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Clever Little Online Trick


posted by Donovan at 6:25 PM

I had the coolest experience on Myspace the other day, had a date with her today. I used this tactic Neil reveals in David Deangelo's Meeting Women Online program. Just thought I would share that with you, and I'll tell you more about it Monday. I've got plans right now.

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posted by Donovan at 6:25 PM Dating Advice for Men


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19 Year Old Girl Gives It Up For Shoes


posted by Donovan at 1:30 PM

I loved this email from Lance today. Awesome.


"What do I *really* look for in a guy?"

K. is 19. Hot. I mean, walk-down-the-street and cars veer off the road hot. And she enjoys it. She's the kind of young girl that makes men happy just to look at.

She was the perfect girl to get this secret from. What are the hotties really after?

"Yeah, not what you are supposed to look for. I mean, really, what gets your attention?"

She looked down at the floor, then back up at me, and smiled.

"You know what I really look for? A normal guy. A normal guy... with nice shoes."

"That's it?"

"You have any idea how hard that is to find?" she asked. "If I could just find that, I would be the envy of every girl in San Francisco. Yep. That's the top of the mountain right there."

Normal guy with nice shoes. Huh. You'd really think it would be more detailed than that, or maybe like the guy would have to have a chiseled six-pack, or drink a certain light beer, or have 20 minutes of great stories with famous people, or be famous people.

Or fight dragons and breathe fire, or something.

Normal guy. Nice shoes? That's it? Anyone can do that, right?

Well, yes and no.

See, when it comes to attracting women, lots of guys think it's really hard. You know, you've got to get everything just right and basically "trick" her into thinking you're attractive long enough to get what you want.

Well, that's the way little boys think, anyways.

The truth is, as men know, that attracting women is either easy, or next-to-impossible.

If you have the attractive traits that women look for, it's easy. But if you don't, you can work and work and work, but you'll never get the choice with women you want.

See, girls live in a different world than we do. It's nice there... it looks pretty, and smells like flowers and bath salts. But it has a lot to do with fashion.

Women use fashion to establish and maintain the social order. And the more status a woman has, the more critical the correct fashion is.

A hottie needs a guy who looks right. When she looks at you, she immediately thinks of you as a giant Ken doll she can dress up and take places and show off to her friends.

And if you don't look like you can dress the way she wants, the way that fits her life, she can't take a chance on you.

She needs to know that you are the kind of guy who dates girls like her. That's how she knows you will be appropriate to her. She wants someone who matches. Why?

Because then you will understand her.

Girls do not want to waste time explaining to men what's important. No one wants a fixer-upper. They want a house that's already really nice and comfy and clean, and they can
move right in and start showing it off to their friends.

Comprende, Senor?

And there's one other little secret about shoes that NO ONE else knows, but I'll tell you, because, you know, I like you and want you to do well.

She looks to see how clean your shoes are to figure out how clean you are.

Here, there, and everywhere.

Yes, she's thinking about what it would be like to sleep with you pretty much from the start. But she's also thinking "will it be fun and crazy and sexy, or will it be gross and slovenly and uncomfortable?"

Guess which one she's gonna pick if you're wearing beat-up, smelly old sneakers?

So what to do?

If you don't know fashion, start asking. You don't have to be Project Runway-level expert,
but you can't make mistakes.

And every guy makes them. I used to. And it wasn't until I put out my Dress For Success Program and actually taped the process of making over 5 guys that I saw how far I'd come.

I took all my years of experience and put it into this one DVD set so any man could watch and finally understand what his style has been telling women all these years.

If you don't know what your style says now, you need to figure it out.

After all, K. is still out there looking for that normal guy.

And you know the first thing she's looking at, and it's not your big... bank account.

Now, get out there and meet some women!

Your friend,

Lance Mason
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posted by Donovan at 1:30 PM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This message is on the mark, till the end. She may not be looking for the wallet, but the wallet buys the shoes and nice mens shoes are NOT cheap. Before everyone goes out and buys several thousand dollars** worth of mens shoes, do this:

Go out to your favorite hang-out and check out the guys with women. Not just any that you would actually like to go out with, one you find cute. Check out the guy's shoes. Don't do this once, do this 10 times. I'll bet 8 or 9 of the guys are wearing crappy shoes. It's not the shoes, it's the person inside. Now, if you want to date models or model caliber women, you better get a good job, with more pay, and get some real nice shoes and clothes AND work on your inner game. If you want to date normal women who you find cute, skip the expensive shoes. Just don't wear sneakers, please! Oh, and learn style. Try and

**I have a several thousand dollars worth of mens shoes and I'd have to admit, it hasn't helped me much. I do like to dress sharp and it is a fun hobby. Tomorrow I'm going to buy the Prada oxbloods shown in last months GQ. I'll pair them with my unwashed APC jeans, a black blazer and a purple shirt. Nice! Again, unless you are after model caliber women (or high status/ rich), shoes and clothes are overrated. Just don't do something stupid like wear sneakers, 501's and a t-shirt from that concert you went to 5 years ago. As a matter of fact, don't ever wear this out. Heh. Oh, this style could be made to work, just don't try this at home would take a pro to pull this off. hahaha


9:29 PM, September 28, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is another example of putting HB pussy on a pedestal.

An HB says she likes shoes. Big deal. What women SAY they want is purely capricious. Yes, looking and dressing nice is usually a minimum requirement, but women will never admit or be able to articulate what they REALLY want.

The other day I saw a smoking hot model getting kissy face all over her BF in public. He was dressed in a baseball cap, faded jeans, sweatshirt, and OLD sneakers. I don't think that's what got him the girl.

He was in the ordinary range of good looking, had a Rolex on, and wasn't as physically into her as she was into him. There you have it: looks, money, and alpha frame control.

I wouldn't doubt that they met via social circle either.

Bottom-line: dressing well won't help you get laid, but it won't STOP you from getting laid the same way dressing badly MIGHT.

7:28 AM, September 29, 2006  
Blogger Sean said...

Yes, keep arguing that women don't know what they want.

Here's what the girl means. Your shoes communicate something about you. It's not wealth, it's not fame. They tell her that you are aware what is important to her.

And that's STYLE. Not money. $500 shoes won't help you at all if they don't have style, or if you don't wear them right. But a guy with style can wear flip-flops or beater kicks if he knows how to rock them.

Here's an example: I have a pair of Burberry plaid Ben Shermans I got for $19 in NYC. When I wear them, women spot them right away and compliment me. Why? Because women know what a Burberry plaid is, and now they know I know as well. They know I have style.

That's the key.

Or you can just keep arguing. You may even be right... but being right is not going to get you laid. Try listening to the girls every now and then. Listen hard to what they are saying, and they will tell you everything.

7:31 PM, September 29, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My industry is crawling with HB’s. They definitely check out your shoes, but you can wear just about anything if you’re congruent and stylish. Yesterday, HBAsian 9.5 complimented me on black Chuck T’s that cost $23.99. I was wearing them with old chinos and a tight black t-shirt. Two days earlier one of my favorite HBBrunette 9’s complimented my hand-made wingtips. Those you have to wear with nice jeans and a dress shirt, and the socks better be exactly right.

Switch the shoes with those two turbo-effective outfits and suddenly you look homeless.

Congruency, men. Congruency.


1:14 PM, September 30, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post is retarded. Women care about what's inside the man, not ouside. Women love to fix things up. They live for decor and changes. Said that, I think many women would prefer a guy with wack shoes.

7:36 PM, October 01, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course they care more about the inside. But the inside never gets a chance if the outside looks like shit.


9:02 PM, October 01, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo would you stop PEDEsTelling..
i kno your objective is DRESS WELL and have NICE style.. but other people think that you have to have magic shoes to get that fit gal.. NO No NO.. u need CONFIDENCE above all mixed with some Body language and eye contact.. and of course NICE STYLE.. Pedesteling would only fuck your chances up.. if you dno what Pedestelling is read this article:
peace out.. dnt hate apreciate..

9:23 AM, November 02, 2006  

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Sexual Technique


posted by Donovan at 7:42 PM

I've had some requests for what I would suggest is a great tool to increase your sexual skills, and how to help cultivate an orgasmic relationship.

I recommend a product that Thundercat also endorses.

Secret Orgasm Tips

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posted by Donovan at 7:42 PM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will not elaborate more on the following tip. Consider it my GIFT to everyone on the forum. You will have to "unwrap" the gift i.e. try it out yourself and you will then realise what I have given you.

Firstly, you are the man in the relationship i.e. 100% in control. And if it can't be that way, then she can't be with you. Simple.

I am not going to go through what is to be done to arouse a woman i.e. foreplay, vocal arousal through ears (REMEMBER WOMEN LOOK FOR EMOTIONS IN WORDS, SO GIVE THEM WORDS WHICH HAVE AN EMOTIONAL EFFECT), anticipation, holding back.

Here's the tip: Prolong penetration (by the penis) as much as possible. Maybe even weeks. This conveys several million subtle things to her (which I cannot get into here). Its going to absolutely blow her mind, and she wont even tell you. This is especially appropriate for guys who want to keep a woman coming back.

As for dealing with questions like: 'why won't you pentrate me?' Respond with a half smile whilst looking into her eyes or say "In time little girl" with a playful and sincere attitude.

Contact me at for comments/questions.

12:07 AM, September 28, 2006  

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posted by Donovan at 3:16 PM

The problem with most of the community is the idea of being "alpha". I had a friend in New York City that was too alpha. Here are some signs that you are acting too alpha (which is actually NOT alpha at all). I was talking to Style the other day (Neil Strauss) and we realized that one of the biggest downfalls of the community is the tendenacy for guys to have this problem of being TOO alpha.

1. Talking over people during a normal conversation
2. Never compromising in conversation (Your always right)
3. Making statements that really have no real reason to be in the conversation (Eg. overty DHVing which actually hurts your chances more)
4. Too MUCH cocky and funny (Too many statements of cocky and funny turn you into a loser that's supplicating)

All of these problems come from a single source: a lack of calibration. Not toning down the conversation, or revving up the conversation when it needs to be. Being cocky when you needed to be sincere.

Lets work on this guys.


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posted by Donovan at 3:16 PM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Automatic said...

Putting it in terms of working an external system and using routine-based jargon is not how I view this, personally.

Once you're comfortable with your own reality and at ease with asserting that reality, you'll be fine. As long as you feel honest and natural about whatever you do, your communication won't become some sort of compensation for insecurity.

We both could be saying the same thing in different ways, but if we're not, it doesn't matter.

Everyone is different.

4:55 PM, September 25, 2006  
Anonymous petemoraites said...


2:11 AM, September 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Alpha in a group is the one everybody is talking to, not the one doing all of the talking.

6:51 PM, October 02, 2006  

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