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David Deangelo On Internet Dating


posted by Donovan at 5:50 PM

When I first started learning how to meet women and get dates, the internet was an AMAZING tool for me.

One of the great things about meeting women online is that you can literally do it ANYTIME... from anywhere...

It's also a great place to practice first conversations, Cocky & Funny humor, and escalating from "conversations" to DATES.

If you're interesting in learning more about how to meet women online, then you should take a couple of minutes and check THIS out. Make sure you watch the video clips, by the way...

Let me know what you think.

Talk soon,

David D.

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posted by Donovan at 5:50 PM Dating Advice for Men


Blogger mshaw said...

Nice site, I like it!

11:39 PM, August 14, 2007  
Anonymous ***V*** said...

Online dating is a great tool. If you have a great assortment of photos (ie wearing nice clothes, around other girls, having fun) you will get noticed and get more dates than you can handle.

12:36 PM, August 16, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

first let me say i'm a girl. and i have to say i am truly amazed! the techniques you talk about ALWAYS work!!! even if the guy is not that attractive. enough "negs", cockiness and of course humor, and i'm ready to mount the guy!! the problem is most guys are pusses!!! where are all these alpha male men??

so i'm wondering where does a girl find guys who actually have a clue??? is there something we can do to attract those guys. b/c seriously i can't date another loser wuss.

7:23 PM, September 19, 2007  
Blogger John "Kooz" Kuczmarski said...

This is amazing. So, the "neg" should replace the "compliment" altogether? Okay, granted, atleast for a1-c2, but after those stages, when you get into c3-s3, then true compliments are welcome, right? Or not?? When are "normal" compliments like "Damn, you're beautiful." accepted, welcomed, desired more than negs? I believe the efficacy of the "neg", but I can't believe that it's completely killed off all desire for normal compliments. Negs are more creative, yes, but people desire a good ol' fashioned compliment now and again.

9:45 AM, October 04, 2007  
Blogger Maria said...

Im not quite sure how to describe myself on that site...bit crazy maybe.I just like to have a laugh and have a good time. I've met many friends on, so it this is a proof that it does happen, just keep up hope and don't give up! thanks to this website, we can be finally happy...all you people out there, don't give up!!! ...write if you want..

12:04 AM, October 08, 2007  
Anonymous Rad said...

Wow...... I have also created a free profile at Yahoo Personals.

10:17 PM, March 27, 2008  
Anonymous Sabina said...

David D. is probably the master of this, I'm a woman and I still find him interesting!

9:03 PM, June 03, 2008  

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