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I've Never Had An Orgasm


posted by Donovan at 1:17 PM

I read that statement at the UK iVillage's Relationships Sex section today.

I found that pretty disturbing.

I remember one of the points Neil Strauss made, at the Mystery Method seminar in Vegas in response to a audience members question about women not sticking around after they've had sex, was "Is she having orgasms?"

Within the community we tend to be fairly self-improvement orientated which is great. We tend to put responsiblity in our own actions and not the womans. For the most part I think this is absolutely what we need to do. Sometimes, however a woman doesn't have orgasms like we would expect. I think the main cause of it, is an emotional connection and sexual technique.

In response to that woman's question... the following was given (which I think is valid):

Don't panic. There's almost certainly nothing wrong with you or your partner. But unlike men, most women have to learn to have an orgasm because each woman has a slightly different way of getting there. And you have to experiment in order to find out what works for you.

The first thing to realise is that for most women, intercourse alone doesn't bring them to orgasm. The secret to female orgasm is the clitoris - a small sensitive part of your genitals just above your vagina, that's the equivalent of the tip of a man's penis.

Now when your partner is penetrating you, he usually won't be touching your clitoris at all. There are three ways you could get the stimulation you need. First, by getting so worked up before intercourse that you're nearly at the point of orgasm - and then penetration finishes you off. Second, by either you or your partner sliding your hand down and touching your clitoris during intercourse. Or third, by finding a position for intercourse that means your clitoris is being stimulated, because your man's penis touches it as he slides in and out. But as I said, all of these need a lot of experimentation.
For an easy guide to sexual technique and the a guide to giving women that ultimate orgasm/s. Check out Secret Orgasm Tips that I've been referring guys to for awhile now.



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posted by Donovan at 1:17 PM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Learning how to give women orgasims is as much of an integral part of the game as anything else. When you know you can satisfy a women sexually, that in of itself will give you more confidence and allow you to approach, open, and project confidence and create a sexual vibe.

1:56 AM, November 10, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol the only way for women to get orgasms is by stimulating the clitoris? THere are alot of points on a womens body that can be stimulated for an orgasm to occur.
What kind of sexual adviser is that anyway.
As I can remember the orgasm is all in thee Brain anyway. You can stimulate all you want and still not get an orgasm if your brain isnt involved.
Hell I can think myself to an orgasm.

9:31 AM, November 10, 2006  
Blogger Aniz said...

Hey guys...

ooo wow,i just discovered this blog and i just think it's great that everyone is helping each other to try improve their life..kudos to everyone!

seems like there's a lot for me to catch-up..looking forward to read the articles and post on this blog!

take care and cheers!

2:54 AM, November 11, 2006  

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