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Where Should I Take Her On A Date? (Day2's)


posted by Donovan at 9:56 AM

Newsflash: Most women have been on hundreds of dinner dates. They aren't cheap, and they sure aren't that impressive to a woman who's been taken out to every restaurant under the sun.

Here's how to set yourself apart on a dinner date, and show her a completely original experience that she can't help but remember.

Number 10 - Take her where the action is

A great way to ensure a fun-filled date with a woman is to take her to an area where there's a lot going on. Trendy outdoor malls with funky shops and street performers are a sure hit; the entertainment is built into the experience, and just strolling around and talking makes for a fun and carefree date.

Number 9 - Take her on a night walk

Want to really blow her away? Do something she's never done or even thought of before, and take her on a night hike! Grab a bottle of wine, a couple of glasses and a blanket, and take her on a short hike to a place that has a nice view. If your originality doesn't wow her, the stars and the sights will.

Number 8 - Take her shopping

If you want to show a girl some fun without spending a lot of money on her, bring her along while you spend some money on you! Women love to shop, and what woman could resist being invited to accompany you while you buy some new threads? Just be sure not to "wuss out" when you get there. Ask for her opinion, but don't let her pick out all of your clothes.

Number 7 - Take her to the park

Bring out her fun, carefree side by taking her to a park to swing on the swings. Get behind her and push her for bonus points, then put her on the merry-go-round and spin her around gently.

Number 6 - Take her for a dog walk

Every girl loves animals (and those who don't will never admit to it). So for a great date, bring her along while you take your dog for a walk. This date is even better if you borrow a dog from a friend (you can tell her you're dog sitting) Bring along some treats and have her help you teach the dog some new tricks. When she sees how good you are with animals, she'll want you to teach her some new tricks as well!

Number 5 - Teach her something

If you can teach a woman something that she has always wanted to do you she will see you as "her hero" from day one! Take her surfing, teach her how to paint... or grab some boxing gloves and show her how to throw a punch. She'll remember you forever... and you're sure to have a blast.

Number 4 - Watch TV together

For a night of stimulating conversation, invite her over to watch the latest hot reality TV show. Most women love reality TV, and with all of the drama you'll be watching, great conversation is guaranteed. If you wish, you can also watch a movie.

Number 3 - Make dining unique

If you insist on taking her to a restaurant, don't take the dinner route. Instead, grab some dessert or take her to a place that serves up unique, exotic drinks. You'll spend less money, show her a new experience and, most importantly, you won't come off like you are "trying too hard."

Number 2 - Take her on a bike ride

For a guaranteed good time, take her on a bike ride. Make sure there are some good places you can stop on the way for a quick break, like a juice bar or a coffee shop. For bonus points, pick a great destination like a park or the beach, and bring along some crackers, cheese and wine to share. Do this right and the next stop will be your place (so long as she doesn't catch you making motorcycle noises).

Number 1 - Take her for a late-night dip

If you're feeling adventurous and you sense she might be up for some mischief, put together a "mission" to sneak into the pool area of a trendy hotel. If you get busted you'll have an awesome story to tell, and if you don't? You get to see her in a bikini!

So there you have it; 10 fun and frugal date ideas. You can then save your money for the future dates you'll book after she has so much fun on the first.

David DeAngelo is the author of the book Double Your Dating: What Every Man Should Know About How To Be Successful With Women, and several other products that can help men become more successful with women and dating.


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posted by Donovan at 9:56 AM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Day2's, as far as I've been taught, are for you and the girl to get into deep rapport and to move the Seduction along. It isn't to entertain her, it isn't to do something "cool" together, it's to become intimately familiar with each other.

Assuming you have solid day2 setup skills, here's what I do:

I always suggest this awesome Chinese restaurant near my pad that has the best_eggrolls_ever. I talk about how it's so hard to get good Chinese food where I stay, and that this place is a Godsend.

If she's into it, I say "Hey, you should totally come with me some time. What's your schedule like this week?" I get the logistics of that set, and we go.

I do this with EVERY girl I day2 in my area. This keeps as many things as constant as possible, and helps in analyzing SPs that might come up with each day2. Reduce the variables and it makes solving the problem easier.

Also, this place is near my pad, so extracting to a seduction location is easier and more consistent.

Hope this helps...

11:06 PM, March 27, 2006  
Blogger Donovan said...

Thankyou, it does help out.

Day2's a just like routines, you can stack them. You can go to a trendymall then bounce to another location to keep building rapport and comfort. These locations are perfect for stacking after you make the original plans to 'head to a location'. So it keeps the night fresh and original.

11:09 PM, March 27, 2006  

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