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The Need For Lifestyle


posted by Donovan at 2:46 PM

I think I'll briefly cover an important topic that many men within this community often overlook.

It's the concept of lifestyle.

We all know that being rich and famous would attract the woman of your dreams... well, atleast a physically attractive woman. The question is... if you aren't rich and famous and leading a royalty lifestyle, what should you do?

Create it.

I recently held a party at my house that had over 3500 people attend. Having this event gave me all kinds of attractive stories, conversational topics, and social pull.

There's a trick, you have to beware of the woman that wants the 'man of the hour'. Typically, these are women who flock to you, without ANY effort on your part. Not wheat, just tares.

Unless you feel like having a roller coaster of a relationship, stay clear of these women.

Back to what I was talking about.

Imagine you were a woman. Would you want to be with a guy who works, comes home, watches some TV, goes to a bar, comes home, and repeats daily?

I hope not.

You need to start generating a lifestyle that you want to live. Something that you want to portray about your personality. Something Stephen Nash told me was, how you use your time, directly illustrates to your mind and to others how you value yourself and who you are.

I've foudn this to be true, 99% of the time.

When we feel depressed or unattractive, it's because we're really not doing the things we NEED to do with our time.




Taking up a new hobby.


Going for a hike through a forest.


Checking out that beach you've never been to.

The list is endless.

You'll notice when you start fulfilling these goals that you have, you'll start to see much better results with women.


Because you'll have more to talk about, more experiences, and you'll qualify her better. You'll want similar qualities in the women you date.

That's where its at. Experiencing life with them.

The definitive guide to lifestyle generation is found in Stephen Nash's (PlayboyLA) book, How To Get A Girlfriend, easily the best book on the topic, along with natural game social skills and how to portray your lifestyle in an attractive way.


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posted by Donovan at 2:46 PM Dating Advice for Men


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