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How To Get A Date With 25% of All Women You Meet


posted by Donovan at 7:39 PM

If you knew that 1 out of every 4 women you approached would meet you for a date and not FLAKE, would you go out every chance you got?

Sure you would, you'd be crazy not to.

Now I realize that this may seem unrealistic to you, but this is not only POSSIBLE, it happens all the time.

Listen, I don't know if you have ever been in sales, but a 25% close ratio would make you one of the worlds greatest salesman.

In fact, millions of dollars are spent on advertising campaigns, and if they get a 2% response the company execs bust out the Champagne and celebrate.

Only TWO percent... that's one out of every fifty.

Frankly, for a lot of men, when it comes to meeting women, they would be ECSTATIC to
know that all they have to do is approach 50 women and they will get a date.

In fact some people will tell you that you have to go out to nightclubs 4 nights a week for SIX MONTHS and approach ONE THOUSAND women to even begin to develop your skills.

BULLSHIT! That's a myth passed on by guys who don't want to admit they don't have a
SYSTEM to teach you their skills.

It takes LESS than four months of meeting about 100 women a month, you are doing

Now I won't lie to you and say that you will get to a 25% success rate in 4 months, but it is POSSIBLE. (Frankly once you learn the tools, the only real obstacle is in your own head.)

So where does this 25% number come from?

I used that number because last weekend one of my instructors (Daniel) went out to have some fun on a sunny day (not that common lately here in San Francisco).

In one afternoon, he set up FOUR DATES for this week, and he only approached sixteen

That's 25% my friend.

That's why I tell you you can get 4 dates in under 4 hours when you know how to combine attraction & rapport in daygame.

Yes, Daniel is an instructor, so he SHOULD be that good, but a year ago today he wasn't an instructor.

In fact, a year ago today he had only recently finished his first workshop.

But he put into action what he learned, and that's WHY he can get 4 dates in an
afternoon. That's also why he is an instructor.

And I'll tell something, his results are not unusual. I've got a stack of Thank You
letters to prove it.

My point... YOU CAN DO THIS!

So how can you get to a 25% success rate?

Well it's a combination of three things that make it happen.


Daygame means meeting women in non-social environments. In other words, they are not expecting strangers to talk with them like at a nightclub or party.

This is an important difference because how you approach here needs to be adapted to
this scenario.

But that's a topic for another time, the important point here is that in the
'daygame' environment, you can have a MUCH higher success rate than in a nightclub or a party.

Remember when I say success rate, I don't mean phone numbers, those are next to
worthless. I mean a solid no-flake day-2 meeting is established.

Listen, I know most of the world's BEST pickup artists, and not one of them has a
25% success rate in night clubs.

The main reason has to do with the energy level and the amount of distractions

It's hard to keep a woman focused on you in a loud, busy, frantic nightclub.

It's a challenge to get her alone from her friends, and you had better get each and
every friend to REALLY LIKE you before you try, or else they will 'rescue' her.

One of the major bonus points of daygame is that you find women ALONE. In fact, when done correctly you can have your first date THAT DAY.

If you find a woman alone in a nightclub, unless she looks like Ms. Ballbreaker from
the movie Porky's, there is a guy or girl friend that will be back in the next minute.

Cute girls do NOT go out alone to clubs.

ALL WOMEN go out alone to run errands, go to work, go shopping, get their hair cut... you get the idea.

So the lesson here is:

* Fewer distractions during daygame
* You find many women alone during daygame
* You can spend a lot of time with them during daygame

This one thing alone can MASSIVELY increase your success rate.


In a recent Tips Emails you learned that rapport is more powerful than attraction.

You learned how attraction happens in an INSTANT and disappears just as fast.

You learned how when a woman has a deep 'connection' with a man, it is a RARE
experience and one she will NEVER forget in her life.

Virtually ALL women have a romantic FANTASY about meeting a man who can give them this experience.

Most men either don't know how, or won't allow themselves to appear vulnerable to a
woman. So most women never have a deep rapport experience with a man.

You discovered that when you know how, deep rapport can happen in less than 20 MINUTES.

And you learned how having a deep connection allows her to give herself PERMISSION to sleep with you.

What you didn't learn is that it's almost impossible to go into deep rapport with a
woman in a social environment such as a nightclub.

It can be done, but it's VERY difficult to pull off, because you need her undivided
attention for at LEAST 15 minutes.

BUT in daygame, almost every women you meet will have 15 or 20 minutes she can
spend with you.

If she is ATTRACTED to you, she will make the time for you because she will want to
get to KNOW YOU better.

The Lesson Here:
* Deep rapport is more powerful than attraction (but you need both)
* All women have a fantasy about meeting a man they can 'connect' with on a deep level
* In daygame most women have all the time you need to go into deep rapport with them.

Now so far you have runners on first and second base, with the combined benefits of
DAYGAME & DEEP RAPPORT... Now for the home run hitter.


On the surface this seems simple. Maybe even obvious, but it is surprising how many
guys ONLY use one method of approach.

That would be like playing golf with just one club. You can do it, but the game is
more FUN and less of a STRUGGLE when you have all the clubs to choose from.

Now in nightclubs, all your really need is a high energy playful approach, and you will do really well.

But in daygame that won't cut it for two reasons.

First, there are situations where being super high energy and playful is the last
thing you want to do. Libraries, bookstores, and museums for example.

Second, there are situations when you can get a woman massively attracted to you in a frickin' MICRO-SECOND if you know how to use a direct approach.

Then you can IMMEDIATELY go into rapport with her.

Why would you want to mess around if you could make this happen.

Now it takes some BALLS to walk up to a woman when other people are watching and
tell her she's beautiful and you just had to meet her. But the RESULTS are worth it.

The Lesson Here:
* You need the tools to match your approach with the situation.
* Direct approach can get you instant attraction

So here's the formula for a 25% success rate: Take one part DAYGAME, add equal
parts DIRECT & INDIRECT approach skills, plus a generous amount of DEEP RAPPORT.

Then go out and approach women until you have all the dates you can handle.

Oh, one more thing, I'm going to post a near perfect daygame field report by another
program graduate who is now an instructor in the next few days.

Look for it...

Now, go out and meet some women.

Your Friend,

Lance Mason

P.S. See my review's of Pickup 101's Art of Attraction workshop, and their amazing audio CD series "Surefire Attraction Secrets".
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posted by Donovan at 7:39 PM Dating Advice for Men


Blogger saxaphonegirl said...

women dont like that!!!!!!!! /:-\

2:58 PM, May 12, 2006  
Blogger saxaphonegirl said...

they like people who are friendly, (no sexual terms or comments about then until you are on the so called date you desire) listen to them, and understand (smart)

3:00 PM, May 12, 2006  
Anonymous Seduction said...

You know you CAN be direct in nightclubs and do well.

8:29 PM, June 28, 2006  

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