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Approach Anxiety


posted by Donovan at 2:12 PM

Alot of anxiety can come from pickup, especially when approaching a woman for the first time.

Seriously. (Until you start talking to them, and you start feeling totally at ease)

It seems to me that as soon as you start to feel that tug in your stomach is when you should be approaching. Hence the 3 second rule.

But something inside of my head, disqualifies her, "She's probably a slut", or "She's too busy", or "I don't want to be rude and interupt her".

When realistically Mystery said, "It's a effing privledge to be hit on my a pick up artist."

He also said, "I hate the approach!" and, "It's the worst thing in life, but I love the ladies!"

So guys, it's a rather short post today. Get out of the comfort zone, start approaching, because the anxiety will never FULLY go away. It's there for a reason.


Learn to control the approach, and thrive off that MASSIVE TUGGING AT YOUR HEART STRINGS feeling. It will become addictive soon enough...

There are many resources for controlling the approach, such as the Mystery Method e-book, and Art of Approaching. Art of Approaching I've found to personally help me because it gives me numerous solutions to typical approaching problems, such as: situational openers, opinion openers, etc. It helps you to become dynamic and come up with your own instead of reling on "canned material".
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posted by Donovan at 2:12 PM Dating Advice for Men


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