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Top 10: Ways To Make Her Remember You


posted by Donovan at 5:00 PM

If you want to be successful with women, it’s critical that you STAND OUT from other guys... and make a woman remember you. Unfortunately, 99% of men do the exact same things when trying to meet women... so they are forgotten about almost instantly. Use these tips to separate yourself from the pack and let her know that you are her BEST possible choice.

Number 10: Start a stimulating conversation

Most guys make the classic mistake of talking about BORING and PREDICTABLE topics on dates. "What do you do?"... "Where do you live?"... "Do you have brothers and sisters?"... These are all questions that do NOTHING to separate you from all the other guys she's dated. It's far better to think of topics that would actually be FUN and INTERESTING to talk about.

Humans -- and women in particular -- love to talk about drama, comedy, adventure, and scandal. With this in mind, try teaming up with her and playing “psychology experts” with society. Guess what's going on with another couple nearby... or discuss some current celebrity gossip. Women find this stuff FASCINATING... and it will make her find YOU exciting.

Number 9: Be "Cocky & Funny"

There's a magical formula that's like CRACK for attraction, and it's called "Cocky & Funny." The secret is to have both arrogance and humor in just the right amounts and you'll drive women absolutely CRAZY for you. But you want a balance of both. Too much cocky, you'll seem arrogant and insecure. Too funny, and you'll come across as goofy. Instead, start off by coming up with an arrogant statement, and then say it in a funny way.

For example, "That girl has a big butt" becomes "J-Lo is in the house." Use this formula when you're with a particularly attractive woman, and not only will it help you laugh and relax, but you'll spark that magical feeling of attraction deep inside her.

Number 8: Work on your beliefs

Most men don't know this, but one of the best things you can do to make a woman remember you is to work on your BELIEFS. What a man believes about himself, and about women, is SO powerful that if you don't have the right beliefs, no amount of techniques, pickup lines, or "moves" is going to help make you memorable to her.

One way to rewire your brain so you believe positive things is to repeat silently to yourself: "I don't let women use their looks to get special privileges with me," or "I'm a confident guy and could care less what others think," or even "I live in my reality, and she's a guest." When you start to honestly believe powerful things about yourself and your relationship with women, your success will SKYROCKET.

Number 7: Do you want to be a lover or a provider?

Most men don’t realize that when a woman meets a man who could be a potential mate, she subconsciously categorizes him as either a “Lover” or a “Provider.” The “Lovers” are the men she is intimate with, and the “Providers” -- you guessed it -- are the men she sees as being good providers for her and her future children. We could talk about why women categorize men this way all day long, but for now let’s just talk about why a woman will put a man into one category versus another.

If you show a strong command of body language, sexual awareness and confidence, then she'll feel instant ATTRACTION and see you as a Lover. But try to win her affection with attention, compliments, dinners, gifts, and other favors, and she will see you as a Provider. When it comes to the “dating game,” Lovers are pursued and Providers do the pursuing.

If she sees you as a Provider, a woman will withhold sex, play hard to get and test you to see how good of a provider you'll be. If she sees you as a Lover, she’ll have a tendency to get physically involved with you very quickly, and YOU will be in control of where the relationship goes. Now... which guy do YOU want to be?

Number 6: Start the date at your place

The secret to getting a woman back to your place starts way BEFORE the date or meeting. On the phone you can say, "Why don't you just stop by my place, ring the bell and we can leave... I know a great coffee shop down the street." When she shows up, let her in for just a minute... then quickly leave. This sets up in her mind that you're not needy or trying to take advantage of the fact that she's in your house.

When you're out with her, make it a point to NOT get too "touchy feely" and she'll feel even more comfortable with you. When you go back to your house to drop her off, look at your watch and say "Well, I have some things I need to do... but OK, you can come in for a few minutes..." Use a tone of voice that says "You talked me into it," and she'll feel comfortable and compelled to check out your pad... and hopefully more.

Number 5: Never whine about the following things...

A sure way to KILL the attraction a woman is feeling for you is to WHINE. So never complain, whine or even mention: being single... being lonely... having bad luck with women... how long it's been since you've had a date... etc. You may think that putting yourself down or being "honest" about your situation will help her open up to you, but all it'll do is turn her OFF... and make her turn to the waiter and say, "Check please!"

Number 4: Ask direct questions by acting suspicious

Most men have a lot of anxiety about asking certain questions that are "taboo." But if you want to ask a woman her age, if she's single, or any other "not usually asked directly" type of question... just use a somewhat suspicious, direct tone. Put your eyebrows together, lean your head back slightly, and in a tone that says "I suspect something..." ask your question quickly and directly.

You can get almost any question answered if you seem like she's acting suspicious, and you're trying to get to the bottom of the issue. You'll be blown away -- women will answer any type of question -- from how old they are all the way to if they're bisexual or not -- right at the beginning of a conversation with this technique.

Number 3: Prime the pump

Some guys ask, "How am I supposed to play hard to get and act like she's picking up on me, when I don't even know if she likes me?" The answer is to "Prime the pump." Give things a little push by interpreting her comments and behaviors as signs that she is coming on to you, and then resist them.

When she does anything that could be interpreted as showing interest in you, say "You're moving kind of fast for me," or "I don't think this relationship is going to work out" in an over-the-top, teasing sort of way. Or if you want to tell her you like her, turn it around instead and say, "You like me," with a smirk on your face. Don't be afraid to provide that initial spark or spin that gets things headed in the direction YOU want.

Number 2: Hold her hand

Holding hands early on makes a woman feel safe and it warms her up to you. While you're holding hands, why not try reading her palm in a creative, funny way... as you lightly brush your finger tips across it. Or massage her hand a little while saying, "This will help you relax." After you hold her hand, give it back to her, then start up again. This way she'll feel more comfortable with your touch... she'll look forward to it later.

Number 1: End it right

Many guys do an OK job of being cool on a date, but they end up blowing it BIG TIME at the end by turning into a wussy... acting needy... or just freaking out. Don't make this mistake yourself. Always be the one to end your time together. Have something to do, somewhere to go, someone to see, etc. Say to her: "Now don't call me three times a day... I had fun too, but no stalking." Or tell her: "I'm busy tomorrow, but if you tempt me with a good enough offer, I might make time for you the next night..."

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posted by Donovan at 5:00 PM Dating Advice for Men


Blogger said...

Now that I have gone to all this trouble to make a woman remember me, What can I do, to forget HER.

5:57 PM, October 10, 2006  
Blogger Donovan said...

Meet other women!

6:10 PM, October 10, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What if you do wuss out and make the mistake of acting needy? How do you remedy and not act more needy?

5:55 PM, October 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, move on. if you made a mistake, let it go. learn from it, don't make a big deal out of it. don't try to be good at fixing things in the damage zone. meet other women instead and avoid that mistake.

1:38 PM, October 18, 2006  
Blogger caffeine said...

good stuff here guys

- student

12:32 PM, July 04, 2007  

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