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Giving an Effective Massage (Made Easy)


posted by Donovan at 7:38 PM

Everyone knows to amplify attraction is essential to seduction.

Well... one of the best ways to get from non-touching to touching, then intimacy is a good massage. I found this informative article on good technique with massaging on alt.seduction.

Try a few things from it, sometimes its not appropriate to use oil (maybe after a date), but experiment.

Massage for seduction

Here it is:

Start with conversation. Without even touching the person, talk to them. Get attuned to how they're feeling etc at the time of the massage. Find out how their day, week, month has been (Depending onhow often you talk to them. =) Ask them if there are any areas that are painful or sensitive that they'd like avoided or paid special attention to. Remember that if they're not comfortable with you, they won't be comfortable with the massage they're receiving from you. Ask them if they would be uncomfortable with taking their clothes off. Let them know that you won't see them completely nude, but the purpose of the removal of clothing is so that lotions or oils can be used and so that the friction between cloth and skin won't cause discomfort for either the masseur/masseuse or massee. If they're uncomfortable with taking off their clothes, let them know that it's okay to leave them on. Again, they have to be comfortable in order to enjoy the massage. If they do wear clothes, don't use lotins or oils, but instead decide (Depending on the type of clothing) if you're going to cause the friction between your skin and the cloth or the massee's skin and cloth. If the clothing is very loose, you're best to keep the cloth with your hand. If the clothing is tight, it's best to keep it with the skin of the massee.

Assuming that not everyone has a massage table available, the floor is the next best thing (In some cases, it's better, IMO). Lay out an exercise mat or similar pad if you have it. If not, a blanket or comforter will work fine. Make sure that the surface that the person is lying on won't hurt their skin. (Don't use a rough feeling blanket... The smoother, the better.) Make sure that there's room enough for the person to stretch out on and spread their arms and legs out a little on without falling off the edge. Tell the person that after you leave the room, you want them to take off their clothing and lie on their stomach on the matt, covering their butt with a towel.

Have another towel handy to cover the breasts of a female massee when she turns over. When they're lying on the floor properly covered, they should call you back into the room to begin the massage. You should have a natural oil or lotion ready. If possible, have a warm water bath that you keep the bottle in (A bowl of warm water works good). You'll want to use an organic oil or lotion rather than an animal fat-based oil or a mineral oil. These can harm some people's skins. Vegetable oils and lotions work best. Personally, I use a Keoki Papaya Aloe Lanolin lotion. You can usually find a good natural lotion or oil at GNC or any health store.

Start by rubbing the lotion between both hands to warm it up if it isn't already warm. Gently spread it across the upper back and shoulders, getting the massee used to your touch.

Once you have touched the person, never lose touch til you're done. You want to create a bonded feeling between you and your friend through touch and if you break contact, that feeling is ruined. Keep talking to the person while you spread the lotion across the upper back and shoulders. Spread the lotion in a circular motion of each hand for a few rotations, gradually moving your hands to the shoulders, cupping the hands over the tops of the shoulders, pulling down on the muscles between the neck and shoulder joints with your four fingers and
pushing up with the thumbs on the same muscles, pushing up along the back of the neck muscles. Use circular motions with the thumbs along this area while gently pulling these muscles with the fingers. Move the hands down the shoulders, pulling on the muscles with fingers and pushing with the thumbs.

IMPORTANT: Don't push on the spine! Keep the hands on either side of the spine, working down along the muscles.

Work your way back up the back with both hands cupped to the sides of the back, thumbs along either side of the spine. Pull out from the spine with the thumbs, working back to the top of the back. Return to the shoulders, again cupping the hands over the shoulders and pulling with your four fingers and pushing with the thumbs. Starting at the top of the back pull down along either side of the spine with the four fingers, pushing down with some force, being careful not to hurt the massee. Work back up the back and use both hands on each shoulder, switching from side to side. Repeat the above as nescessary.

When you get bored working on the back [kidding] move gently down the sides to the legs. Rub gently down to the ankles. Cup both hands over one ankle, moving your body around to one side of the feet. Holding both hands over the ankle, knead the legs by pulling up on one side of the leg with the thumb of one hand while pulling back with the fingers of the other hand, keeping both hands next to each other.

Move back and forth like this with both hands up and down the calf of the leg. Rotate the hands ninety degrees so that both thumbs are in the middle of the knee and the fingers are cuppping over to the sides of the thigh. Pull away from the center of the leg with the thumbs, using the fingers as leverage (but not pressing too hard so as to hurt the person). Work up and down the thigh pulling out from the center with both hands. When you reach the top of the thigh, pull down the center of the leg til you reach the bottom of the thigh and start working back up. Work back down to the ankle and swithch legs. Repeat on the other leg. Work back up the thigh to the back, cupping the hands over both thighs with the thumbs off center to the outside of the leg, pressing with the fingers. As you move your hands up, your thumbs will rub along the buttocks and the fingers along the sides. You will be cupping each hand on the side of the lower back of the massee. Work up the back repeating what you worked on before.

Move down the arms, gently rubbing lengthwise. Work back to the back and rub the neck. Rub the fingers up into the scalp, moving back and forth with all your fingers as if scratching, but without the nails of your hands. Show the person the other towel and move your body around, placing yourself above their head. Have them turn over, keeping your hands on their head. Move down their arms, rub the fronts of the legs in a similar way as to the backs of the legs, and rub the feet, if you have the knowledge. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of explanation to properly describe a foot massage, but as long as you're careful, you can't hurt the person, so experiment.

In order to maintain contact, you'll have to apply the oil or lotion with one hand, out have to warm it before you apply it. To do this, use one hand to pick up the bottle and squeeze some oil or lotion into the nape of the opposite hand, then rub the hand that held the bottle ove the nape to warm the oil, gently working the oil onto the skin. Just remember that you're free to experiment with these different techniques and don't have to follow this description exactly.

This is a great technique for kino escalation. Because when you're done: simply start holding her hand. Then you can escalate into kissing, sex, etc. She will be so relaxed that pretty much anything will go. Plus you've already touched her everywhere.
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posted by Donovan at 7:38 PM Dating Advice for Men


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How To Ask A Girl Out


posted by Donovan at 6:26 PM

I have been getting a FLOOD of emails from avid readers of the blog. The most common question that most ask is "Whats the best way to ask a girl out for a date?" or "What is the best cocky and funny way to ask a girl out for a date?" or the funniest "How should I ask her out so I have the best chances of getting laid that night?"

Haha classic.

Anyways, David D wrote something about this that couldn't be put better. Check it out here.


P.S. I love getting emails, they lighten up my day, please keep sending me your questions!
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posted by Donovan at 6:26 PM Dating Advice for Men

Reading and Using "Sexual Body Language"


posted by Donovan at 6:06 PM

I have some interesting news for you...

Attractive women know within SECONDS of seeing and/or interacting with you if you're a sexually aware, confident man.

And they make the SUBCONSCIOUS decision of whether or not you're a possible sexual partner within a maximum of a few minutes of interacting with you.

These subconscious decisions are made mostly on the basis of body language and voice tone.

And since we know that "Attraction Isn't A Choice", we can generalize the following:

1) If you don't know what types of body language communicate that you're one of these "sexy beast" guys, you're probably not doing the right things "by accident".

2) The words you say actually don't matter much. What matters is HOW you say them, both with your voice and with your body language.

3) It is possible to learn how to communicate that you're a "sexually aware, confident man" using your body language and voice tone.

Learning this skill will make attracting women MUCH easier.

Unfortunately, most men are too caught up in the idea of being macho and independent to work on this area of their life... and as a result, they waste most of their time in "quiet desperation", never seeing any real improvement because they don't seek help and use the help to improve.

In short, if you don't know whether or not you project the kind of body language and voice tone that makes women feel that emotional jolt of sexual attraction, then you can bet your last dollar that you aren't. What's a guy to do? Learn it, and then use it.

When I first started learning about how to meet women, I can remember thinking that I needed to learn pick up lines and other tricks. I had no idea that this stuff was basically useless without the all-important understanding of how body language works.

After a lot of trial and error, I started to realize that when my body language and voice tone were correct, I could say ALMOST ANYTHING to women and they would feel ATTRACTION.

Here are three things you can do to IMMEDIATELY increase your attractiveness to women:


If you see a woman that you find attractive, and she looks back at you, DON'T LOOK AWAY.

Most guys become very self conscious and look away as soon as a woman notices them looking.

This is a HUGE mistake.

If you want to communicate all the right things, you need to show IMMEDIATELY that you're not afraid, and that you're not at all self conscious about the fact that you are checking her out.

A good exercise is to walk through a mall for a few hours and look DIRECTLY at every woman you see.

Walk into every store, and look directly into the eyes of every single woman you encounter... and DON'T LOOK AWAY UNTIL AFTER SHE DOES.

Do yourself a huge favor, and don't open your eyes really wide and smile like a serial killer while you're doing this exercise.

Women don't tend to enjoy that.

Just learn how to hold eye contact with a woman until she looks away...

This is very important.


Most men I see hold themselves in a way that says "I am not very confident about myself or anything I'm saying".

And most of the guys I know who are chick MAGNETS hold themselves in a way that says "I'm the dominant male in this situation... I own this place".

Suck in your stomach, hold your head up and back, pull your shoulders back, arch your back... and generally hold yourself like you're the most powerful person you've ever seen or heard of.

Yeah, I know this sounds dorky, but do it anyway.

You'll probably feel strange and self conscious at first, but not to worry.

If you continue to practice your confident posture, you'll soon become comfortable with it.

And more important, you'll attract attention from women.

Remember, women aren't interested in finding another average Wuss Boy.

Women aren't ATTRACTED to WUSSIES.

Carry yourself like a manly man, and attractive women will notice and have INSTANT positive subconscious reactions to you.


Watch a few James Bond films. And while you're at it, check out "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels".

Have you ever noticed that James Bond never looks like he doesn't know how to act?

And that he never fidgets or behaves nervously? Everything James does is a little slower than it should be. He's just too cool.

Try learning how to turn your head slowly, how to blink slowly, how to change facial expressions slowly... and how to gesture slowly.

This makes a huge impact on how others perceive you.

This kind of body language transmits the message: "I'm so comfortable in my own skin, it hurts".


Most people speak with weak, squeaky voices that conveys the message: "I'm not confident... I have no self esteem".

This turns women off. Big time.

If you want to attract beautiful women, you're going to need to take a few lessons from Barry White.

Learn how to speak with a deeper voice.

Learn to speak from down in your chest and stomach.

Add more bass to your voice.

Also, learn how to speak slower... and how to articulate every word better. Become comfortable pausing... it creates anticipation. Most guys talk too much, too fast, and feel like they need to talk because they're nervous. Don't do it! Learn to lean back, relax, and become comfortable with the tension that comes from silence.

If you work on using your BODY AND VOICE to communicate that you're a confident, sexually aware, stud-muffin, then all the techniques you're learning from me will work TEN times better.


As you know, I really believe that it takes a DEEP understanding of how and why ATTRACTION works between men and women before you will actually begin to "GET IT" at that deep level in your GUT... which leads to ACTION.

And what's the BEST way to learn all of the most important aspects of communicating with women on this level we've been talking about?

Simple. Check out my e-book "Double Your Dating". (Link)

David D.
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posted by Donovan at 6:06 PM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear David,
I really appreciate your good work.
I am a man, and I have really enjoyed using your techniques in the last two years. Oh no, "confident posture" stuff did not make any difference to me AT ALL!!! Be natural and you are confident. You cannot "cheat" on anybody's brain to think that you are really confident with that stuff. My back was aching a lot
after trying to ARCH MY BACK and I have noticed that NO WOMAN was paying attention. I was also
thinking to wear LOTS OF CLOTHES, so as to APPEAR STRONGER-finally I decided to NOT REALLY DO that-fortunately you do not teach guys to do that-not yet...
Guys, use your ADRENALINE, if you have enough of course, it is going to help more. Your "BROCA'S REGION" stuff made my friend who is a doctor MAD. He did not agree at all!!!!!!! Science has still a long way to go, until it is capable of laying girls!!! (Fortunately there are guys like me to WAKE YOU UP-the seduction community is HONEST, but it has to
be PAINFULLY HONEST sometimes!!)

3:25 PM, November 10, 2005  
Blogger Donovan said...

I appreciate your comments. Although I'm now confused. I think the key in this post is to, project a strong image, and you don't do that buy speaking soft, slouching etc, although there is alot more involved than that.

5:58 PM, November 10, 2005  

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Real Social Dynamics Audio Gift


posted by Donovan at 12:49 PM

The team at Real Social Dynamics (Website), just released a free audio gift, to those who want to download it.

I have listened to it, and it contains a discussion with lecturer "Tyler Durden", and you can learn the following:

1. Simple and subtle strategies for meeting and seducing beautiful women!

2. How to develop the confidence and charisma necessary to properly approach gorgeous women.

3. Learn about the NEW techniques proven to work in sparking attraction..

4. Strategies and tips for getting women so stimulated that she will think about you all day long.

5. Eye-opening secrets for starting conversations with beautiful women - that you can implement today!

To start listening to this exclusive seminar, all you need to do is visit:

The audio will automatically start playing in your browser and an audio player should appear right in front of you on your computer screen.

After a few seconds, if the audio does not start playing, or if the audio player does not display, you can download the seminar -- simply click on "Download" link and the 112-minute audio seminar will download directly to your desktop.

Check out other free stuff on Attraction Chronicles like "The Game" Free Sample Chapter, and also "Art of Approaching" Free Sample Chapter. If reading is more you're thing to do...

Till next time,


P.S. Don't forget to get your free e-book by signing up for my bi-weekly newsletter.
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posted by Donovan at 12:49 PM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This audio is absolutely brilliant.

7:32 PM, April 22, 2006  
Blogger cadmus said...

TD, "Evil or Not", is still one crazy analytical master of game. It's scary how he breaks down so much (not just here but his original posts.)

This is great to listen to before going out and gaming.

11:01 AM, June 09, 2006  

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