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Why You're Missing Out If You Aren't Meeting Women Online!


posted by Donovan at 8:42 PM

I was looking at ways to meet more women, and Internet dating was one of the best ways to do it, quickly, easily and afforably.

David DeAngelo the "dating guru" gives these five reasons and he paints the picture perfectly on why Internet dating is the way to go, or atleast a supplement to your normal dating life (worth considering):

Reason #1: The Web Is A REJECTION FREE Place To Hone Your Skills

If you're looking to hone your skills for meeting and interacting with women in "real life"... the web is the ULTIMATE training ground.

It's literally a "dating simulator" - you can practice your skills with DOZENS of real live women every day, and find out exactly what works and what doesn't - WITHOUT experiencing the painful rejection you'd have to face otherwise.

I can't even begin to tell you how much the web has helped me personally to improve my skills with women... I used to get really shy and nervous when it came time to approach a woman on the street... but interacting with DOZENS and DOZENS of women online built my confidence to the point where it just wasn't an issue... It also didn't hurt that the internet also filled my calendar with dates, which was quite a serious confidence booster in itself. The web was also where I REALLY perfected my Cocky and Funny skills...

With unlimited opportunities to try out new things, it was easy for me to figure out the types of things that make women laugh... and how to building attraction FAST. I'm sure you'll discover the same.

One of the really cool things about interacting with women online is that you can TAKE YOUR TIME when responding to them.

You can carefully plan out what you want to say until you have it exactly right... and you won't have to worry about tripping over yourself because you are nervous or flustered... Because of this simple fact alone I've seen many guys who are too shy to approach women in real life EXCEL on the web... because they don't let themselves get in the way of their success.

The same may hold true for you...

Reason #2: The Web Is The ONLY Place Where Women Approach YOU Constantly

How many times in your life has an attractive woman approached YOU because she was interested in getting to know you? If you're like most guys, you can probably count on one hand. And that's if you're lucky...

But on the web, it's an entirely different story... You'll probably (realistically) received 2 or 3 unsolicited emails PER DAY from women who want to find out more about you.

Some will be from women who aren't your type - and that's ok - because chances are you'll also receive notes from about 2 or 3 women each week that are what you are looking for... and sometimes BETTER.

That rounds out to about 10 a month... and even if you only end up meeting 3 of them in person (a no-brainer considering the skills you'll have, and that they approached YOU first) that's almost one new hot date EACH WEEK... with next to no effort on your part!

Try going to a bar, nightclub or anywhere else and getting the same results. Unless you're tending the bar, it just isn't happening.

Combine that with all of the women you'll meet that you emailed first, and you can see just how wild and exciting this can get...

Reason #3: The Competition Is Weak!

Here's another thing that is VERY interesting - and very good news for us - about the whole online dating world... The competition is PATHETIC.

Guys who normally WOULD be competition for you in "the real world" often consider themselves "too cool" to meet a woman on the web... so they never even try. And those who do try will usually jump on, send out a few emails... and quickly write the whole thing off when they don't get any responses back. They never take the time to figure out what works... because it's easier for them to go back to what they know. Hey, I don't blame them...

So what's left?

A bunch of ASSCLOWNS that can't meet women in real life OR online... and only make YOU look better with their unoriginal - and sometimes even offensive - letters and profiles.

And what does this mean for you?

This means that you have a great shot at those ultra-desirable women that other guys might be able to "out-game" you for in real life. Now YOU will be the one that stands head and shoulders above the rest with an awesome profile and clever communication skills.

Reason #4: The Supply Is UNLIMITED... And You Have The Resources To Take Advantage Of It

As I write this right now there are TENS OF MILLIONS of women on online dating sites... and guess what?

They are ALL single and looking!

Now in real life this would be useless - even if you were tossed into a stadium full of models, you could realistically only talk to 20 or 30 of them in a night...

But on the web, things are different.

You can easily talk to DOZENS of these women at a time.

Once you get your "system" down, you can "scale up" and join other dating sites... and multiply your opportunities each time you do.

You're not limited to those you see out on the town or those you meet through your circle of friends... you can meet women from all over your state, country, or even the world. You'll never again worry about being lonely while traveling... simply search for ladies in the city you want to meet and line up some dates while you are there. And if you're as good as some of my friends that you'll hear from... a ride to your hotel from the airport!

My friends aren't kidding when they say they have to take their profiles DOWN every once in awhile to "stop the flow".

If you want to meet a lot of women FAST... or date several women at once... this is the way to do it.

If you do date fairly regularly, but have a "dry spell" every once in awhile... the women you meet online will "fill in the blanks"... you won't have to worry about being dateless ever again.

As I mentioned before... if you're new to the whole dating scene, this is the best place to start. You'll hone your skills WHILE you are getting dates... instead of while you are just trying.

Isn't that the way it SHOULD be?

Reason #5: You Can Meet High Quality Women You Simply CANNOT Meet Anywhere Else

It's simple fact: I know more men who have met "keepers" on the web than any other one single place... myself included. If you've spent any time at all going out and meeting women, then you know that a woman of quality is a rare thing indeed. Many of the intelligent, attractive women who have it together are over the bar scene... and your chances of meeting a woman like that through your circle of friends is slim.

Sure... you might bump into someone you like at a coffee shop or grocery store... but why leave it up to chance? If you are serious about finding a high quality woman to have a great relationship with, the web is the best place to start.

In general, the women you meet online AREN'T superficial, don't play "head games"...and most importantly... are LOOKING to meet a quality man like you. And if you think you can't meet a woman who is attractive online, you had best think again...

I've met models, actresses, and dancers online... and of course, many beautiful "regular" women as well. So have my friends (I've seen them). And so will you.

So let's do the math:

An unlimited supply... of high quality women... with ZERO competition... that approach YOU?


It's easy to see why online dating is the best thing going... for a select few of us that is.

David Deangelo has just released a Meeting Women Online Program. It's gold, and it has special guests like the David's, Neil Strauss aka Style, and alot more guest speakers spilling their secret techniques for generating a massive flood of women.

Catch the wave, and get with the times bro!


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posted by Donovan at 8:42 PM Dating Advice for Men

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