talk to a new person EVERY DAY. Use a stock opener on them. Like maury povich or dental floss.

Understand that if you STOP being a social creature for any length of time, approach anxiety WILL RETURN.

If lunch-time street approaches are an option, take a walk on your lunch break and open 3 sets. Open and eject if you're not up to stacking material. This will make bar sarges WAY easier. It'll slowly remove the anxiety of talking to strangers.

Fear of Interrupting People

Personal Skeleton. We are raised from birth to be polite. To be considerate of other's feelings, opinion and pasttimes. We are a sensitive society. We're also a wussy society. The alpha man DOES take others into consideration. But he doesn't hesitate to give people the gift of his or her reality.

Why are you worried about interrupting people? Switch places with your target. If you were talking to friends and a supermodel in lingerie interrupted you, would you be pissed? Fuck no. I don't care if I was about to solve world piece.

Women are ALWAYS receptive to their knight in shining armour. Walk in, be the cool guy, and don't care about their conversation. Hell, tease them about it. After you reach the hook point apologize for interrupting and offer to leave. They'll drag you back.

These people lead boring lives. They wake up in their boring bed, they drive to a boring job in their boring car and they hang with their boring friends and talk about how bored they are.

You're not interrupting ANYTHING IMPORTANT. Not at a bar, not on the bus and not in the casino. It's your reality. Everyone else is along for the ride.

Fear Of Running Out Of Things To Say

I hear a lot of people saying 'I hate routines, I just want to talk normal.' Here's the thing. You're not getting laid. Why would you talk normal. Use the damn routines until 'normal' to you is 'attractive' to women.

Routines are normal conversation from someone else. Someone good with women. You're wearing the skin of successful PUAs until you develop your own.

This is why MM focuses on routines. Memorize stock routines from the MM forum, the lounge and bristol lair. After your newbie mission, rotate in personal DHV stories and field test them. You'll have dozens of things to say.

And don't worry about forgetting what to say. It continues to amaze me how, out of nowhere, a routine I haven't used in six months drops into my head in set. Listen to your instincts on this one. If you're in set and a routine comes to mind, USE IT.

Fear Of Looking Dumb

Tylder Durden refers to this phenomenon as social pressure. Women are more sensitive to this than guys are. Your body is protecting you from being outside of the norm. Being normal and boring is SAFE. Being Alpha is DANGEROUS. You are CONSTANTLY being fucked with. You are CONSTANTLY proving yourself by reacting to shit tests, amogs, cock blocks, etc.

How do you deal with it? If you're comfortable in your own skin, then you have nothing to fear. So what if your top hat looks funny. You like it. You don't care if anyone else does. Your mindset is apathy. It's your reality.

Hell, you're trying to figure out why everyone's wearing polo shirts and khakis. Looks ridiculous. Far as you're concerned, they should ALL be wearing top hats. 'Cause then you can wear khakis and stand out.

Fear Of Success

Another personal skeleton. I'm a busy guy. So's my wife. She works part time on weekends and evenings. My son has a martial arts class a few nights a week. If I hit the bar this Thursday and timebridge a girl, I don't have much of a window in which to see her.

I'm close to closing an LTR for me and the wife. She'll take a chunk of our time. What if I find a second one at the bar? When will I have time for a Day 2 or for anything more long term? Where will I find time for all these girls?

Easy. DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. What a lame fucking excuese NOT to approach. I won't talk to a girl because there's a 1% chance she might become my girlfriend? Focus on the process.

You don't have to timebridge the girl. And even if she's your thing, there's a good chance you'll fuck it up. I've met hundreds of women. And a dozen of those were completely my type. Totally compatible.

Am I upset I couldn't close them? A little. But I keep finding more. 2000 women turn 21 (or any other age) EVERY DAY in this country. Don't worry about fucking it up with one girl. Focus on learning from that girl so you don't fuck up the next one.

This kind of anxiety is all about outcome dependance. Don't worry about where the sarge goes. Worry about how well you sarge. Doesn't matter if you get a bullseye on the shooting range once in a while. Make it happen EVERY time.


The best answer I have to Approach Anxiety is to remember all the fun times you had after you ignored it. After a few good sets, you'll think back to your favorite right before you open your first set of the night. And bam, with good memories comes good energy.

Example. I don't AMOG. Not my style. But my wing pointed out this AFC leaning in on a two set. Girls were turning away. It was over. And then I noticed an empty space between the AFC and one of the girls.

I took it.

And talked to the guy. Girls were never more cofused in their life. Chatted up the guy who wasn't sure what I was doing but knew he shouldn't freak out.

Then I turned and used the patented Cedar opener on the girls. 'Hey.' With a head nod. Her reply? 'espanol?' I about died. I AMOGed a spanish speaking set. I was cracking up. Got a thumb wrestle out of the target, which got her laughing. I coached the guy what he did wrong and watched him number close her two minutes later.

I'm smiling just thinking about it. And damn straight I'm gonna try and take another set this week. That was too much friggin fun not to do again.

Same thing with approaches. You have some good sarges and the approach anxiety gets less and less of a barrier. You'll have too many positive memories and emotions tied up with sarging. No way approach anxiety will hold you back.


If you don't get over approach anxiety, you'll never overcome A1. Without A1, you can't reach A2. Or C1. Or S-anything, right?

There's ways around A1. Winging, approach invitation and hot game for examples. These techniques aren't solid game. They're flukes. They work, but they hinder your game. You become reliant on a tactic that opens maybe 3 sets in the bar. You can't open the entire room. Don't use these to circumvent your approach anxiety.

There might be some validity to using these in an attempt to develop good feelings in sets, but you become dependant on these techniques VERY quickly. Don't fall into that trap. Make your own reality. Conquer this fear and open some fucking sets.

Party on. And happy hunting.

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posted by Donovan at 3:20 PM Dating Advice for Men


Blogger kojak said...

I've written several articles on this topic, which include several techniques to help carry yourself around women.

9:37 PM, March 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find if I automatically say hi to anyone who comes within 3 feet of me reduces my approach anxiety in the long run.

2:09 PM, March 11, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had anxiety before, but I got a lot better now, thanks to I HIGHLY recommend ordering from them, they have a section on their website for anxiety pills and the best part there is no prescription required!!! uc

6:41 PM, March 18, 2010  

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Real Social Dynamics Openers?

posted by Donovan at 2:11 AM

On the lighter side...

I was reading Thundercat's blog and found this comment to make my day funnier for those who know PUA lingo... by JaredP

"thank god we have Real Social Dynamics to tell us what to do. here are socially proofed RSD instructors demonstrating lollipop opener on celebrity HB9"

Real social dynamics opening HB9Celebrity

Watch Live Pickup Videos

posted by Donovan at 2:11 AM Dating Advice for Men


Blogger VanWilder said...

I always knew size did not matter.

8:13 PM, March 05, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Visit for more information about Real Social Dynamics Live Dating Bootcamps and Products.

Visit for pictures, videos, and video games relating to Real Social Dynamics.

Visit to get involved in dating advice discussions with others, including RSD Staff/Instructors.

1:50 AM, October 21, 2006  
Anonymous Direct Method Forum said...

than after you visit RSD or pay a visit to

learn how they have treated others...

7:54 PM, November 18, 2006  

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How To Meet A Woman When She's With Her Friends


posted by Donovan at 7:36 AM


Hey Mr. Matthews,

I like your e mails a lot but there is one unusual problem with me. I like a girl in my chemistry class but the problem with her is that she only comes and goes in the class and always has her best friend (she's a girl) with her. They Both are always GLUED together so it makes very difficult for me to approach her and talk to her.

I tried a lot of times to approach her, after some time they both start talking and I just sit staring at them.

There is only one month left for this semester to end and after that I will loose her if I dont do anything but what can I do????????

I have asked many people and tried many things but nothing seems to work. I just dont know what to do??????

--A Frustrated Student


Take heart, Frustrated Student, class is in session!

I, and many other men, have been in similar situations many, many times.

Let me make one thing clear right now that you must understand before you go out trying to meet women:


You heard me right. Pretty girls have a very high social status. They are almost always surrounded by people, be they girlfriends, boyfriends, male "nice guy" friends, brothers, sisters, parents - whatever! They will always be in groups of people.

It is very rare to see beautiful women alone. And when they are alone, they're usually waiting for someone!

The common term I refer to people who like to hang around with beautiful women is: OBSTACLES.

If you imagine you're on a race track, and at the end of the track is this girl you want to meet, all the rocks, hurdles, holes, and booby traps between you and her are OBSTACLES that can ruin your chances of meeting her.

But there is a way to navigate that minefield and avoid all these obstacles! That way is called:


Group theory is a system by which you actually address the girl's friends instead of trying to ignore them. Through group theory, you win over the girls peer group and turn them into YOUR support group.

Here's how it works...

The girl you want to meet is always with her friend, right? And you're worried that you can't approach the girl you like because the friend will interfere in some way.

So what you do is forget about the girl you like, and approach her friend first!

That's right...


Now, this doesn't mean you're going to try and pick-up the obstacle instead of the girl you really like. It just means you're going to overcome that obstacle before you reach for your prize!

Remember: You must disarm a land mine before you step on it!

You do this by acting disinterested in the girl you're really interested in, and focus on winning over the girl you don't really care for!

Then, once you've won over the obstacle, you ask if you can "borrow" her friend for a minute because you've been neglecting her. Once her friend gives you approval to talk to her alone, guess what? You've just gotten her STAMP of approval!

This means that the girl you like has no reason NOT to talk to you! Then, you pull her off to the side, and work your magic one-on-one.

I talk more about group theory and various other tactics on meeting women in my book The Art Of Approaching: How To Meet Any Woman, Any Time, Anywhere You May Be! In it, I go in-depth on how to meet women and overcome any and all obstacles that may be in your path.

If you want to have the skills to meet beutiful women no matter what, click below now:

Click Here

Don't wait. If you never get conrtol over this aspect of your life, you will be DOOMED to a life of quiet desperation, seeing opportunity after opportunity with women you like pass you by!

Wishing you success with women,

Joseph Matthews
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posted by Donovan at 7:36 AM Dating Advice for Men


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The Reality Of The Mystery Method


posted by Donovan at 6:05 PM

I went to the seminar down at Vegas over the weekend that had Mystery and Neil Strauss (Style).


It instilled in me how much the Mystery Method really does work. If you haven't gotten the DVD's, or e-book.... It's a small price to pay for a step-by-step method for getting women of particular beauty consistently. That was my biggest realization.

This link takes you straight to a sample chapter of the Magic Bullets ebook.


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posted by Donovan at 6:05 PM Dating Advice for Men


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Generating Rapport Fast


posted by Donovan at 1:22 PM

By Cortez

She has to FEEL you two are soulmates, like she has known you forever. When it happens fast, you will hear the following from her: "Oh my God I don't know why I'm telling you this, I don't even know you.."

What happened?

She FEELS she knows me better then her best friend and her logical brain supplies her with information "You don't know this guy!"

And yes, rapport gets you girl!

The following is for guys who want Rapport Fast:
Attraction is naturally created between people.

With deep rapport you will get her. If not the first time you see her, then the second or third you will. She will remember you as someone special and think of you all the time. Good rapport brings the chick to you.

What to do to get in rapport, guys:

Relax. It is important. RELAX. Nervous guys, don't drink coffeine, don't look around like you escaped from jail. Act like you're alone in the most comfortable place on Earth. Make that place exist in your imagination if you have never been in a place like that.

Avoid everyday chat (weather, school, job, newspapers, movies..) you will need weeks to get rapport with that.

Skip the usual introductions and talk with her like she is your twin sister, in fact even more openly than you would with your twin sister.

Go deep (share some emotions with her, talk about yourself (example: how you fell in love first time when you were 5 years old, how you had a rabbit and he was your friend and when he died you were very sad and felt vulnerable..)

Listen when she follows with her deep story. Leave comments aside. Don't interrupt with: "That's good!", "That's funny", "Oh that's so bad for you". Just listen. Don't criticise or judge her whatever she says. Never involve in discussion. If you do so you're pushing her away. If you "agree" with her or "approve" her actions you loose trust from her. Just listen. Ask a question if something is not clear to you. When you finish asking, shut up and listen her for a while. You must NOT become her cushion. It happens in 15 mins to 2 hours, only longer in special situations. Don't make it long. If you make it long without stepping forward (kiss), there is a danger of becoming a friend, or even worse, marriage material.

Don't try hard to find common things between you two. Do it more like you're just informing yourself about her and her about your thoughts, or even better, you're just thinking loudly, with no specific objective.

Don't give her eye contact too much. Save it's power for later. Give it more and more in moments before kiss, and make a last one longer.

Cube and similar techniques can work if used on right place in right time and by skilled person. I prefer something else: use experience to explain how she feels or what she thinks or why she behaved in such way in such occasion. That adds HUGE amounts of rapport, it's quicker and less borring.

Newbies, the above is gold , I'm writing it for you instead of sleeping so *pay* *fuckin* *attention*. Re-read, apply and get that girl!
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