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The Game, Bigscreen Adaptation


posted by Donovan at 8:11 AM

I found an article about the release of 'The Game' movie. For a book review of The Game click here.

A bigscreen adapation of Neil Strauss' book, "The Game," will be made by Michael De Luca and the Weitz brothers.

Chris Weitz is writing the script for Columbia Pictures.

The project is based on Strauss' undercover account of a community of pickup artists -- aka AFC's or "average frustrated chumps" -- trying to bed HB's (hot babes). The guru of the group is a man named Mystery, who dispenses advice on the art of seduction using the mantra "FMAC": find, meet, attract, close.

De Luca is producing with Chris and Paul Weitz. Andrew Miano is executive producing. Join us in the forum to talk about the film. Variety hosts further information.

Weitz brothers on set of American Pie
Weitz brothers with Jason Biggs on set

Michael De Luca
Michael De Luca


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posted by Donovan at 8:11 AM Dating Advice for Men


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