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Meeting Women Online DVD's


posted by Donovan at 10:17 AM

I forgot to post a link for you to David Deangelo's Meeting Women Online DVD/CD program.

You can check out video's, testimonals, and inside techniques for making your total online experience dynamite with the ladies. It has like 5 hours of information, all for meeting women online. If you haven't yet made online dating a part of your seduction arsenal, or just starting out, I highly recommend these DVD's.

David Deangelo Seminar Photo

I meet some of the hottest women I date from online. (South African Model, Actresses, ppl!)

Neil Strauss Style Photo David Deangelo Seminar

Speakers include David Deangelo, the other David's, Neil Strauss (Style), Craig, and a tonne of others.

David Deangelo Pick up Online Seminar

Check out the program here.

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posted by Donovan at 10:17 AM Dating Advice for Men


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