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A few simple and easy ways to master masculine body language


posted by Donovan at 5:02 PM

PerFECT your body language and improve your attractiveness

When it comes to women I've heard they over 10 times better at reading body language than men. That's really know suprise, but do you understand what that means?

Have you ever had an amazing first date, and the woman never returned your calls after that?

The problem could be close to you...

It's 90% body language!

Researcher's have indicated that over 90% of communication is body language. That mean's it's not what you say, its how you say it. I'll say that again:

It is not what you say, it is how you say it!!

Woman are very intuitive. They will pick up on things you would have taken over a year to pick up on, and they do that with one date, or even within MINUTES. So you're probably expressing in words that you're everything she'll ever want, but your body language is saying the complete opposite!!

Here are some balant body language signs that are not helpful when portraying high value to a woman:

Body Language Mistakes:
  • Leaning in to talk
  • Blinking fast
  • Arms resting in between legs when sitting down
  • Slouching posture when walking
  • Fast movements
  • Talking to fast
  • Not level posture, (leaning on one leg)
  • And so many others...
Body Language Solutions:
  • Lean back when talking, sitting down, etc
  • Blink slower
  • Rest arms on the side of the chair, or put one arm behind
  • Straight posture, but relaxed and confident (Like John Travolta from Pulp Fiction)
  • Slow down ALL movements
  • Talk slower, and use breaks mid sentence for an added effect
  • Lean evenly on both legs, straight up
It's easy to see why so many guys have problems with women. They try so hard to be successful and are total gentlemen, but their body language gives them in. Women see right through them, because of their incorrect or wussy body language. It sends the signal straight to a woman that they are NOT confident, and NOT sure of themselves.

If 90% of communication is body language, then you need to make it work for you. Leverage it! It will pay off...

From personal experience, I went for a walk with a beautiful 19-year-old brunette from Arizona. I wasn't that interested in her, our personalities didn't match well, so I spoke MUCH less that evening when we were walking at night. I didn't use much cocky and funny, and we were sooo laid back, but I spoke slower, my body language was correct, and I seemed very indifferent to talking to her. My body showed this.

A few weeks later, a friend told me that she had the biggest crush on me ever since we went on that walk. She said that I was the best conversation that she had had over the course of the entire summer. I didn't even TRY! Weird huh?


I don't think so.

Body language is one of the most important things you can master. So get with it! Correct those obvious signals you can, and research the rest. Approaching women for the first time is hard, so you need all the help you can get. An e-book that works wonders and sheds light on the topic of body language and approaching women for the first time is...

Art of Approaching by Thundercat

You're probably wondering if a girl likes you? She's probably sending you signals right now. Read my post that has a sample chapter from "Art of Approaching" about reading those femine signals.

Once you master those skills, you wont have any problems getting women's phone numbers, getting them to return you calls. It does take mastery, but you must take the first steps in order to get this part of your life handled. And don't put it off, you'll only regret it. And plus, you're not that type of person. By reading this post, you want to get it fixed... so do it now! Try doing some simple body language exercises now, move you shoulders, make them broad. Start moving slower, and speak alittle slower today. You'll start noticing a big difference.

Keep it up,

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posted by Donovan at 5:02 PM Dating Advice for Men


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