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Do You Know How To Meet A Woman On The Street?


posted by Donovan at 4:21 PM

Have you ever been walking down the street, minding your own business, when all of a sudden, you see a drop-dead gorgeous woman that you'd cut off your right hand to meet walking along as well?

At that moment, you're probably thinking to yourself: "I want to meet that girl! But how?"

Arguably, meeting a woman on the street, cold, is one of the hardest things to do! People are busy, they feel exposed on the open sidewalk, and their defenses are UP.

You ever have a bum accost you while walking someplace and ask for money?

Well guess what: Trying to meet a woman on the street is about equal to that!

So what's a guy to do? Just give up and let that beautiful woman pass you by?

Of course not.

I have the DEFINITIVE SOLUTION for you boys:

Trying to stop a moving target or group is POINTLESS. Even though they may only be walking to a club to meet someone, and you are good enough to meet, their moving gives them what I like to call a "false time constraint."

In other words, they are in a HURRY to get NOWHERE FAST!

Trust me when I say this...


Why? Well, I'll get to that in a bit.

See, you KNOW that girls aren't going to walk FAR. Most people you see on the street, if they're walking, they're doing so because they're on their way to someplace CLOSE. Otherwise, they'd be in their car driving. They go from the car to the location they are getting to or back.

This works to your advantage, because if you see a woman walking down the street, you can be sure of one thing:

She's going someplace CLOSE.

So here's what you do: Don't give eye contact. Look BUSY talking with your friends or on your cell phone. Don't give ANY attention to her. Don't get her to notice you.

Then ... follow her!

Now, I'm not suggesting you STALK her! That would be creepy, and I know you're not a creep. You're just doing some recon work. Girls never walk far, you're just going to tag along for a little bit.

Example: let's say you're walking down the street and you see a really hot girl walking towards you with a friend, and you think to yourself, "I want to get that girl!"

So you play it cool and IGNORE them completely as they pass you by.

When you turn to see where they were going, you see them enter one of the nearby restaurants.

So you follow them into the restaurant and notice that they're seated at a booth.

Congratulations, you are now in the type of environment where you can approach them! Moving targets SUCK. Stationary targets are like shooting Fish in a Barrel.

So from this point, you have a lot of options available to you. Usually, you want to allow the girls time to settle in first and have their waiter serve them. Just chill out at the bar or somewhere inconspicuous and wait for the opportune moment to strike.

When that moment comes, use the tactics you've learned from The Art Of Approaching and approach these woman like NORMAL. I'm sure you'll be able to get your target's number in no time. And if you're REALLY good, you may even be invited to join them for lunch! =)

So here are some general rules for approaching women on the street.

RULE: Don't stop a moving target!
RULE: Moving targets don't go far. Follow them.
RULE: Wait for the opportune time to approach.

A girl doesn't WANT to be stopped. Even if they are going NOWHERE, they still THINK they're going somewhere.


What? You don't have my ebook The Art of Approaching, where I teach tactics like this in complete detail? You don't know what to do when that opportune moment to strike presents itself? Well, it's time to get on the ball! Download your copy of my book right now to learn how to meet the most amazing women, be it on the street, in the club - wherever you may be!

To take advantage of these special teachings right now, click below:

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Wishing you success with women,

Joseph Matthews
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posted by Donovan at 4:21 PM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Waikiki, Hawaii and it is a really great place to sarge!!!
The reason I like Waikiki a lot is because they are usually moving sets!!!!
I haven't really had trouble STOPPING and #closing moving sets, but I think your idea is something I can ad to my arsenal!!


5:59 PM, December 28, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to disagree. following a girl to her destination or to see where she ends up a bit much, when you you can just use mystery's approach of approaching a moving target much easier. its basically the same idea of when you're in a club, and you walk a bit past your target and open by looking back over your shoulder and open while telegraphing you are about to continue walking at any moment. only with moving targets, you do as you said, and look busy with your friend, your phone ect., and walk at an angle away from your targets direction as you open; this shows you also have somewhere you are going, and draws her to walk closer to you. remember to smile. good post though

9:07 PM, September 28, 2007  

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