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How To Get Loads Of Digits!


posted by Donovan at 11:07 AM

I hope you had a great night on dates, or out meeting new women over the weekend.

This will be a short one, but I have a technique that will get you more numbers than you can handle. Interested?

I used an technique that I wanted to pass on to you all. I know that I try to get every technique that can make my game jump to the next level. So here it is.

I call this the "Cell phone grab" which I have heard from somewhere else, but I'm not to sure where.

It goes like this...

Man: "Give me your cell phone" (Putting out your hand)
Woman: (Gives you the cell phone)
Man: (Type in your phone number, and click SEND)
Man: *Phone Rings* (Hang your phone up) Thanks, I'll give you a call sometime.
Woman: Ok, cool.
Man: I got some stuff I gotta get done. Talk to you later.

The key to this technique is confidence.

Confidence that she will agree with everything you're doing. If you have the slightest doubt, they will freak out. I did this EXACT technique last night actually.

I visited some social hot spots last night, and nothing was really going down. Yes, one of those nights.

I came back to my mates condo, and his two roommates were cuddling with two hotties on two different lovesacs, with a movie playing. The light's were off.

We came in and said a brief "Hi", and then sat down on the couch.


I looked over at this Californian girl sitting to the right of me. I said, "Can I see your cell phone?" and she said, "Sure."

I called my phone (to get her number), then I text messaged her from my phone, "Nice to meet you, let's hang out sometime. - Donovan"

I said, "Look you got a message!" (Showing the phone to her, illuminating the WHOLE room)

She said, "Huh?" (It didn't click at all!!)

I was thinking, you retard Donovan, you screwed that up.

So I cut my losses and said Goodbye to everyone and walked over to some girls in a few condo's over.

To my surprise, as I was talking to some other girls I get a text message saying: "Hey sorry I didn't get that. I swear I'm not always that slow! Have a good night!"

"Ohhh yeah! I'm the man" I thought to myself.

I think the underlying principle with this is confidence. Confidence to live in your own reality and not care what a woman thinks of you. That's the golden rule for attracting beautiful women.
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posted by Donovan at 11:07 AM Dating Advice for Men

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