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Malaga & Marbella, Spain


posted by Donovan at 2:08 PM

Guys I've booked a weeklong New Years trip to Malaga and Marbella in Spain. Looking forward to experiencing my first trip to Europe. Most of my time will be spent with my nephews and neices, but hopefully I'll sneak in some Spainish love. If any of you have been there, let me know what to expect!

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posted by Donovan at 2:08 PM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey dude, i would say that it will be quite difficult for you. I don't know if you can speak spanish well or not, but in principle is going to be quite hard.
Nevertheless, in marbella and malaga you will find girls from germany, england and other european countries, and you will have more chances of success.
Spanish girls and, specially andalusian girls, are very cute, but it's difficult to get to a physical level if they don't know you enough, so... forget about a one night stand.
Well, maybe i'm a being a bit pesimistic. :)
I'm looking forward to hear you about your adventures in Spain.
If you get a chance, visit Granada, 150 km from Málaga. It's a great place to visit and there's lot of spanish and european student-girls and lot of night life.
Good luck!
Mario, from Granada, Spain.

2:36 PM, October 10, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


If You cant speak spanish it will be a little bit difficult for you. Any way there is alot of foregin chics here. And there not so many PUA here so you dont so much competition. For the moment I am the only PUA in Gran Canaria.

3:23 PM, October 10, 2006  
Blogger Sean said...

Don't listen to the grumpy gus's here, D. I've been to Malaga and Marbella (home of super-pimp Antonio Banderas), and I had no trouble having a wonderful time with Spanish girls there.

Here's a trick I've used in all sorts of countries. Make a bold approach to lovely girls and keep it simple (smile and tell them how beautiful they are in their native tongue, and be bad at it, like
"tu... estas... mucho... bella, si? y mi? siempre mucho bella?"

Once you have them smiling (and they will smile, because no local guys approach with confidence and a smile, and all girls love foriegn accents), find an ally. Grab anyone in the bar who can translate, and buy him a drink, and have him work with you with the group. You just smile a lot and look happy, and keep up kino.

Use thumbwrestling, fun handshakes, and yes, even the dreaded palm-reading... just communicate more with your body.

Not that it's easy when there's a language barrier, but there are clever ways to fix it, and the places are so beautiful.

Take a day to get to Sevilla as well, and send me photos when you're done so I can be jealous! :-)


11:25 AM, October 11, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Sean is talking about how to get hookers. He has no idea. "tu estas muy bonita..." This is a quite stupid approach in spain that only works with hookers. Sean, keep on dreaming.

12:31 PM, October 11, 2006  
Blogger Donovan said...

He didnt even say that. Plus, anything is possible when your foreign.

5:12 PM, October 11, 2006  
Blogger Sean said...

Thanks D.

I'd go even further. Anything is possible if you believe it, foriegn or local.

But vacations are great ways to really try on new aspects of your identity. Be the sexy stranger who brings new ideas and new customs to this beautiful land.

And stay away from my hookers! :-)

2:07 AM, October 12, 2006  
Blogger Donovan said...


8:11 PM, October 12, 2006  

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