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WHAT! You're Afraid of Approaching Beautiful Women?


posted by Donovan at 12:20 PM

  • Are you such a wussy that you can’t even go up to a girl and get her number?
  • Are you so lame, that you can’t even go up to a woman, and simply start talking?
  • Are you so unsuccessful with women, that you need to look up stuff on the Internet?


Guess what… I was once like that.

I had things inside my own head that stopped me from successfully approaching women.

What’s yours? (Think about it… SERIOUSLY - STOP AND THINK)

Some of mine were:

  • She would say ‘No’ and it would destroy the courage I just had
  • She will start yelling out to everyone that you’re trying to rape her
  • She will call me a ‘loser’ and yell at me
  • Her boyfriend from ‘around the corner’ will come and beat me up

So what are yours? (Write them down.)

You need to handle those exact problems now (not later), or you will be confined to getting happy with your five-fingered girl friend. (Yeah, her!)

I’m going to let you in on a secret of mine.

When I first started out reading about this sort of stuff, I wanted some quick and easy ways to fix my game.

Guess what?

It doesn’t work that way. (Which I discovered) You have to change yourself. You have to become the man a really attractive woman would even want. Otherwise, she’ll find out, and she’ll leave you.

But you say, “How can she even choose, if I don’t even know if she’s interested?” or “How can she even choose, if I can’t even get her number, or talk to her?”

We’ll…. I’m going to share the best kept secret of approaching women with confidence and charisma. It’s straight out of Thundercat’s book “Art of Approaching”. It’s called:

The Eye Contact Test
Taken from “From Section 1, The Art of Body Language, Chapter 2, page 13”

I think you're really going to like this secret, because I'm going to share a little trick with you that I've developed that really makes it easy to meet a woman.

Too often, guys are simply too nervous to approach a girl because of the extreme amount of uncertainty involved. Think about it. What runs through your head when you want to meet a woman?

  • "Am I her type?"
  • "Does she have a boyfriend?"
  • "Will she find me attractive?"
  • "Maybe she's too busy to meet anyone."
  • "Will she be receptive to me talking to her?"

I'm sure you can think of a 100 more things that run through your mind when you see an approach opportunity come your way.

If you get scared or nervous when this happens, it's because of one thing:


You don't know how the girl you want to approach is going to respond! So your scared because the outcome MIGHT be negative!

Well, worry about this no more, because with this little trick I'm going to share with you, you'll never have to worry about a negative reaction again.

This little trick is so simple, ANYONE can do it! And it's a 100% fear free tactic.

We all know that eye contact is important, but something funny happens when we make eye contact with another person. We become COMPELLED to respond to them in some fashion. When it comes to women, you can use eye contact to find out if she's open to meeting you. In fact, in a way, she'll be opening YOU!

So here's what you do...

The next time you see a woman you want to meet, LOCK your eyes on her! Seriously, just stare at her eyes, even if she's not looking at you.

When people are out and about, they will usually look around to keep aware of their surroundings. This is an unconscious thing we all do. Eventually, the woman you're locking onto will look around to scan the area.

When she comes to you, her eyes will invariably meet yours, and you'll be locked in eye contact.

When that happens, simply SMILE at her.

If she smiles back, guess what? She's OPEN TO YOU MEETING HER. If she doesn't, then move on to someone who is.

And when she does smile back, say "Hi!" And if she responds, you're in! Go right into your opener.

I like to use this tactic in low-key situations, like grocery stores, coffee shops, book stores, etc. Even though it can work just as well in bars (as long as the light is high enough that she can actually SEE you!).

Often times, after you smile, the girl herself will say "Hi!" and then the rest is easy.

The next time you go out, do this to every woman you see. Lock your eyes onto them and see what happens. I guarantee you, you'll be surprised by the results.”

Did you like that?

  • It is easy and simple.
  • It works.
  • It was amazing.
  • It does wonders.

I love it, and even though I’m a “veteran” at this, I still use it. It’s one of the most powerful techniques there is.

I remember I did the exact technique to this cheerleader at my college. She was a beautiful 5'6 blonde, and I simply held eye-contact, then smiled, and she said exactly what the book said she would do...

She smiled back and said "Hi!".

It was the best feeling, especially since I was just reading it the night before.

Guess what else?

There are plenty of easy-to-use techniques broken down for the real world in his book “Art of Approaching”.

You’ll love it. I promise.


After studying behavior for many years, I know one thing: If you don't make the decision to get this part of your life handled right now, there's a very very small chance that you're going to do anything about it in the future.

You know how they say that you can't tell someone how to get somewhere unless you've been there yourself? Well I've been there, and I'm going to show you the way. Think about it...

Check out his e-Book here.

Keep it real. And come back regularly for more posts on this blog. I try to post new material almost everyday. Although if you need in-depth help (which you will need) click above.

To your success, do your part and I know it will come to you,


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posted by Donovan at 12:20 PM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous 2cold132 said...

i red the book "The Game", and a lot of the things on it seemed as if it was common sense. I think it seemed like that because the book is meant for someone who has been completely sheltered from women. I was sheltered as a child until about the age of 18, but i always have been good with the ladies. Before I red the book I thought the only way you can get a girl is by making sure you are well put together. By that I mean you need to be looking dressing and smelling nice; although these things help i found you dont need to do all that to be able to pull a girl. The biggest thing they get from you is your vibe. If you have a confident vibe they will pick up on it. When i try to get a girl my success rate has only been stopped when i enter a group without any confidence and energy. If you are really bad with girls, (assuming you get the number and interact) be reactive until you analyze the females personality and find similarities with her. Make sure she sees that you are a good catch. I was going to let you know more about what i do and how i fused "The Game" and my natural game but i cant do that lol. Your best teacher about what girls like and what they respond to is your mother. My mother made me better with the ladies that is why i think that the game comes natural. Another helpful thing you can do if you are shy around beautiful girls are start talking to uglier ones and find out what works on them and work your way up. This book was great, interesting too, and it can be a fast read. This book helped me it made my game a lot better, Now i know what to do in different situations just by analyzing what is going on at the moment. This boo k gives you tools to use with the hands you were born with.

12:52 AM, November 08, 2007  

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