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Do you let your stream run dry?


posted by Donovan at 4:01 PM

Have you noticed a dry river bank that has no water? The problem is the source did keep it flowing.

Never let your source run dry

I have noticed if I'm seeing one woman I like, I'll tend to stop approaching women as much as I normally would.
What usually happens is you get a TONNE of phone numbers, and contact information from a weekend, or a few weeks worth. Then eventually you find a woman that you like. So you slow things down because you spend more time with her, this is before you're exclusively dating her. You think she's the "one", and so you don't approach as many women as you did before. Then before you know it, you've grown tired of her, or she of you, and before its a proper relationship, you break it off.This is damaging for a good reason. Now your stream of available women has dried up. You no longer have a running supply of women to call for a date. So you get alittle down on yourself, and have to get your confidence back up to the way it was before you started dating her.

There are a few problems with this...
  • You'll lose your skill
  • You'll become more attached to the one woman (Can be a good thing)
  • When/if you break up or stop seeing the woman, you'll have far less options
I believe that's natural to become more attached to a woman the more you see her and the more you both "click". But I also believe that you don't know to a certain degree what the future holds. It's better to keep the source flowing... so if/when you stop seeing that special woman, you have options.

So never stop approaching, getting numbers, etc. This will help you to keep your hard earned skills perfected, and allow you to have many more options if/when you break it off with the special woman.
Some great sources for you to learn more about approaching are found in Thundercat's, "Art of Approaching", also for the dating game, try David Deangelo's "Double Your Dating"
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posted by Donovan at 4:01 PM Dating Advice for Men


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