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3 Secrets of Meeting Women Online


posted by Donovan at 7:08 PM

If you've "tried" online dating, and not gotten the results that you wanted... or you'd like to learn how to write online personal ads that get MASSIVE RESPONSE, then go read this:


Well I have to say I was a little skeptical about your book at first. I've never been very successful with women. I've always been the shy, quiet type that treat women like a prize and act like a wussy. Well after a few newsletters I decided to give it a shot. Well it all made sense to me so I got your CD series and it's even better then the book. So I decided to try the C&F method.

I've been on some dating sites for a few years and occasionally I would get a response. A little over a week ago I changed my profile so I wasn't such a wussy and pleading with women with how good of a catch I'd be (as most women say they want a nice guy) In less then a week, I've gotten 5 responses. It's amazing. I'm only about half way through with the CD's too can't wait to see what else they hold.

JN from NY


Oh, Ye of little faith...

Remember something.

Women are always INTERPRETING everything you say.

In other words, they want to know what things MEAN.

When you say, "I'm a great guy" in your profile, a woman reading it says to herself, "yeah, right... If you were a great guy, then you wouldn't need to SAY it. You're probably a loser who WISHES that he were a great guy."

On the other hand, if you write a Cocky & Funny profile that talks about how picky you are and that you're trying this online dating thing as a last resort because all the attractive women you meet bore you... then a woman will think to herself, "Ah ha! A challenge! I'll bet you that I can get his attention...".

Great job, and keep me posted on your future success stories.


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posted by Donovan at 7:08 PM Dating Advice for Men


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