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How To Kiss Like A Moviestar!


posted by Donovan at 9:02 AM

Hello my care free and courageous connoisseurs of creative kissing and countless carnal pleasures, Tis I! Your buddy, the one and only David Van Arrick!

I'm back to share some more outstanding insights into the world of all things erotic, carnal and ultimately orgasmic.

Kiss Like A Moviestar

Now the interesting thing you will discover as we journey together on the forbidden path to true sexual mastery is that the path itself has many seemingly unrelated tangents and offshoots -- twists and turns that sometimes seem to have no direct relation to the forbidden arts of sexual mastery as most folks would understand them but have faith and pay attention because the connections often become excitingly immediately apparent as time goes on...


Today's installment is not one of those cases!

In fact far from being obscure this particular post concerns one of my very favorite topics --- Kissing!

If your kissing game sucks, you're probably not going to get any further in the course of making love to a woman because many many women judge how good a lover you are by the way you kiss her the very first time.

Although many women are more than willing to kiss you a second time in the hopes you just had an off moment, the bottom line is if your kiss can't make her toes curl, buckle her knees and have her heart pounding and racing in her chest like a hyper-active jackhammer, your probably going to find yourself immediately shoved into the "love-dud" category or the Joe-average lover slot to say the least.

That's not a good place to be, believe me.

Well I don't know about you but I don't accept mediocrity in my life in any way, and especially not in my sexual and romantic skills and neither should you.

Now for today's question...
Dear David,

You write: "When you go in for the kiss, cup her face in both of your hands so that your palms are gently cradling her jaw line and your thumbs are just in front of cheek bones."

This seems really awkward, Normally, I like to move in with my mouth then slowly get my hands involved. ( I don't mean feel her up, I mean more along the lines of what you describe -- I just introduce it later in the process). How do I go about your way without it being really awkward?



Dear Cahn,

Well I think we understood you weren't going to feel her up right on the initial kiss but thanks for the clarification none the less.

First of all I'm not sure exactly what you mean when you say you feel awkward. But from what you do say it appears that the order in which you bring your hands into play lies at the root of that awkwardness.

The simplest way is when your ready to go in for her first kiss...

Look her deeply in the eyes, allow your hands to slowly but gently touch the side of her cheek you can use one or both hands.

I find for first kisses the two hand approach works much better. Cup the back of her head or contour her jaw line with the palm of your hand.

Your thumb can rest either just in front of the ear or on the cheekbone just below her eye or any point in between. While maintaining eye contact, gently draw her lips to yours. Allow your eyes to close as your lips gently touch.

That's the quick lesson.

For First kisses, I always use my palms to face technique.


Because It Just Plain Works More Reliably Powerfully and Consistently Than Any Other Method of First Kissing I Have Tried!

I discovered many years ago that when you really want to get a woman's romantic desires clicked into over drive the fastest way to do it is by touching her anywhere on her face while your kissing her.

Now pay attention here folks.

Notice I did not say her sexual drives!

Understand that kissing certain areas of her body will signal her to become romantically turned on, and consistently more passionate, while others will actually stimulate and accelerate her sexual drives and desires.

The first thing you want to do with any woman, (at least in the world of David) is get her romantic muscles flexing and her passions enflamed... Why?

Because her sexual drives inevitably follow her romantic drives!

Guys this is important...

If you can't create that physical/emotional connection or chemistry necessary to turn her emotional sparks into a roaring flame, your likely to throw too much fuel on the fire to fast. The result...

All progress stops and the fire goes out!

Have you ever tried to fan a small flame in order to make it grow and accidently blew it out?

In your effort to feed it more oxygen you actually gave it too much fuel too fast and poof!

Out goes the flame!

That's what I'm talking about when it comes to enflaming a woman's passions.

Your kiss creates the tiny flame i.e. the connection (everything is clicking for her inside) the touch on the face adds just enough fuel at just the right pace to cause that romantic spark to grow into a passionate flame.

Once the passion fire is really burning, if you know where to go you can actually transition to other parts of her body that acts as sexual accelerators, which means that you are actually transitioning her from a predominantly emotional sense of arousal to equally physical sensation
of arousal.

You see the key to mind blowing sex is not how big your penis is or how good looking you are or even how long you can last in the sack...

The key is... How Deeply Aroused You Can Get Her!

You will discover that the root of many of the obstacles you will face in your journey to sexual mastery will ultimately come down to this one simple element --

Lack of Sexual Arousal!

The more aroused your partner becomes the more receptive she is to all manner of sexual acts, stimulations, and intensities!

Don't take my word for it!

Prove it to yourself... master the art of building sexual tension taught in my Secret Orgasm Tips course and she will think your the greatest lover she's ever had or will have the first night your together!

For all of you who wrote in with some really great questions be on the look out for more answers and awe inspiring techniques and concepts that will turn you from Joe average lover into a sexual superstar practically overnight.

All the Best!

David Van Arrick
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