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NEWSFLASH! Seduction mastery websites explode men's success with women!


posted by Donovan at 7:24 PM

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- Across the nation and even the world, men in search of a way to attract beautiful women are discovering the secrets of seduction from master teachers, which lately have been popping up like wildflowers across the Internet. Some men are adopting the secrets, however many are still in the dark. Men who have used the materials have noticed a dramatic increase in their successes with the opposite sex. There are many impersonations, but there are a select few respectable teachers with your interests in mind.
Attract any woman with these great guides, neil strauss
David Deangelo, founder of Double Your Dating, has been established for a few years, and provides among other things, DVD's, e-Books and audio CD's. His keystone product, "Double Your Dating: What Every Man Should Know About Women", has sold thousands of copies and continues to be the dominate force in the industry. Inside are over a hundred pages of in-depth "alpha-male" attributes and social programming methods to increase your overall self-esteem and success. (Double Your Dating Website)

Mystery, aka Eric, founder of The Mystery Method, is acclaimed as the "World's Most Famous Pick Up Artist", he has systematically created the means by which men can bypass the guards and social programming to attract any woman, any where, any time. He runs live ultra-exclusive workshops, but has just recently released DVD's, and a comprehensive e-Book. Mystery got alot of exposure after he was attributed to be the master teacher of "Style" aka Neil Strauss in his hit book "The Game". (The Mystery Method Website)

Thundercat, aka Joseph Matthews, is the author of a relatively brand new e-Book, in it's 2nd edition, called "Art of Approaching". He goes over, the initial approach and first interaction, in a detailed step-by-step, easy to learn guide. This is the most definitive resource for any man to attract women from the first approach. The e-Book contains over two hundred pages of jam-packed information all about approaching without fear of rejection. (Art of Approaching Website)

"With these guides, it makes it simple for a average looking chump like me, to be around and attract the most beautiful of all women," said Donovan a 23 year-old student from Newport Beach, Calif.

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posted by Donovan at 7:24 PM Dating Advice for Men


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