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How you can start BEING successful with women


posted by Donovan at 3:36 PM

start being more successful with women
I was emailed this question, from a man in Texas. "How did you start to become more successful with women, and how can I get started?"
My simple answer.... an e-book started my journey.
Do e-books help you attract women, do they really provide that much help to you? Do they help you succeed?
My answer, is YES and NO... (sorry)
I was in a similar predictament as this man from Texas. About a year ago, I was searching through Google, newsgroups, and forums for some relief to the pain I had when it came to attracting women. I always wondered why some men had beautiful women hanging off them and others that were more handsome didn't.
This really perplexed me, as I'm the type of person that wants to understand, so I can have the advantage. :) And thus, my journey started...
So much information, where do I begin?!
The problem in searching Google for some indexed, complied ready-to-go information for seducing women in one place, is the shear volume that's out there. This is the amount of unorganized information on this topic:
"How to seduce women" 2,480,000 results
"Approaching women" 10,600,000 results
"Dating women help" 18,400,000 results
"How to be more attractive" 78,700,000 results
"Understanding women" 88,800,000 results
That is a whole lot of information to process, and you really don't know whether the stuff will work. So I started searching for some quasi-professional help. I started looking into some popular e-books.
I read an e-book called "Without Embrassment". I was impressed, but something seemed to me to be missing that clicked with me.
My search continued...
I eventually found a site called Double Your Dating. The author was called David DeAngelo. I thought the named sounded very cheesy, and I had the stereotype of a grease ball Italian guy trying to sell me his pickup lines. I clicked on the link I found. I subscribed to the weekly newsletter, and found his techniques very disrespectful of what I had always thought was proper towards women, but something inside me "clicked." It intrigued me. I read the e-book and was not totally convinced.
I tried the techniques, like the "Kiss Test" which I received on the first page of the website, totally free. Not only did it work, but the woman was so suprised. She then tried to take the kissing further, it had been the first a woman had ever done that to me. Anyways, that was one year ago. I know so much more about attracting and reading body language signals from women than I ever did before.
I have alot more self-confidence and self-esteem than I used to. I have a current girlfriend that is amazing in everyway. E-books honestly helped me to become this person. I say helped because it is you, you have to do the work. They work.
My picks...
Throughout all my searching on the net, I found a few good ones, that I strongly recommend to my readers when they contact me.
My first pick is Double Your Dating: What Every Man Should Know About How To Be Successful With Women. I pick this e-book because to me it encompasses the perfect groundwork you need to start turning your dating life around. When people ask me, "What got you started?" or "What can I do to quickly turn my life around?" I recommend this e-book. Why? Because it worked for me.
It doesn't provide cheesy pickup lines, and it gives you visual techniques to help your self-esteem. It provides bucket loads of techniques for attracting women, mistakes that you make, how to correct them, and how to move yourself into the frame of mind so that you wont have any confidence problems around women.
My second pick is The Art of Approaching. I only heard about this e-book about 5 months ago. I past along side it, and didn't consider it to be of worth. That was a mistake. This is crammed to the rim with everything that any healthy male would need to know about approaching that beautiful woman across the bar or coffee shop without fear of rejection. It's truly a masterpiece. Thundercat aka Joseph Matthews did a brilliant job on this book. It contains such ideas as approaching groups, using opinion openers, and everything else that just makes it sooo easy to get numbers, and get dates. I'm currently re-reading this, as this is a part of my dating life I want some further specialized information in.
My third and last pick is The Mystery Method Handbook. This system is unbelievable. It has transformed my life. I'm learning the in and outs of the MM model, and applying natural game to it.
This is an update, I have found a full solution to my issues and future in the game with Stephen Nash. I have done lots of soul searching and feel that this is the most complete solution for men out there. I met Stephen and have had personal one-on-one coaching with him. A genius - truly.

This was my journey. There is so much to learn, and I'm glad I have this blog. So I can help those guys looking to change their lives for the better, alittle easier.
Till next time,

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posted by Donovan at 3:36 PM Dating Advice for Men


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your blog is great keep it up

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