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The Annihiliation Method, Part III


posted by Donovan at 3:17 PM

Day 3 of Neil's amazing Annihilation method Workshop got started a little late, due to the fact that everyone (but me) was up until 4:30 am partying with some of the girls from the club and Neil's home.

When I arrived, the cleaning lady was there busily trying to get everything cleaned and smelling nice before the seminar. Apparently the girls had really trashed the place the night before.

When the Final Five arrived, they had a glow about them. They were all tired, for sure, but it seemed like a "happy tired," (you know, like the kind of tired you feel after a great night).

The first thing Neil covered was the breakdowns from the club the night before. Everyone recapped their experiences and Neil gave his critiques.

Zone got $100 for being the "most improved" of the bunch. But the real VIP was Indiana, who boasted his first club make-out from a cold approach. The change in Indiana was something to behold. He walked with greater confidence and even sat down like he was a champion.

Neil pointed out how each of the guys had experienced some major success over the last two days, and that success was breeding real confidence (and it was showing!).

By the time the breakdown was through, Neil's special surprise was ready to be unveiled. He had invited two very special guest speakers to work with the Final Five...

Steve Piccus and Hypnotica!

Now for those of you who read The Game, you may recognize them as Steve P. and Rasputin. Steve Piccus was famous for hypnotizing women and having them PAY him for the priveledge of giving him blowjobs. Hypnotica (aka Rasputin) is Steve P.'s partner in crime, and also runs a major strip club in the San Diego area.

This was a real treat because these guys don't usually work with anyone because their knowledge is so powerful, and they take clients by referral only. They are the inner game specialists who have worked with all the gurus. So to have them show up to help Neil out was great.

Just some more quick background... Steve Piccus is widely regarded as the "godfather" of the seduction community. It's the concepts he pioneered that laid the groundwork for a great deal of material out there, including Speed Seduction and Double Your Dating (both Steve P. and Hypnotica are regular speakers at David DeAngelo seminars).

The famous Rick H learned everything he knows about bedding bisexual women from Steve Piccus.

But the most amazing thing this dynamic duo is known for is personal change work. And that's what they were there to talk about the final day.

The topics Steve P. and Hypnotica covered ranged from personal change to sexual mastery. One of the coolest exercises they did was teach the guys how to have amazing self-confidence.

Hypnotica picked on Rourke a bit about this, and demonstrated the technique on him. It was a small anchoring exercise where Hypnotica had Rourke imagine a line running from behind him to in front of him. On the line behind him, was pain. On the line in
front of him was supreme confidence.

Hypnotica had Rourke take a step back and asked him how it felt. Then another step back. And another. Rourke was not feeling very good by this point. Then Hypnotica had him step forward. And as he stepped forward, he started feeling better.

Eventually, he got all the way to the front of the line to feel that supreme confidence he always wanted. The exercise really seemed to change him.

Hypnotica also went on to talk about how to find your center, and how it's important to have a strong center in your mind, body, and soul. The center is the part of you that controls your energy, and if you don't have it, your energy is all over the place.

Hypnotica has a really cool philosophy about how men need to embrace the feminine energy within them, just as women need to embrace their male energy. It's about yin and yang, balance.

There is no happiness without balance in your life.

Steve Piccus also talked about some really cool things, which I'm not going to go into in this report because they simply have to be seen to be believed, and if you just simply read about them you'd think I'm making them up. But needless to say, there was some hard-core change work going on.

By this time, Neil's second surprise showed up, namely Mystery. Neil told the guys about how Mystery was his teacher and really helped him to achieve mastery in many areas of his life.

Then Mystery took the stage and started his lecture. When this happened, Mystery started from the beginning.

And when I say the beginning, I mean THE BEGINNING.

As in "man climbed out of the primordial ooze looking for sex."

(Well, maybe Mystery didn't say that in so many words, but it was close =)

Mystery talked about how on an evolutionary scale, humans are meant to do two things, and they are: Survive and Replicate.

Men are driven to replicate because they have the survival part down. They're strong enough to live, and therefore seek out women to propagate their genes.

Women, however, are driven to survive, because they're the weaker of the species. So they look for men who can protect them to replicate with.

Much of this harkened back to Neil's theory on how women are attracted to men who are part of "Tribes" and have a certain kind of status.

Mystery covered a lot of great stuff during his presentation that I won't get into in this report, but I will cover two things that struck me as cool...

The first was Mystery's definition of mastery in the venutian arts. Basically, the martial arts is the art of war (based off the Greek God Mars), while the venutian arts is the art of love (based off the Greek God Venus).

There are only two levels anyone will ever be at in this artform. The first is AFC (average frustrated chump), and the second is Master Seducer. To Mystery there is no in-between. That means no "recovering" AFC or simple "pick up artist." Just beginner and master.

His metaphor was to look at beginner and master as islands, with nothing but water in-between them. On the islands, you're safe.

It's when you're in the water you can drown.

For instance, Mystery knows just enough about self defense to step up in a fight, but get himself seriously hurt. That was his example of being between "beginner" and "master." The same is true for pick-up. If you're more than a beginner but less than a master, you're going to have to brave the perils of the water you're in.

So what does it mean to be a master seducer? Mystery laid out the "Five for Five" rule that separates a true master seducer from everyone else. It's this:

For every five women you approach, you get five girlfriends out of
the interaction.

This means that out of five approaches, you are able to create attraction, comfort, and connection to a woman, and escalate the physical attraction to the point where it becomes a romantic relationship with every single one of your targets.

If you can do that, then you've achieved mastery.

This gave the Final Five a goal to reach for. If they ever get to the point where they can open 5 sets and get five girlfriends out of it, then they've gone as far as they need to.

The second coolest thing that Mystery talked about were his tactics for Last Minute Resistance (LMR). This is where you run into trouble with a woman in the final phases of a seduction.

Mystery related all pick-ups as a nine-level video game with no save feature. So if you can open a girl, you're playing level one. But if you lose her in creating attraction, it's game over, and you have to start over again with the next girl at level one.

So you can get all the way up to level 9, but mess up and have to start all over again.

His LMR tactics were designed to keep that from happening.

Now, I know you all probably want to hear these LMR tactics (and if you don't, trust me, you DO!). But I won't get into them here. This would be like giving away Rolexes to blind people. They just wouldn't know what to do with them. If you really want to know more, check out Mystery's website and take one of his seminars.

Mystery finished up his session by having Style join him on stage. It was really fun to get to see Mystery and Style riff together.

Their friendship really came out and you got to see how much respect they have for each other and the fun they have together.

After Mystery was done, Steve Piccus and Hypnotica took the stage again. This is where things got really awesome.

First, Steve Piccus demonstrated an exercise that got rid of your "negative voice." Basically, everyone has a "negative voice" in their head that criticizes them for doing something wrong. With this exercise, he showed us how to change that voice so that it was no longer negative, and with that, we took away our ability to
re-enforce bad beliefs. This was really cool stuff.

Then it got even cooler when Steve and Hypnotica started talking about their "Menage" tactics, which is basically how you can consistently get threesomes. Steve Piccus introduced his concept of the "Hermetic Circle" which allows you to have a harem of women at your beck-and-call for sex.

As Steve was explaining this, the Final Five were furiously scribbling down notes as their eyes lit up with amazement.

I have to admit, I'm a bit jaded on seduction stuff because I get so exposed to it all the time, but even I was amazed at the level of techniques Steve was sharing.

Then Neil joined them on stage and told the guys how to perform a "Dual Induction Massage," which is a 100% proven and field tested technique for getting a threesome whenever you want. They told the guys how to set it up and how to carry it out. And I guarantee you, some of these guys are going to be getting threesomes very
soon, based on the way they were soaking up this knowledge.

At that high point, Steve P. and Hypnotica left, and Neil wrapped up the seminar with a graduation ceremony.

One by one, each of the Final Five came up and were presented with a special dog-tag necklace that commemorates their journey from AFC to master (or chump to champ) that they can wear out and help them to remain focused on their goals.

After the seminar wrapped up, Neil treated everyone to a five star celebratory dinner at Koi, LA's hippest Japanese restaurant.

There, everyone was laughing, joking, and reflecting about their experiences over the past three days.

All the Final Five talked about how their lives will be forever changed by this weekend, and I had to agree with them. Even I felt like I learned so much out of this experience.

Neil had so much great stuff to share and teach. It's a shame that he will be retiring and never doing this again. I guess we'll just have to rely on these final five to carry on with his work and become the Masters they're destined to be, so they can eventually teach what they learned.

As Leonardo Da Vinci himself said, it's a poor student who doesn't surpass his teacher. And I expect that great things will come from these Final Five.

Until then, I'm sworn to secrecy about what I learned, as are the Final Five.

Good luck,

Joseph Matthews

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posted by Donovan at 3:17 PM Dating Advice for Men


Blogger timely2base said...

Just a question...why do you guys continue with this ridiculous sales pitch of, "Style really doesn't want to do so and so but maybe we can convince him to release his ultra-secret lessons yada yada." Does anyone buy that this seminar and all the other crap he's doing haven't been produced with the intention to sell? (I guess the answer to that is probably yes, or else why would you be wasting your time).

Just sell it...he's respected enough that people will buy it without this ridiculous campaign that just makes him look cheap, sleazy, and manipulative, all the the finer qualities he attributed to Tyler in his book.

8:36 AM, January 06, 2006  
Blogger Donovan said...

maybe he's borderline, hasn't decided either way yet?

2:04 PM, January 06, 2006  
Blogger 2TUFF2DIE said...

Give Style a break, man, Dude's on a roll, so let's support him and (genuinely) be happy for him, instead of nit-picking his every little nuance or move!!! WAY 2 GO, STYLE, Read the book (6 times, for luck) and your honesty with yourself (& readers) reflects mongo rocks, bro!!! Great read, thanks for writing it!! BTW, ya know, all PUA's oughtta look into setting up FREE myspace site as SEDUCTION CYBER-TOOL... Good Example is:
I think you'll see the value !!!

10:34 AM, February 10, 2006  

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