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Meeting Women Online, Getting Them To Call You


posted by Donovan at 4:36 PM



Let me start by telling you, you 'da man! I really got to hand it to you, your stuff has given me confidence I've never had before, and I'm just trying to absorb as much of it into my head as possible. I really want to thank you for being able to share this stuff with guys like me and not keeping it to yourself.

There's just one thing wrong with your material: its way TOO CHEAP!!! Seriously Dave, I think WE'RE ripping YOU off! Thanks to you, I started to apply the Cocky and Funny in chatting rooms and in the real world, and it is a hell of a lot better than the Mr. Nice guy act. However, I use emails and chat to practice my Cocky and Funny and it is improving. For example, I have one trick I use and it works on a girl whether she's younger, older, or the same age as me.

I asked one girl her age, and she turned out to be as old as me, 21. I then replied by telling her "ahh forget it, your too young for me" I assume that this girl wasnt used to a rejection like this and she was intent on knowing how old I was. I told her that I was also 21, and she reacted like most girls do at this part, by laughing and turning into a stuck up and asking me how she could possibly be too young for me. I then respond saying something like "I guess your right, its not your age, you just wouldn't be able to handle me," then she reacts like most girls do at this point, continuing to be even more stuck up and laugh sarcastically, while I tell her that Ill give her a chance because she wants it so much, and she has 2 minutes to convince me she can handle me. Now this is a great conversation starter, and while she argues the fact that she can handle me, I occasionally send her teasing comments like, "honey, your wasting my time" or "Why are u not entertaining me" or ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz". I kind of understood how being Cocky works, and if the girl really meant the insults she said to me at first, she still wouldn't be talking to me, right?

After doing this to one particular girl, who turned out to be hot as hell from a pic she sent me, she completely forgot about being stuck up and told me "ok, Im sorry, lets start over" this is when I realized I had her in my grasp and I continued being Cocky but turned it down a notch, was this the right thing to do? Around the end I asked her for her email and she replied by telling me she cancelled it yesterday, a terrible excuse. I persisted and said "yeah sure, just type it down,
it'll be ok." she stuck to her story and I gave up and gave her my email which she "supposedly" wrote down. Now I know I probably shouldn't of backed down on her email, but I thought the conversation was going so great she would actually want me to
have her email. Is there something I did wrong for her to refuse giving it to me, and what other ways could I make a girl give me her phone # and/or email? Also, you stress how you should never answer a girls question directly, to leave her unsure. This happens to be my weakness and I would appreciate a few tips on this too.

Thanks for everything Dave, your reply would really mean a lot. W.C.


Great story... and great job.

One thing you have to remember about chat rooms and online IM sessions is that they're great PRACTICE.

Now, I've met some UNBELIEVABLE women on the internet... so don't get me wrong here.

But don't worry too much about any particular girl... or any particular situation.

She could have had a boyfriend, or even a husband... and was just online because she was bored... or any of 100 other scenarios.

When something like this happens, just move on.

The point is that you're using the Internet for a GREAT "practice environment", and you're training your mind to be Cocky & Funny in the moment... which begins to translate into the REAL world as you do it.

To answer your question about how to get a girl to give you her email address and/or number, just do more of what you're already doing...

Keep throwing down the challenges...

Write back and say, "Yeah, you're probably not that adventurous".

She'll say, "Yes I am!"

Then say, "Well, if you were then you would have asked me for my number and called me already. But you're not. So you didn't...."

Keep this up until she asks for YOUR number.

Then, as soon as you hit the "send" button, IM her again quickly to say, "I don't hear my phone ringing! Hurry up!"

You'll love the results you get from this kind of thing.

But be careful. And get LOTS of CURRENT pictures. Take it from someone who knows... lol... don't just take her word for it.


Hey Dave man!!!!

I'm taking your advice and not being an ass kisser, so I won't say how much your book rules (even though it does). I'm seeing 2 girls and potentially 3, but I have some questions. First off, any advice when dealing with a really shy woman? It's tough to do some of the things like the kiss test when they're timid (but oh so cute). Second, the potential one I'm kind of interested in, but definitely not long-term, and I think she knows that, but I'd like to get to know her and have a little fun...any words of wisdom? Third, this may be covered in the book and I haven't
gotten to that chapter yet, but any style advice when it comes to clothing? I'm clueless there. Thanks in advance dude!


I'll answer them in reverse.

Yes, style advice is in the book. Turn to pages 33 and 34. Get the eBook here.

To contestant number 2, just keep on doing what you're doing. Women usually know what's going on, and she'll start making relationship noises if she really wants one. Until then, keep doing what's working.

And about the oh-so-cute shy girls: I know, I know... but you must remember that if you're the one that brings the shy girl out of her shell, she's probably going to want to marry you... and if she's not very experienced with guys, you might mess with her head too much. Do the right thing.


Hi David,

I was just wondering if you think it's a good idea to call a woman before a date to confirm or should I just show up at her doorstep and hope shes there? A while ago I had a date with a woman and I didn't call before I left to pick her up then when I got to her house she wasn't there. Do you call before the date to confirm?

Z. >From Florida.


You know, it's been so many years since I've gone out to a woman's house and picked her up for a first date, I can't even remember.

I recommend that you DO NOT do something expensive and typical like going and picking a woman up, taking her to dinner, etc. for a first date.

Instead, either:

1) Have her come to your place, and leave for a cup of tea from there.

2) Meet her at a coffee shop that's CLOSE to your place, and if she flakes out, you can still enjoy yourself and you're not far from home.

Another rule of thumb I have is to not make a date too far in advance.

I've found that often times, you can call a woman up and say, "Let's go get a cup of coffee RIGHT NOW".

It's rare that I would ever make plans more than a day in advance... this also helps prevent flaking.


Hi David,

You DVD program has made me get up from the sofa and do something about my love life. No real success yet but I can now see beyond my fears and actually approach women.

As you recommended I started using the Internet as A 'women simulator', it's great and I think I'm doing fine with the cocky and funny stuff. For example, I call my self "too witty for you" and in my description I write "don't please don't... well
OK - are you cute?" and it works :-) Sadly, I can't give example from the chats since they are in Hebrew but you know... it's even funnier in Hebrew.

My question is simple: you said to move quickly from the chat to the phone. Well, do you have a "3 minute phone technique" adopted for the chats? (the problem is that I can't say something like "I going back to my friends" like I do in a bar).


U.W. from Israel.



Maybe you can work with me soon on the "Ultimate Comprehensive Guide To Cocky & Funny Online Chat In Hebrew".

I answered this question above, but loved your email so I had to include it.

When you're online, you have to REALLY go the extra mile and EXXXXXAGGGGERATE everything.

You can't just say "You seem cool, let's talk sometime".

You have to say "You're a pain. I'll bet you can't keep this up live on a telephone. You're probably too much of a scaredy-cat to even TRY it..."

Work it. Try things. You'll find that these kinds of challenges work VERY well online.

And if you really want to learn how to write a great online profile, flirt with women online, and get women to give you their numbers more often... then you need to check THIS out:

Good luck,

Watch Live Pickup Videos

posted by Donovan at 4:36 PM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good show. Makes you feel their pain, and highly entertaining! The seduction gurus really are good at what they do. I searched for the company on the internet, and foud Wayn & Johnny do this (for a price) with guys every weekend. The site is and is worth checking out. Some good advice for free on there. If I had the money, I would sign up for a weekend course.

8:04 PM, September 02, 2006  
Blogger Sunny said...

Nice blog. I will definitely keep reading. Please take the time to visit my blog about how to seduce women at

11:51 AM, December 29, 2006  

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Joe's Hidden Pickup Video


posted by Donovan at 9:47 AM

Someone emailed me this link to YouTube. I thought it was interesting, check it out.

This is Joe from Pickup101, as any sane person can tell from the video.
Watch Live Pickup Videos

posted by Donovan at 9:47 AM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Anonymous said...

he was okay I like the frame, yes she enjoy the conversations, but he could have cold read alittle more and leave a great an impression, she wnt her own cloth line so, I would have said " I can tell i knew you have this sense of style " then play off her passion. but overall good normal vibing Goodwork

11:41 AM, August 17, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love it... classic non-chalant pickup. Notice how she remarks that no one has ever said that to her before (or something along those lines).. that's because most guys don't even have the balls to do that! Just by doing it, he was already more attractive than the average guy and didn't have to do much beyond vibing and rapport.

4:58 PM, August 17, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe guys pay $1800 for that crap. He asked lots of questions as if he were in AFC pickup mode.

Anyone with balls and a little confidence can compliment a girl, ask AFC questions, and collect phone numbers all day. However we all know most of those 5 minute #closes are useless wood.

8:12 AM, August 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Anyone with balls and a little confidence can compliment a girl, ask AFC questions, and collect phone numbers all day'

Can you use direct that way? Its true that questions were typical. How you would lead conversation??

8:26 AM, August 18, 2006  
Blogger Donovan said...

Good points. Fight Fight!

Although Anonymous Number 3, most guys don't have that much confidence. It's not about WHAT you say, it's how you LEAD the converstaion and HOW you do it. I agree though, too many questions and you've got yourself an AFC.

And yeah, those 5 minute closes are useless, typically.

8:41 AM, August 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question for Anonymous 3...

What is a direct pickup supposed to look like?

I took the Pu101 AoR class and they taught us to just vibe after you go direct. They said that attraction usually happens right away (if at all) when you go direct. It looked like he was talking fast, but he also was trying to talk about passions, which I wouldn't say most AFC's talk about. She changed the conversation to something more shallow like what kind of music he played. So his bad for not directing it back to something deeper; like what they're passionate about in life. But the fact that she gave her phone number meant he at least attracted her. Personally, I think he messed up because he didn't stay in the set long enough or get into deep enough rapport. Good example though.

1:07 PM, August 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Direct compliment opener in a coffee shop, talking about her "passions", and closing with "I'd like to continue this conversation some other time". These are basic elements taught in... [drum roll, please] Speed Seduction.

It's 2006 and these $1800 "gurus" are rehashing Ross Jeffries's teachings from 10 years ago and doing a poor job at it too. Too bad RJ lost lots of credibility by being a delusional megalomaniac.

The "guru" in the vid kept asking questions because he couldn't ad lib off what she was giving him. He couldn't even tell an interesting story about himself other than "I play in a band" period.

You need to get a refund from PU101 if "vibing" means asking a girl 10 questions in a row. Do a search for concepts like elicitation of value and putting in state.

Direct pickup means opening directly, followed by no more than a few questions, a joke or 2 to get her laughing, weaving interesting, emotional stories that riff off her responses and put her into state, and then instant-dating.

That is what SS teaches, what naturals do, and what every real PUA does.

None of the artful storytelling, flirting, and putting the girl in state were present in this video. All I saw was some guy fumbling around with AFC questions, trying to do SS, and getting a #. Anyone with a shred of experience knows that is not what gets you laid.

For $1800, you should be taught by someone who can play solid game. Although it is called Art of Rapport, not Art of Actually Getting Laid.

Anon 3

2:36 PM, August 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thought it was a good demo that most guys could not do period. i think the girl gave him a lot of leeway as well. And when he calls, i also see the girl not getting very excited about him and maybe deciding to let the call go to VM.

i don't know if PU should be nonchalant. You're sweeping a girl off her feet. She is in state. The end result is her chasing you.

Maybe this guy's nightgame is better? His video at the end showing him with a lot of night photos. How many of those were daytime pickups?

5:45 PM, August 18, 2006  
Blogger peruviancruiser said...

Not bad....but we don't know how good looking the girl is (she could have a moustache). Plus, the way to make your game better is to pick up on not so hot girls because they are less intimidating. When she said, "Nobody's ever done that before," I would have said something like "Well, I am not just anybody." I did like the opening line and the confidence though.

9:14 PM, August 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think instead of explaining all the mistakes this guy did, you should make your own to show us how it's done. It's easier to talk about how someone else messed up, than actually do it and then compare. So I am challenging you anonymous bloggers, to post up your own video and demonstrate how it's done.

5:51 PM, August 28, 2006  
Blogger Cody said...

This is a really boring conversation actually. I'm surprised you guys are
that impressed by it.
Here's the mistakes at minute intervals. Hope that helps.

1. 2:03 --> He asks for her permission to sit down. Typically, you say stuff
like, "This has been a really interesting day, get this....." and then sit
2. 2:49 --> He's justifying his actions again by saying..."you know I had to
come over and say Hi." He said that before. A 10 would've shot him down long
before this.
3. 2:57 --> When you go back to a thread that was cut off or closed. It's
called Trying for Rapport. See how bad the pause seems when he says, "
4. 3:14 --> instead of pushing in with more questions, he should've said, "o
mi god! That is so awesome. I can totally use you to design nice clothes for
me. I am very fashion savvy, with all modesty....but I need something that's
got a more personal touch..."
5. 3:18 --> (notice how he keeps on repeating "THAT's AWESOME" again and
again. Sign of nervousness. Lack of stuff to say).
6. 3:46 --> (she has a shitty laughter. Kinda reminds me of Janice from the
TV show FRIENDS. I am guessing she's a 6.5 to 7)
7. 3:56 --> (the guy has a serious issue that 90% of Americans have. He
keeps on using the word LIKE again and again).
8. 4:31 --> (she says "She's never got a chance to see it" and he cuts it
off by asking "Have you been to parkside?") He should've just asked her
"Why? Are you someone very important?" etc. and tease her.
9. 4:51--> (at this point the usage of the word LIKE is really ticking me
off) :)
10. 4:55 -->The other set of words I hate him use is "Good times" It's
instilling the belief that when he says that, he's contemplating a close.

Horrible in my opinion.

1:56 AM, September 08, 2006  
Blogger rodrigot said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:47 PM, November 29, 2006  
Blogger rodrigot said...

any chance we'll ever see this video again?
it got removed from youtube.
can someone pls upload it again or upload it elsewhere?
thanks in advance.

7:48 PM, November 29, 2006  

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Meeting Women Online (Video)


posted by Donovan at 3:57 PM

I'm also trying to get permission to post more video's from this DVD set online. Some copyright issues that I've gotta work on with David, but hopefully some sort clips of some cool stuff coming soon!

I managed to get the video trailer from David Deangelo's Meeting Women Online to keep you held over.

I've gotten a chance to listen to this DVD, and I gotta be honest here, this really is an indepth program. It makes living online so much funner when you get emails over Myspace in the morning with phone numbers in them. True stories.


Watch Live Pickup Videos

posted by Donovan at 3:57 PM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Anonymous said...

there's no vid here

11:00 AM, August 15, 2006  
Blogger Donovan said...

youtube is down right now, check back this afternoon

11:02 AM, August 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reuters article on the Juggler

New York "charm school" helps men perfect the pick-up
Mon Aug 14, 2006 1:37 PM BST

By Matthew Verrinder

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Ben had a rough Friday night picking up women on the Hotel Gansevoort's balcony after being coldly rejected by two attractive blondes.

The 23-year-old documentary filmmaker, who asked his last name not be used for fear of ridicule, suffers from an acute case of "premature ejectulation" -- ejecting himself early from promising conversations with women for fear of rejection.

Such was the diagnosis from the coaches of "Charm School Boot Camp," a three-day crash course on seducing women that Ben and five other men paid $1,600 apiece for in early August.

10:28 AM, August 16, 2006  
Blogger Donovan said...

Yeah cool huh. I saw this yesterday.

10:29 AM, August 16, 2006  

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Wayne Elise and Johnny Savior (Audio)


posted by Donovan at 1:33 PM

Channel 4 Radio in London has released some audio of Wayne Elise and Johnny Savior sarging women live. This goes along with the Seduction School TV Show that is currently airing in England on Channel 4. I'll be posting up a video link soon!

Download Mp3 (Right click save as)

Wayne Elise Seduction School



Watch Live Pickup Videos

posted by Donovan at 1:33 PM Dating Advice for Men


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Stylelife Teleconference Call (Download)

posted by Donovan at 11:05 AM

Neil has posted an mp3 of the teleconference call going out to all the Stylelife Challenge "losers".

Check it out:

Download Here (Right Click, Save As...)
Watch Live Pickup Videos

posted by Donovan at 11:05 AM Dating Advice for Men


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