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Advanced A3 Qualification Tips


posted by Donovan at 2:56 PM

One part of the Mystery Method that helps to prevent flakes, especially if you're concentrating on day game, is A3. It's the Male to Female Attract section. (If this sounds like another language... visit the links below for more information)

This stage comes about 15-minutes into the interaction. By doing two or three qualifications, in interesting ways, it will help reduce the amount of flakes that you may have for Day2's.

Taken from Mystery's OAP, to view past editions of the Online Apprentice Program, go to our Table of Contents, under "Mystery Method".
This is an advanced section of Issue 4.

I have to admit, writing a short "advanced section" for A3: Qualification is hard. This is the hardest phase of the whole game, and we spend by far the most time on this in our Magic Bullets ebook, DVDs, telephone consultations, and live programs. So, I'll give a few nuggets of "advanced" advice here, but realize that there's lots more to it than this. Future issues of the OAP will cover this material in greater depth.

So far, we focused mostly on the verbal portion of qualification. There is also a crucial non-verbal component. Your body language must match your explicit language. When you bait, you are neutral, even slightly dismissive. When you hook and reel, you give her your full attention and SHOW how interested you are. When you release, do it solidly, so she FEELS the change in the attention and validation she is getting.

The "bait" doesn't have to be a question. It's more natural and fluid (though harder to pull off) to bait her with a statement that she responds to. For example, instead of "what would you like to be, if you could do anything?", try "I really love home-cooked meals. Especially Italian." If she's into you (from A2: Attraction), she can "hook" by talking about the great lasagna she makes.

Don't confuse the Qualification Phase with real qualification. You still haven't known her for long enough (remember, we're about 15 minutes into an interaction here) to actually make decisions about her yet. This is all a game so far. In Comfort is where you decide whether you like each other. Right now you're just flirting.


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posted by Donovan at 2:56 PM Dating Advice for Men


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