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How to Kiss a Girl


posted by Sean Messenger at 8:01 PM

Question from a PickUp 101 student that I just had to share...

"I was out at the bars yesterday and really hit it off with a girl I met there. We started making out, but then she started talking about how important it is for a guy to be a good kisser. Does anybody know of any good resources out there on the subject of kissing and how to be a good kisser?"

The very best way to learn is to get as much experience as possible.

This is where a real girlfriend, as opposed to lots of random pickups, can come in handy.

I got my first real girlfriend at 15, and I remember our first date was a Def Leppard concert that ended with 6 straight hours of making out. No sex. Just kissing and learning what felt good.

And with every girl since then, I've spent more time kissing than doing anything else. So go ahead and take your time. It's ok to not know just what to do yet... you're supposed to learn this one from doing.

Don't waste time looking for books or how-to's or anything. You have the best resource in the world in a girl who will TELL you what she likes. Ask her, and then listen. She says to go slow, go slow. Use more lips, less tongue.

And most important, don't EVER take it personally when a girl suggests something to you to make kissing or sex or anything else more fun for her. She's not trying to hurt your ego. She's giving you a gift that most guys would kill for. Pay attention and practice. Really pay attention. It's all trial and error. If you touch a spot and she moans, remember that spot. If you bite on her lip just a little and she goes weak, that's a good sign. But all girls are slightly different, so there's no sure-fire technique that always works.

Learn the basics through practice, and look to practice all you can. Hell, tell girls how much you love just kissing, and how you love girls who really enjoy it too. Chances are they'll be interested in sharing the experience with you!

You'll get it, kid. I mean, people learned how to kiss before the internet, so there's got to be some way.

- Sean

P.S. Donovan here.... Thanks Sean for the post. I've done a lot of making out, a lot of it is INSTINCT, taking it slow, and seeing what SHE does. Normally, attractive girls probably have alot more experience, so take there lead. THREE pointers: 1. Don't be too forceful 2. Don't be to lax. 3. Be submissive, then aggressive, and vice versa. Seems to work well for me.

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