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The One-Girl-a-Day Challenge


posted by Sean Messenger at 8:32 PM

Welcome to Sean, our special columnist for the Attraction Chronicles Blog. He will provide amazing insights into the world of pickup and seduction. He is currently a full-time instructor for Pickup 101 based in San Francisco. Take it away Sean. We look forward to your upcoming Seduction Masters Interview and ongoing posts!


We're here to learn about attracting women, right? And we all acknowledge that nothing improves your skills like practice. But approaching can still be scary stuff, especially if you haven't been talking to many people on a regular basis. So if you really want to get practice, you need incentive.

Take this challenge upon yourself. Every day you see that one girl that you know you should talk to (doesn't mean you have to pull off the highway at high-speed... just that girl that passes where you know you COULD talk to her, but you CHOOSE not to. Well from now on, make the opposite choice (yes, the old Costanza opposite theory). Instead of not walking up and saying "Hi," or whatever you like to say, do it.

Here's the thing. It's gotta be all day, every day. No excuses about not being in state, or dressed poorly, or not in your usual environment. This will force you to be always on, and see your game as just part of who you are, as opposed to something you do.

And if you don't, you gotta pony up. Pick a charity that you will donate money to for every day you don't talk to that girl. It's all an honor system, since we are men of honor. But just this incentive may be enough to shake you loose from your perfectly reasonable excuses. Get competitive. Do it because you know you can, and because now you have no choice. It's a good bet all around... either you get better real fast, or a charity gets money it needs.

I'm in. $10 each day to Big Brothers/Big Sisters if I miss my chance.


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posted by Sean Messenger at 8:32 PM Dating Advice for Men


Blogger SPG said...

Win-win! I like it.

11:30 AM, May 24, 2006  
Blogger Sean said...

That's always the thing to look for in any business, right? Everyone's happy with the deal, then it's a good deal. :-)

But it does make me hate giving money to Big Brothers. I may have to volunteer some time to balance out my karma. ;-)

11:35 AM, May 25, 2006  

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