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Thankyou Attraction Chronicles Readers!


posted by Donovan at 5:44 PM

To everyone that visits this blog: you guys are legends. You're always so willing to express your feelings on a matter that isn't always easy to share with other men about. I applaud you for searching this information out, and trying to improve your lives with it.

I get alot of emails from guys looking for advice on what material I've found most successful. I'd have to say, Art of Approaching and Double Your Dating. I mean when push comes to shove: the best of the net.

I don't want to rave to much, but they really helped my life. I'm so much happier, confident, and they really helped me get my life going in the direction I wanted.

So check them out when you have time. And thankyou for you're visits and emails.

Keep posting comments, and I'll keep stuff rolling.

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posted by Donovan at 5:44 PM Dating Advice for Men


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