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posted by Donovan at 10:11 PM

Thanks for all the people who commented on my previous post, Double Your Dating by David Deangelo, Whats Your Opinion?

Some guys got on to Ross Jefferies, which was interesting. I will write up a post on the new site for comments on that controversial topic soon.

The winner of the comment contest for a copy of my Blueprint for Inner Game Success report, is Manga27. I think you'll agree his post incorporates "Cocky and Funny".
"D'Angelo makes it easy for the common man. Three minutes before an intense make-out and rub down in a bookstore coffee shop, my new, beautiful 19-year-old brunette friend said:

"If you weren't such a funny guy, you'd be way too cocky for me..."

Two hours later at my place, she found out just how cocky I was. And loved it.

- Dante"
Manga27, email me for download instructions.


I'm migrating to the new site within a few days. I've managed to transfer all the old posts, and comments. What a miracle that was that it went 100% without a hitch. I'm just making post categories, updating links (within posts... ARGH), and doing all the last minute stuff.

Apart from that... I'll let you know when its ready for you're viewing pleasure, and I'll automatically switch the RSS feed, so no updating necessary there. If you haven't subscribed to the RSS feed. COMEON!



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posted by Donovan at 10:11 PM Dating Advice for Men


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Double Your Dating by David Deangelo, What's Your Opinion?


posted by Donovan at 3:41 PM

Like most of you, I started with David Deangelo's Double Your Dating ebook. I think I subscribed to his newsletter after searching the topic, "How To Be More Attractive to Women". I downloaded the ebook and was reading for hours. I couldn't believe the plentora of information that this man had accumulated, and that I was now accumulating on this hard topic.

For months, I had been searching for answers to my dating problems. For a while, I over used "cocky and funny", probably for a year. This brought me many more issues. After establishing the context of it, and having researched and experienced loads more methods of attraction building, I realize more and more that the principles taught in David DeAngelo Double Your Dating, were applicable to the modern man. I just hadn't realized it yet.

I'd like to hear your story. I know many of you have had experiences with Double Your Dating. How has Double Your Dating helped you? What would you recommend to others just starting to read Double Your Dating? Any other comments?

What's your experience with David Deangelo, good or bad?

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posted by Donovan at 3:41 PM Dating Advice for Men


Blogger Richard said...

David Deangelo is the best role-model in pickup. He has the most attractive male qualities of the guys in the game. Whilst other guys have cool techniques or tricks, he:
1. Is a genuinely interesting, intelligent, and funny character.
2. Understands the female mind on a deep level.
His products have great ideas and some very useful stuff. The DYD book is excellent and essential in the library. My only criticism is it lacks the structure of a pickup and the A,B,C approach that most guys want and need.

6:20 PM, January 16, 2007  
Anonymous Greydarkness said...

Here's my story... I had just come out of a really bad (and long relationship), in which I had allowed the woman to walk all over me. I had become, to put it bluntly, the Wuss of Wusses. For instance, I was expected to buy this woman roses weekly, and she would sometimes berate me on my choice of colors!

Anyway, I looked up David D's stuff after reading Neil's book. At firstI was put off by a lot of what he was saying. So much of it seemed outside of my social boundaries. I also tried to be the perfect gentleman, always deferring to the ladies. This guy was telling me to take charge, tease them, and tell them NO! I really couldn't see myself doing that. I was afraid of what people would think of me.

Nonetheless, I decided to take the plunge. I started trying some of his suggestions, and low and behold, nothing bad happened. Instead, women wanted to hang out with me more than ever before.

I then ordered David's Advanced Series DVDs, and watched them twice through. I also subscribed to his interview series, and listed to each CD three times. I then ordered several more of his programs from Ebay. My idea was this: I would totally reprogram myself. And guess what, it worked. People who knew me before regularly tell me that they can't believe I'm the same person. I look different, I act different, and most of all, I feel different.

There are a lot of great methods out there, and much excellent material. But David's stuff gave me a solid foundation on what it really means to be a man, and not someone who depends on the approval of others. I'm a better person for it.

6:49 PM, January 16, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My only PROBLEM with David Deangelo is the CONSTANT CAPITALIZATION in his WRITING. He SEEMS to emphasize THE WRONG words sometimes.

I liked his DVD series but I can't stand the ebooks .

8:06 AM, January 17, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've looked at friends' copies of DD's materials but never purchased any of them.

DD looks useful if you are someone starting out who has no clue about women in terms of understanding basic male-female interactions.

For everyone else, it's not worth the money.

9:16 AM, January 17, 2007  
Anonymous Sting said...

i have a long version and a short version for this one. the long version would be rather drab reading for most - if you like i can e-mail it to you.

like you, i got started on David D. he teaches basics mindsets basic techniques - and THIS STUFF IS THE SHIT.
you can't get further without having this shit, down pat. and he's happy to allow his students to move onto something more comprehensive when he's done.

personally, I found his newsletters very valuable because they HAMMER OUT THE MESSAGES -
attraction isn't a choie
attraction isn't a choice
attraction isn't a choie
stop caring what women think
stop caring what woment think
stop caring what women think

getting this in the inbox 3 times a week gets it into the brain. call it the "un-learning bad prior learning".
too many people, IMO, go onto or start of with comprehensive systems like RSD or MM before having this down.
the e-book was okay... but to me, the message repeatedly drummed out in the newsletters was the most helpful part.
the original advanced series was more solid and expanded.

below is something I wrote out in response to reviews of David Deangelo's stuff on the MM forum.

I'd like to throw in a word of caution about some of these reviews.
IMO - how good or not good a product is depends on WHERE THE STUDENT is at when he's going through them.
4 years ago, i was blown away by David D's free newsletter. they were profoud and each one opened my eyes a little further.
now i'm not even on his list.
stuff like Cocky Comedy - its useless to some people, but to some one less far along in learning, i'm sure it can profound.
a lot of you guys have gotten quite good at your games. how do you feel when a newbie asks you for a "pick up line"? don't you wonder - 'how the hell do answer that? just go talk to her"?
by and large, David D the business man has focused his attention on newbies, wusses, AFC's call them whatever you will - because there are a lot more people out there wondering -
"whats a good line?"
"how can i impress her?"
"how can i be more confident?"
then there are guys wondering -
"after i've entered a 15 set, been accepted by the peer group, gained attraction from the target, qualified her based on her unique qualities, isolated her and built an increadible connection, #closed, got back together for a Day 2 and had a good time there - how can i get her back to my place?"
a good review should include a passage about who the program might be useful to and who can give it a miss. a guy whose taken an MM bootcamp with Matador would be wasting his money on "approaching women" program, but a guy whose getting around to his newbie mission might benefit from it no end.
hope to see this implemented,

10:09 AM, January 17, 2007  
Blogger Sludgeman said...

My first contact with DD was after reading a blog that mixed many schools of seduction and translated into spanish.
I suscribed the DD newsletter and also read some extracts of Double your dating. The most important par for me was that he convinced me with logical reason of why his lesson arent BS (which is - I think- the first reaction from a AFC to PUA material). I read it and got the message but I still had the main do you repel the fear of approach.
Thats when I read The Game, which guided me to Style and Mystery material. They gave me the tools that I needed for MY biggest problem: keep your mouth moving, avoid "the freeze" that comes from fear.

DD talks about the inner game and about the change inside before the change outside. I think that to get confidence, you need to be sure you have the right tools.

I have some main "openers" that i can modify according to circumstance, and I know that i can get any woman i want and if she rejects me, i cant find another one.

I see DD and cocky and funny as the theory, the attitute to have and Neil's and Mystery as the tools in hand that pump up confidence by the certainty that you have what you need to get what you want.

(I have to mention that Ross Jeffries and NLP are helpful to gain some inner strenght, but It needs more practice to speedup the anchoring process, altought its very helpful for me as a lawyer to get clients to trust in me ;-) )

2:33 PM, January 17, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DYD was my first peek into the world of PUA. I read it, bought several of David's products, and many more from others I've discovered along the way. Maybe I am a slow learner, but I'm still working on things. I certainly don't have lots of choices yet. But I'm learning. One day soon, I will be the MAN.

3:05 PM, January 17, 2007  
Blogger Manga27 said...

D'Angelo makes it easy for the common man. Three minutes before an intense make-out and rub down in a book store coffee shop, my new, beautiful 19-year-old brunette friend said:

"If you weren't such a funny guy, you'd be way too cocky for me..."

Two hours later at my place, she found out just how cocky I was. And loved it.

- Dante

3:22 PM, January 17, 2007  
Blogger Alejandro said...

I think that DyD is a great book to start with because its easy to read and gives you lots of stuff to work with. And I believe that everyone at some point thinks that C&F can´t work, but once you try it, it does. That´s why I think its so good. It really boosts your confidence up. However, there are some drawbacks.

First, I think that DyD is unnecessarily long. He goes on and on over the same stuff (attraction isn´t a choice) and sometimes he gets way to psychological. Besides, I think that there is no structure in the book. I have a hard time following the logic of the book. However, it is easy to search for whatever you´re looking for and get pretty good lines and examples. The other problem is to believe that the lines and words themselves are C&F and that´s not true. The attitude, confidence, and body language are way more important. This is why C&F isn´t enough.

Still, I do recommend the book to anyone who wants to improve their game and their understanding of women.

3:29 PM, January 17, 2007  
Blogger Donovan said...

Manga- "she found out how cocky I was..."

That's some funny shit.

3:36 PM, January 17, 2007  
Anonymous SlimShady said...

As a recovering AFC (or at least I hope I'm recovering) I think David DeAngelo has a lot to offer. The biggest handicap that I've always faced, by far, was a severe case of Nice Guy Syndrome. I bent over backwards being oh-so-nice to every woman I went out with. And it blew up in my face every time. Afterwards, I would vow to myself that I wouldn't screw it up the next time (i.e. I'd be even nicer. Yuck.) When I think of it now, it seems absurd that I could have thought like that until only recently, but it's true.

Just over a month ago I ordered the DYD ebook, and it totally hit home. He comes right out and nails exactly what I'm doing wrong. I've been a wuss all this time! And he spells it out in a way that is light-hearted and fun. As I read his emails and DYD, all the mistakes I've been making just kept jumping out at me. So he gets full marks for identifying the problem, which is half the battle isn't it?

I actually took a pen and paper and wrote down every single woman I went out with that I could remember. Then I labeled them as success (i.e. !close) or failure. And without exception, the successes were achieved when I was inadvertently using C&F and other actions he recommends. As for the failures, invariably I was being the nice guy. Being a nice guy NEVER WORKED ONCE. The correlation was perfect. Based on that alone, I'd give DYD high marks.

As for his proposed remedies, they're a mixed bag. Someone who is already good at sarging won't find much useful. Even a recovering AFC like myself needs to be careful. I can't use all his material as he proposes; it's just too rough around the edges. You need to adjust it to your own personality; adopt what works, make changes where necessary, and throw some of it out.

I find he stresses the cocky & funny routine way too much. You can't always be "on", nor should you be. There are times when you need to tone it down, and that depends on your own personality, on the girl you're with, the circumstances, etc... The whole C & F routine is just too simplistic. He is also too dismissive of concepts like "building rapport" and "mirroring" and similar methods that have been used with success by other PUAs. However, I think he is just trying to steer the typical Nice Guy AFC away from anything that could lead back to wussville. And it must be admitted, if one lacks the skill or the confidence, a rapport-building routine can quickly degrade into ass-kissing.

Overall, I would say that for an AFC with a crippling case of Nice Guy Syndrome, C & F gives you someplace to start. It can help break the old bad habits. Therefore, I would have to give David D. and DYD high marks. It's a great starting point for any AFC, any nice guy, anywhere.

4:05 PM, January 17, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think "Double Your Dating" by David DeAngelo is definitely a good way to start if you're new to the attraction/seduction community.

I have used Dave's work to help me with my social skills, which have improved greatly, thanks to him, John Alanis and others.

My top recommendation, however, is the Mystery Method; one, it's scientific in its approach and allows for easy learning; two, it's easy to use in group and one-on-one settings; and three, it allows you to know in the attraction/seduction process where exactly you are; the Mystery Method is a very fine roadmap indeed.

Conversely, I encourage men to avoid Ross Jeffries's materials, which are based upon NLP (a pseudoscience), Ericksonian hypnosis (allegedly powerful, but still unverified) and Thelemic (Crowleyian) magick; Jeffries has especially jumped head-first into the magickal camp; suffice to say, magick doesn't work because it's mysticism; mysticism is just feel-good, unproveable hooey.

Stick with the evolutionary (scienctifically based) stuff: David DeAngelo, Carlos Xuma, John Alanis, the Mystery Method, the Approach, etc. But again, definitely avoid Ross Jeffries!

6:20 PM, January 17, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DYD is definetley helpful. I was a total AFC until I found that and it gave me the confidence to try out all the things and see what worked. I could always get girls to talk to me but after that I didn't know how to act and the INNER GAME that he taught you was the most important. However, Cocky/Funny can NOT be the only part of your personality. Since I joined the PUA community my cocky/funny has gone down to only about 25% or less of my game. Cocky/funny is a small part of game, but his teachings on inner game were tremendously helpful because then when you internalized those beliefs everything that you said was congruent with them.

6:21 PM, January 17, 2007  
Anonymous Greystoke said...

DYD fulfilled the role that my dad never did - teach me how to be a real man. It taught me how to be 'really' myself in the company of women, and not to see them as an alien species whom I should revere and be scared of. I also started to understand myself much better in the process of understanding women, and how we can both enrich our lives without any pretense and social inhibitions.

In a conversational tone, the ebook deconstructs the social dynamics that a few naturals are lucky to grasp and thus DYD begins to destroy the years of male oppression that society has begun to inflict on clueless males.

7:30 PM, January 17, 2007  
Blogger david said...

Hi, I think David DeAngelo is the man to whom I owe my experience in the seduction field, the Double Your Dating (DYD)is a book which helps a lot with some internal issues, it gives you a lot of confidence, it starts to change your ideas about womens and relationships, is really and easy book to read, it doesn't have much of strong techniques or rules like the MM does (I don't know if that's good or not, depends on the reader).
It have some lacks that you start discovering after some time, like there's no exercise to start improving your openings, and that sort of things make you need to take some other texts.
I really adore this text and recommend it to any one beginner or pua.

Remy aka David

8:52 PM, January 17, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well...Please hear the opinion of a guy who went through all kinda coaches in that area starting with Neil Strauss to Mystery and Juggler...
To be honest with U....David D material is the best because it deals with your core values...Your inner game and your attitude and the way you perceive things. Also I admire the Mystery's method..But here is the trick, from my experience... The way Mystery and those guys demonstrate the stuff and talk about u think it is easy...But if u dont have David D's material engraved in your mind, u will never be able to apply any method...David D.. doesnt care what method you use, or how you do it... As long you are authentic...In his mastery's program that I admire the most.. He introduced different kinda speakers...the goal is the same..but the method and the style is different...Bottom line, David D. will teach to be a better person...When you are a better person, with Mystery's method or juggler u will become successful...

That's my opinion...


10:31 PM, January 17, 2007  
Blogger Pepper said...

Argh, I want that report man. Gimme gimme gimme :)
Nah, seriously, David D started my interest in this stuff. After a shocking breakup that I wussed my way through, I stumbled across the book one random day. It was like I saw the light for the first time, as well as all the errors of my ways. I'm not saying that it's the best book I've read (I'd probably give that honour to The Game) but what I liked is that it's a great ATTITUDE and BELIEF changer. Sure there are techniques in there, but by the end of the book (and eventually the Advanced CDs) the most obvious thing was that my attitude and beliefs towards women, people in general and myself had completely changed. As David says, I saw that "Things are not the way they seem" and I became aware of "the secret language". One amusing thing that happens to me A LOT now is a gal will say that I'm just too arrogant, and yet she will be really into me. One girl not long ago said this to me (word for word) "You're the type of guy that takes home a different girl every night. You're a arrogant player ... and I LOVE it". Of course, none of what she said was true, but it was verification that this stuff had sunk in and started working. Every guy will get a lot from reading this book, even if they're married or in a relationship. I guess it's no substitute for a workshop (which I have yet to get to) but I think that everything I ever learn will be made more effective and make more sense because of reading and listening to David DeAngelo's stuff.

12:42 AM, January 18, 2007  
Anonymous Black said...

After reading and comparing David DeAngelo's books and other series to the others available, I've noticed that even though he doesn't go deep with approaching and the whole pickup itself, his techniques and understanding of females can do everything that other's openers, pickup lines, games, patterns or whatever, but with full understanding, DYD can do even more.

The difference is that you need to fully understand his way of thinking, and incorporate it inside of you.

Understanding where the beliefs come from really helps.

Now, the main problem is that many guys start reading this stuff just to learn what to say, and that's why they skip the most important part, adopting the right way of thinking and the right attitude.

3:10 AM, January 18, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came to DD after my divorce and it totally put it into context why my divorce happened. It has transformed me from a wuss to a guy who has other guys wondering "how does he do it". I think DD comes from a position of integrity and a deep interest in the topic. I have many of his products and I have found them all useful in one way or another. Along the way, I have acquired other products and learnings from other seduction masters but DD was THE godsend to me at my point in life. He made a powerful and very positive impact on my life in relation to women and for that I thank him from the bottom of my heart

3:45 AM, January 18, 2007  
Anonymous Zap said...

My first book about seduction and P.U. was RJ's "How to get the women you desire into bed" all that nlp pattern stuff..
Then came DYD, i read his e-book and bought his advanced series on DVD. Here i must say, that a video is worth a thounsand books, as it conveys his whole message and his whole personallity. (as well as RJs dirty seminar videos) It also helped me to be more entertaining and funny in presentation in college.. And i got some amazing responses with that cocky and funny stuff...
But for me there was a point, where I read to many pickup books and screwed up some encounters with a more "serious" potential.
So i decided to take a time off in the PU scene and just be myself..
Infact i decided, not to do or try anything, just to have a great time and enjoy myself and that was the best decision i have ever made..

In PU you reach a level, where you have to let go off everything you have learnt. Trust your intuition and go with the flow.. stop trying, stop acting and you automatically and intuitively will start attracting the things you want...

I am greatful for the things i have learnt and the fun i had.. But there comes a time, when you have to "unlearn" again... you will find exceptions to the rules and you will find that there really are no rules and there are many means to an end.. anything is possible.. don't try to be someone you are not and learn to listen to your heart and to your dick and align these competing energies with your brain.. blablablabla.. enough of this spiritual philosophy, hehe..

May the force be with you,


8:01 AM, January 18, 2007  
Anonymous nottoofaded said...

David Deangelo is the begin all and end all of the community. He shows how to react in all situations without telling you, people say he emphasises c+f too much however, he has continually pointed out that anything used in succession for too long is ineffective, he said make it the spice, not the meal. Another person said that he doesnt have the stages of seduction similiar to mystery's and the copycat rsd. however if someone needs a blueprint outlined in a step by step stage like this they will also need the same methods for when they finally find a woman of true quality.
I like mystery's stuff, but david takes it all, he shows us how to perfect our inner game, which has shown to be like a catapult for success, I have been finding recently that all I have to do is sit in the right way and the attraction just happens, and this isn't forced body language anymore.
I am going to be 19 in 2 months, and i am still in high school, I was called don to the office and was able to create attraction- in the vice-principal! I have the two hottest girls in the school begging for my attention, and I use c+f effectivly, although I still screwup I have much success attributed to it. I gave a speech on attraction at my school to a class, without telling them any techniques, only teaching inner game, the next day because of my suggestions about women trying to look better, half the women in the class were dressed and put together 2x as good. Later in that same day I learned that I learned my t-shirt was on inside out. and this blond girl that I frequently talk to and use c+f on her, for some of the blonder things she does, points this out to me, I respond that its my new style. She said she wasnt dumb enough to wear her shirt on inside out and I said, "well at least not today."
This was all impossible for me to consider before Dave's material, before it I had a destructive relationship which put me into a heavy depression after she dumped me. Now she has been attracted again but I dont feel that low anymore,I expect quality and wont accept less.
Thanks Dave

8:24 PM, January 18, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've studied all the seduction methods including NLP since the early 90's. Like it or not the PUA's started because of Ross Jeffries and the inventions he developed after 10 years of hard scientific work from applying NLP to seduction. Some of these inventions are very powerful when applied properly. This is what sparked the PUA BOOM, Ross Jeffries inventions not anyone else. Still to this day after a decade of sarging and experimenting with ALL the techniques I would have to honestly say Ross's inventions have single handedly helped me fully close more women very rapidly, sometimes within 30 minutes, than all the other techniques combined. I'm not saying Ross Jeffries is the end all of seduction. He's not. I don't think ANY of the PUA's truely offer a complete program. To truely get good at seduction I think it's important to learn from them all, not just one. The PUA's have taught us all a lot including Mystery, Juggler, Neil Struass, Swiggcat and David D and many more. But I think the one thing people forget is that most ALL THESE PEOPLE STARTED IN SPEED SEDUCTION, including David D. If your familiar with "SS" you can easily see it's influence in Mystery, Juggler, Swinggcat and David D. Personally I've never been able to really take David D that serious because I remember him as a Speed Seduction student. At the time he was just a failed real estate agent from Eugene, Oregon who couldn't make money or get laid very well in L.A. Being far better looking than Ross, understanding how much money their was to be made teaching seduction David quickly became interested. At the time their was a real need for a leader in the seduction community and Ross's personality just wasn't that of making lots of friends with people, ie helping young seduction arts evolve. Ego's clashed. Some of David D's products are ok, but not great in my opinion. He loves to make some huge DVD set that you'll waste a lot of money and time watching and yet you'll only a tiny bit of information out of. This is the money marketing man of David D, and not the seduction scientist that Ross or Mystery are. Thats my two cents.

10:09 PM, January 18, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everybody hates Ross because he's very unattractive, he's a bit crazy and has a huge ego like most NLP gurus. With that said no one in the community can help you more with your inner game than that guy. No one. Not even close. His techniques come from real science and decades of hard intellectual work. He is so incredibly versed in every self help art known to man it's unreal, and he adds that to what he teaches. You can learn things from the PUA's for sure. But I feel their isn't one person in the community with exception to maybe Mystery that has put in the time,effort, and passion as much as that guy to understanding and teaching the seduction arts. Plus his techniques are still the coolest in my opinion. Sure you can seduce using some of David D's cocky funny, or Jugglers nice guy natural stuff, or Mystery's false high value male behavior, but until you have done it in real life nothing is as fun and the totally mind f*cking of a hot women that comes with skilled Speed Seduction.

10:29 PM, January 18, 2007  
Anonymous Sting said...

first time in AGES i've seen a positive stance taken on behalf of Ross and SS. and i'm glad to see it - that guy is good.
there are a few reasons his stock went down in the community.

a) he blew off bars and nightclubs. as a man if your not into that, thats cool. as a guru of seducers your not into that - you WILL lose customers to people who are. like Mystery.

b) intoduction of in-field workshops. best way to teach and learn - and he didn't/couldn't back that horse. you can't very well have a group of 10 guys hovering over your shoulder at the coffee shop, can you?

c) he's nuts. this "i told you so" mania, crude humour mania, "i invented this or its all BS" mania - is offputting.

a knock against Ross, from a general and not PU perspective - if he's such a powerful NLP'er and NLP can teach you to live in a reality of your own creation THEN WHY IS HE LIKE THIS? he just doesn't come across as a happy, well-adjusted person which is doubly peculiar seeing he supposedly has lots of girl and is very rich.
Ross isn't exactly a person that his yoga instructor or the NLP community will point to with pride saying - "thats what we can do for you".


5:33 AM, January 19, 2007  
Blogger Donovan said...

Thanks for the input!! I'll create another post about Ross if you guys want to discuss that. Let's keep it on DYD for now.

8:54 AM, January 19, 2007  
Anonymous Ams said...

well, I must say...before I read "Double your dating" I had little or no clue of what the deal was with women. After reading it, it gave me a bit of insight into the new world which I've been exploring for the past 2 years now. I don't think it's the ultimate book for doubling your dating, especially now that I know how it works much better, I'm very sure David could have put in more effort. Overall, it was good, for its time anyway... but now i'm sure you could do with better

Best Regards


3:49 PM, January 19, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The truth is every seduction artist has different needs based on the artists natural skills and natural value (I'm talking general looks or first impression). This is a huge part of the equation, yet its rare if ever a PUA guru address's this issue. What do I mean by this? I mean that cocky funny might work really well for a guy that is say a 7-8 on a scale of 10 with women who are in a similar range, yet if a guy comes in who say is a 4-5 and tries busting some hot chic's balls, he's probably going to get blown out instantly. Typically David D works pretty well for guys that ARE LIKE David. They really don't look that bad, and are often older men, maybe divorced at least once etc. Mystery works pretty well for guys like Mystery. Younger night club guys, modern etc. Juggler, similar. Younger nice guys who don't like to idea of being to funny or cocky push pull like. Speed Seduction for the guys that really have no business being in a club and are considered quite unattractive, such as Ross himself. If anyone has seen him he is damn, damn ugly. With that said I would have to say David D's material really hasn't done that much for me with the exception of some of his interviews and guests such as Mystery doing Kino Escalation. Plus I don't think David D has EVER done a in field seminar, such as Juggler or Mystery.

9:15 PM, January 19, 2007  
Anonymous Sting said...

>Thanks for the input!! I'll create another post about Ross if you guys want to discuss that. Let's keep it on DYD for now.

sorry Donovan - what can i say? Ross is just a more fun guy to talk about :)

back to David DeAngelo.
most people don't walk around saying "attraction IS a choice" - but they live that way.
David D reaches a lot of these people, and slams out that erroneous belief. thats his job and he does it well.
it easier to take that one critical step when thats what your after then it is to master the M3. which is so vast that each step seems like the begining.
in a nustshell - David D gets the basics taken care of, the building blocks of everything to do with success with women.

i think there is a tendency to disparage David D's stuff after you've discovered everything else thats out there because its so basic in comparison to those. maybe you have that feeling, Donovan? i know i have.
this is a good sign. it shows that a student has internalized the basics and takes them for granted a little bit (if you don't take things for granted, usually, your not very good at it).
to get to the heart of David D's effectiveness as a guru - ask yourself how profound was the realization that "Attraction isn't a choice" when you first 'got' that concept through his teachings - and wonder where you would be if you still hadn't.


2:51 AM, January 20, 2007  
Blogger Donovan said...

Oh defintely Sting.

I think I put DYD to the side after discovering Mystery, etc...

But TRUTH goes everywhere. That's why DYD rings true with me now. You tend to throw away one method for another. We should incorporate the best of all methods, even if just a small part of one, or the majority of another.

Guys, thankyou for the comments. Definitely a great bunch of guys.

10:36 PM, January 20, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello, I'm Mouss.
Forgive my english please , i'm french...

DeAngelo was a revelation for me !!
I was cocky and funny a long time ago but lost that by listen to much (or not deep enough) to the girls...
And I get really chocked when I first read DYD.
Shit !! that's what i was doing at first.
But I didn't know that because it was natural for me.
And lost it all by trying to seduce ......
Deangelo put me back in the right way, and without him, hum I prefere not to think about !!!
He has done alot for alot.
And we all can fell the amount of energy he puts in that.

someone wrote :
"I mean that cocky funny might work really well for a guy that is say a 7-8 on a scale of 10 with women who are in a similar range, yet if a guy comes in who say is a 4-5"

And I think it's not so true,
I'm a 8,9 guy,
and Deangelo has talked about that,
it's a matter of balance between cocky and funny.
I've to be not so cocky. The more good looking you are, the less cocky you must be.
And the less good looking you are, the more cocky you must be.

This is my one euro coin..

2:46 AM, January 21, 2007  
Blogger Clement said...

I live in Singapore, where guys are fearful of women--which place isnt anyway?

Since I came from a place where it is only acceptable to be "nice" to women, Im really at a disadvantage.

Yes, I bought his book when I was below the minimum age of 18 then. But 2 years forward, that was the best investment I made.

His stories may be repetetive, whilst his voice may be uncharismatic and monotonous. But David D has wisdom that no one dares or wants to share.

Im not a head turner. I am a sucker when it comes to girls when younger. But it was DD books which catapulted me into the world of human interaction.

His books are not just seduction per se. Its beyond that. Teaching the essential confidence(attractive to women particularly) is what he espouses. With this, I become more outspoke, more attuned to body language and totally threw away the shackles of my uncontrollable self.

What DD teaches is not essential techniques, outer game and whatnot. DD teaches personal control. His self help methods masquerades itself into girl-getting techniques.

If you were to tear down the layers of methods which are highly nuanced; you will discover a belief to embue and share his knowledge with everyone.

After DD, I stumbled upon Mystery. The latter was great! Now with a system, I feel more secure in the notion of following steps which are much more scientific.

However, doing MM would be hard if I was not grounded in DD work.

Like all teachers, you have certain basics you practise everyday to remain sharp. And DD is what I do everyday to remain sharp and ontop of my game.

My life changed because of him, but maybe, Ill kiss him or give him a hug.

haha. later

6:30 AM, January 21, 2007  
Blogger John said...

I was actually pointed to one of David's articles by a friend (The Ten Reasons Why HIGHLY INTELLIGENT Men Fail With Women). After reading that article and figuring out I had done everyone of them at some point in my life I figured the guy might be onto something.

I went to his website, read up on some of his ideas, and purchased "Double Your Dating" that night.

As the poem states "and that has made all the difference".

12:20 PM, January 23, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

David Deangelo's material changed my life immeasurably for the better.
As a professional in Australia, I was coming out of a painful divorce and career collapse when a female friend passed on DYD emails.
I immediately recognised myself as the losing nice guy AFC. I bought the audio Advanced Dating Seminar and monthly gurus interview series and listened repeatedly to tracks that reprogrammed my wrong thinking of 30 years.
I have always had women in my life, but never my AAA pick. I saw the knuckle draggers taking off the 10s but did not want to become one of Neandathal species.

2 years down the track after getting DVDs, The Deep Innner Game, Sexual Communication, and Body Language and having spent as much time as possible on reprogramming myself from the DYD materials, I am now a chic magnet of quality woman. I have 3 serious girlfriends who are 10s, very intelligent, musical, qualified, high status women. I also have several others of the same quality hoping for a place in my life. They all know about each other and I now have to limit my interactions with women that catch my eye, as I don't want to leave too many broken hearted chics around.

I am seriously researching polygamy or polyamory relationships and based on my experiences and DYD and Louann Brizendine's "the Female Brain" believe that a polyamorous household with my 3 women is not going to be a problem for them. There fathers may not agree, but we'll see.
I am now getting ideas from lot other sources. Each has a unique angle that I can add to my bag of strategies.

As a professional and leader in my educational field I know that my work and really serious commitment to personal change, and commitment of time and money to DYDs longer programs has reshaped my "Renaissance Man" learning and work of 30+ years and has changed me as a man, as a leader and a university lecturer and has assisted me to be the high-class thinking woman's crumpet. I feel so much more the complete and confident man and that belief permeates every activity in my life.

Yeah, Attraction is Not a Choice, and the Person with the Strongest Reality wins.
But not like everything that is worth while, no great gain with without hard effort.
cheers, TextBook05

1:09 PM, February 01, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I've entered a 15 set, been accepted by the peer group, gained attraction from the target, qualified her based on her unique qualities, isolated her and built an increadible connection, #closed, got back together for a Day 2 and had a good time there - how can i get her back to my place?"

Dude!!! If you did all that, I have a hard time believing you can't get her to come over.

Heck, at this point, you could just tell her you want her to 'See your etchings' lol!

Big Daddy

11:32 AM, February 03, 2007  
Anonymous Dating said...

It's all about eye contact.

11:07 PM, February 19, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i got david d's ebook and cocky comedy program. good stuff but it's hard for me to keep buying his stuff because it's so damn expensive. he is out to make a buck definately. To make it quick and short, very beneficial but also a expensive investment.

1:13 PM, May 07, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm going through DyD now. A lot of his stuff is basic and things I already knew. However, I think DyD is best served as a tool to increase - or in my case, rediscover - your inner game.
When I "forget myself" I am a natural. I have friends that are great PUA's that marvel at me in those situations, and have even said to my face that if I was like that all the time I could get any chick I wanted. Unfortunately, my inner game is lacking greatly and kills any outer game I have naturally. That is where I have enjoyed DD's DyD. It's got me thinking INWARD again to improve myself - selfishly - in order to improve my self outwardly.

It's a great tool for what it is. U can't be a good PUA or good with women until you are good with yourself, no matter what.

On that note... can anyone shed light on Hypnotica's Ultimate Inner Game? Is that worth getting?

12:04 PM, November 01, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm going through DyD now. A lot of his stuff is basic and things I already knew. However, I think DyD is best served as a tool to increase - or in my case, rediscover - your inner game.
When I "forget myself" I am a natural. I have friends that are great PUA's that marvel at me in those situations, and have even said to my face that if I was like that all the time I could get any chick I wanted. Unfortunately, my inner game is lacking greatly and kills any outer game I have naturally. That is where I have enjoyed DD's DyD. It's got me thinking INWARD again to improve myself - selfishly - in order to improve my self outwardly.

It's a great tool for what it is. U can't be a good PUA or good with women until you are good with yourself, no matter what.

On that note... can anyone shed light on Hypnotica's Ultimate Inner Game? Is that worth getting?

12:05 PM, November 01, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh so, I've been checking out the Double your Dating for a few male friends who seem to have a lot of trouble getting with chicks or have disastrous relationships. These are usually band mates, and the drama tends to get in the way of a lot of things. So, I checked out Mr. DeAngelo's articles, fully expecting to be offended, as I am often when men try to define women like we're your last biology dissection project (like we're from Venus and need to be led around by our noses and defined by a man in order to achieve happiness and success). Well, I wasn't offended at all, actually. That guy is pretty smart and on track. I've had my share of men chasing around me for years and have been through many of the scenarios he describes. I also have a lot of sympathy for men, because it's not like this society really promotes the skill sets to be 'manly'-- maybe metrosexual at best. And I think it's hard for men to get in touch with their feelings and to allow themselves pain and vulnerability.
I personally will recommend Double your Dating to my male friends, both the nice ones and the musician-sadists who end up attracting the super hot psycho vampires that stalk around rehearsals and end up being annoying. I don't know about those chicks, maybe they just need to be put in their place. I'm sure Mr. DeAngelo would have a good suggestion.

7:20 PM, November 10, 2007  

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