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Always Try And Be 'Best' Yourself


posted by Donovan at 5:30 PM

I heard something from one of Thundercats mailing list that you might like.

He was talking about Neil Strauss's recent training session of the 'Final Five' (a group that Neil personally selected from over 500 applicants).


This is what was in the email:

"He talked about how he spent two years hanging out with pick-up
artists, and say some improve rapidly, and others flounder and go
nowhere. He talked about the biggest mistakes guys make when
trying to learn seduction. He pointed out that the two biggest
mistakes are:

Just be yourself


Be confident.

He explained that you shouldn't just "be yourself," you should be
your best self. He elaborated that who we are is often a poor
representation of who we really are or who we want to be.

He also said that just "being confident" is impossible without
success. Success breeds confidence, and he wants to teach how to
have success so his students can gain REAL confidence."

It's interesting how we all try and find the easiest ways to do things in life usually.

Well its the same in the seduction community. We use cookie cut openers, etc to try and get further with women.

I like what Neil said that you shouldn't just be yourself, but you should be your best self.

The book that has revolutionized my thinking about this part of my life, and also MOST areas of my life has been Double Your Dating. David does a great job of talking about this, he even provide a list and mentions through his reference book, and even provides methods he himself has personally used. You can get a free trial of the e-book at David's site here.

Apart from that, I noticed today when I was in my marketing class, chatting to this super hot brunette snowboarder chick. You gotta be yourself, and be the best you can be. It sounds like the army right? Well there not far off.

Keep it real.

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posted by Donovan at 5:30 PM Dating Advice for Men


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