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Beware The Flakes With Today's Solution


posted by Donovan at 9:01 PM

FLAKE REMORSE: Feeling like shiz because of flaking women and your now screwed up plans.

This saturday I had two dates (day2) with two different girls. Along comes Saturday night, and both have flaked. One an hour before, the other didn't return my call. I sat on my bed, thinking, what the hell did I do wrong?! I felt like the biggest loser, when no girls were returning my last ditch efforts for a hangout.


Along comes 6:45pm. Ring Ring on my cell phone. I get a call from Ms Afternoon Flake. So This Ms Afternoon Flake is like a 9/10, beautiful, fashionable 19 year old Texan. We'll she tells me how she fell asleep and started to ramble about her day. I interrupted and said, "What are you doing right now?" She said, I'm about to get ready for a date. I exclaim, "Just out of respect for me, you should cancel that date right now and come out with me."

Suddenly, I get a call from this half-Latino 7.5/10 girl that is very forward and most likely wanting a hookup. "My mum's calling from Australia, I'm gonna have to give you a call back Ms Afternoon Flake. Right when I'm on the phone with the half-Latino, I get another call from another girl. All this at once, with nothing throughout the whole day!

I call Ms Afternoon Flake back and she said she's now on the phone with her date for tonight. She said she'd call me back in 10 minutes. I wait 30 minutes, then decide to call her. Right as I do that, she calls me. So both our calls go to our respective voicemails. I call back and we share some funny moments.

She tells me that she's cancelled her date because the guy is acting creepy and wants to "DTR" determine the relationship after 4 dates. Eg. Boyfriend/Girlfriend status. After one kiss....


Now I'm firm with her, "Ok, come over to my house you can give me a ride to my mates. You've got 15 minutes to be in your car DRIVING over here. Otherwise we will never HANG OUT EVER, we are TOO busy" She burst into laughter, "I can't believe you're talking to me like this. I'm hanging up on you!!" The line goes silent for a few moments, then we both laugh, and I said, "I knew you wouldn't!"

We hang up.

I text message her "HURRY, I'M TIMING YOU"

I get a call 10 minutes later with her outside my apartment, and I start the attraction/comfort building dialogue while we drive to my destination, and sit and park for 15 minutes.

It's amazing when all that seems lost, that if you just act cool and comfortable everything usually works out well.

I owe David DeAngelo's e-book for this Cocky & Funny approach. I defintely had enough of this girl, but rather than being mean or stupid, I acted like she OWED me now. The firm tone, and the incontrol attitude showed her that this was the way it was happening. It worked, with her responding much more positively. USE THIS SPARINGLY. (Nobody likes a bitter jerk)

Remember be fun, firm, and playful.

Till next time,
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posted by Donovan at 9:01 PM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Ricky said...

Yeah just be firm, take a club and hit her and drag her to your cave! It always works :D

Nice article, you might add to strongen the point "It's OK to be a man."


10:54 PM, July 19, 2006  

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