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A Trick Most Men Never Think Of Using When Approaching Women


posted by Donovan at 6:08 PM

A trick to keep the conversation going

I was in my marketing class today. You see I’m in college. Yes, hot women are everywhere. Yet, so many guys go through college without getting laid.

Why not?


They don’t know how to approach women properly.

So what do most do about it?

They mope around their apartment and complain about how all the women out there are shallow and “sluts”, and how they’re not into them.

We’ll, we know that’s a lie.

So what do aspiring guys like us do when we’re faced with these problems?

We learn good techniques.


To approach women successfully, you need great ‘openers’.

If you’ve never heard of an ‘opener’ you need serious help. Skip my end comments, and click immediately! (I’m not joking)

However, my topic today is not on ‘openers’. I wanted to chat today about ‘time constraints’ and their importance.

Time constraints sounds boring as hell, huh?

We’ll, it’s actually the one thing that will revolutionize your game just as much as getting a 13-inch penis implant will.

The Art of Approaching book puts it this way…

“A Time Constraint is a way of telling your target that you are going to interact with them for a short period of time. What this does is bypass that resistance they would put up because you are presenting yourself as just a momentary distraction to their daily lives.

But this gives you the opportunity to capture their fancy and open them successfully.
Some examples of Time Constraints are:

1. Real quick…
2. I’ve only got a few seconds…
3. I know you’re busy, but…”

What do you immediately think when someone starts to talk to you?

When are they going to leave…

Imagine how a beautiful woman who gets approached twenty or thirty times a night must feel?


So the ‘time-constraint’ is a beautiful way to by-pass their defensive mechanisms and enables you to talk longer. Isn’t it funny how counter-intuitive things work best with attractive women?

Some more great examples of ‘time-constraints’:

“I’ve got to get back to my friends real quick but…”
“I gotta get back to my food but…”
“My friend from out of town is waiting over there for me, but…”

See what’s going on here?


Guess what? It works wonders.

For detailed and other mind freaking examples of incorporating these and more ‘time-constraints’ into your ‘openers’ check out Thundercat’s amazing tactical guide for approaching women. It’s called Art of Approaching and you can check it out below.

Art of Approaching ebook Link

I wish you great success with women,

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posted by Donovan at 6:08 PM Dating Advice for Men


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