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Field Report And Being Process Not Outcome Orientated


posted by Donovan at 10:49 AM

Ok, last night I ended up making out with a brunette, 5'11 HB8, which a friend told me is "so hot" with long legs, skinny waist and huge assets.

The point of this post is not only for bragging rights because I'm still feeling the effects of the night, but also to elaborate on a point Mystery made in his Vegas seminar that I attended.

Being Process Not Outcome Orientated

When running game, being cocky and funny, throwing negs, in almost EVERY part of the game before the sexual relationship you need to be process orientated not outcome orientated.

What it means...

An example of outcome orientated would be "this woman is the girl for me, she's perfect and so hot!"

An example of process orientated would be "this woman is perfect practice for my "such and such" routine!"

The problem with outcome orientated gaming is that the girl FEELS that you WANT something, and you place way to much importance on one particular situtation and outcome. This is totally sending a vibe of NEEDINESS, even if only to her subconscious self.

The beauty of process orientated gaming is that she feels no NEEDINESS because you're trying to hone and shape you're routines, gambits, and normal conversation skills.

This is what I did with the HB8 last night. I've only hung out ONCE before and that was less than 1 hour.

I texted her, "What doing?"
She replied, "Watching american idol and feeling my brain turn to mush"
Then a second or so after, "Wuter u doin?"
I texted her, "Leaving campus, can I swing on by?"
She replied, "Sure"
I texted her, "Have some food ready!"

When I arrived she gave me the best 1hr massage I've gotten in so long, and what I felt was well earned on my part! :) I returned the favor with a 10 minute rub down. A few hours passed watching TV, Conan O'Brien etc, then I made her guess which of all my items in my wallet came from Australia. I said, if you guess correctly, I'll give you a kiss.

She had detectively narrowed the choices down to two credit cards over the last 10 minutes (both of which are Australian).

Then a few minutes later, we kissed and started making out.

Alot of the conversation banter I have used with her, was cocky funny. For a cocky and funny guide, nothing beats David Deangelo's e-book. You need to come up with your own, and make it natural. Some people use cocky and funny all the time... DON'T. This is insecure behavior. Use it as a spice, sparingly for added punch and effect.

Email me with sticking points, and I'll try and discuss them in upcoming posts!


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posted by Donovan at 10:49 AM Dating Advice for Men


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