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Gambler (Seduction Master's Interview)


posted by Donovan at 8:19 AM

A few weeks ago I read this comment on the Dating Coaches of 2006 post:
"Personally, I'd like to choose someone who is virtually unknown, but I saw him turn guys who you wouldn't believe had a chance, into smooth talkers with a better chance of obtaining natural game in 11 hrs. I'm a little biased, because I'm one his students. Gambler, this is for you."
I knew I had to get in touch with this new up and comer, Gambler. After a few emails back and forth we decided to do this interview, which I think you will find extremely revealing and inspirational as I did.

Seduction Master's Interview


Gambler can be reached through his website at:

Describe the moment, when you suddenly realized, "I need to work out this part of my life"?

There was a night in 2001, I was 21 years old, had never kissed a girl. I was trading the stock market and doing pretty well and I said to myself “I’d give up all this for a girlfriend”. I said it out loud, and I really meant it. Having a girl then was worth more than all my material possessions and I’d probably have taken an offer to take 5 years off my life or sell my soul to the devil!

I met a girl within a few days and had a 2 1/2 year relationship with her!

This boosted my confidence and at least made me semi-comfortable dealing with women.

After we broke up, I was single again and didn’t sleep with another girl for 2 ½ years. The same desperation came back. I didn’t realize I could learn how to get this sorted out, so I was focusing on improving myself – making myself more attractive by working out all my issues and problems. I lightly dipped into Speed Seduction but thought it was utter rubbish and didn’t have the balls to even try it out.

By complete chance I happened to be in Starbucks Leicester Square, London at the same time as an RSD bootcamp. I spied on things a bit and then asked Tyler Durden what was going on. He broke it down and told me to read The Game. I read it when it came out in England which was September 2005. In November, I slept with my second girl. The only game I used was to match her physical escalation. She initiated everything, even the extraction to the hotel. I felt like I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I hadn’t read the book.

Have you had any mentors and what did they teach you?

Before I came to London in March, I was working on things on my own in Cambridge. My “mentors” were actually these super-hero PUAs that can get ANY woman they want, ANY time. They actually don’t seem to exist, but they existed in my mind and this was the goal I was working towards. The fact that I set my sights so high allowed me to get good very quickly. If I’d hung with local lair guys from the beginning, my targets would have been a lot lower and I might never have been as good as I am now.

My inspirations all came from the products, I didn’t meet a real PUA until I trained with Brent in April ’06. I thought David D was a great role-model of an attractive man with attractive qualities. Tyler, Swinngcat, and PU101 produced products which were a big help.

I mainly got lines and mental attitude from these products rather than a complete system for pickup. When I tried them out, I got mixed results because I’d be generally lame but throw out the occasional very funny or interesting line.

Milton Erickson was my strongest non-PU role-model. His books served as a grounding to me since he was dealing with REAL problems, and was focused on what is truly important in life. Not only that but he was a genius and could do things that no other human being has been able to do since.

Could you describe what you're life was like before you were aware of this, and what options you have with women now?

If we go back only as far as 12 months ago, I’d slept with 2 women. I had no idea if I’d ever find a girlfriend, have sex again or even kiss a girl. The whole process of getting a number or more was bewildering and seemed like a huge challenge. It was the uncertainty that was the main problem. The fact that I knew that I couldn’t just go to a club and grab a girl, and even if I went 10 times I might not get anywhere.

Now, I have multiple girls and options any time I like. I know that I can f-close 7 times a week if I like, or that I can meet a girl of quality (looks and character) around once every 3 weeks. I am dating an Italian girl who is doing a PhD curing cancer, looks like Monica Belluci and is pretty much perfect. I’m also dating a Brazilian girl who is super fun and sexy. Both know about what I do and each other, one even helps out on bootcamps as a HB helper! I have other options from strippers to models. I treat the girls well, don’t use tricks and never had a girl hate me!

What was your hardest sticking point?

The thing that took the longest to click and was the biggest sticking point was sexual escalation. I used to sit in sets for ages without going for a kiss or escalating at all. I barely kino’d. Sometimes I’d be in a set for over an hour without any moves being made.

One night in a set where the girl wasn’t giving me kino or IOIs, I just decided to go for it and pushed for the k-close and got it. After that I became more bold and the kino started to click and become natural.

Do you have a favorite step in your model?

I love to do a direct approach and very fast close so this is my favorite special move:

I spot my target from 5 meters or so, I’m not smiling, I’m looking cool, I point at her and tilt my head. She reacts in some way. I walk purposefully toward her. I give her a direct opener or compliment – “you’re a cutie pie” was a favorite for a while, say “come here” and pull her in, start dancing with her or just touch her hair. Maybe ask her name. Maybe not. K-close. When I imagine super hero PUA, there is no way he is indirect! That’s why this is my favorite move.

Have you had the experience yet, where you feel that you've reached a certain degree of mastery?

I think the moment I got it was my first f-close. I ran good game, opened, escalated quickly, moved her around the venue, and then lead her to my house. It was pretty smooth. I even threw in some Speed Seduction stuff. I realized then that I had choice with women for the first time in my life. It doesn’t slowly build up over time. I think there are key moments which open the floodgates. This was mine for f-closes.

When I got my first 9 was a huge moment too. It was always in the back of my mind that I didn’t have one yet. Remember, I live in London, I’ve SEEN less than ten 9s in the past 12 months! That was when I felt like a real top level guy.

What advice would you give to newbies starting out?

Plenty, but here are 3 things that spring to mind:

1. Get over your inhibitions and approach as many sets as you can. A guy that does 100 in a day will close more and learn more than someone that does 3. If you are uncomfortable having attention focused on you, go and do acting. If you are uncomfortable being close to a woman, go to salsa classes. Do some crazy missions, find out your motivation and put yourself in the position where you have to act. Give your friend $100 and get him to give you $10 back for each set you open.

2. When you are starting, it is easy to study loads of theory. You need to balance learning, applying and refining. I learnt more in 2 weeks of gaming than 6 months of theory. It makes sense, try spending 6 months learning how to drive by reading a book and see if you are better than the dude who spent 8 hours in a car.

3. If you are not an attractive man in general, fix that. Work on fashion, body language, voice, extrovert qualities, social skills, building an interesting life, etc. If you focus solely on pickup, it can actually make you worse!

In your experience, what is the biggest issue for guys getting attraction with a woman?

Standing out in a positive way from other guys. You need to project fun, sexuality, and confidence.

Look like you are having fun and don’t care too much about what happens. Be comfortable in the interaction, be externally focused and out of your head. If you don’t show outcome dependency, excellent. It’s being almost casual about it. When you feel pressure, she will too. When you are uncomfortable, she will not be able to relax. When women say they want confidence, this is what they are talking about.

What's your belief on inner game, and how did you improve yours?

I can talk all day about this area. Inner game is basically your state, your mood, your beliefs about yourself and women. You build inner game most effectively through results and progress. To build inner game before you start, you can try what I did. I wrote down a list of all the things about myself that I was unsatisfied with. For the ones I could do something about I made a plan of action and executed on it, and for the ones I couldn’t I learnt to accept them. Humans need certainty, sense of direction, this gives that. We need a sense of progress and you can get that by recording the progress you make in a journal. It also helps to stop comparing ourselves to others. Judge by your own life and the progress you are making. There will always be someone who is better in some regard, focusing on them is a recipe for discontent.

These are some things I used. I also studied self-hypnosis, NLP, read all the old Bandler books, everything on, by, or about Milton Erickson, I used subliminal music whilst I slept, etc. I used loads of tools and they all impacted in some way. Now I’m very solid, difficult to stress out, and generally in control of my emotions.

Do you have a personal favorite field report that you could relate?

Yeah! From 3 weeks ago!

I went to a posh club in London (24), was a good night, 3 k-closes with HBs. I got a 15 second k-close from using my “special move” as detailed above. I was in a great state – on fire – everything was working for me I COULDN’T get blown out if I wanted to, this happens sometimes. I didn’t extract any girls, nothing I was too bothered about. I was walking home, it was raining so I put my leather jacket under my top and it looked like I was pregnant.

I was walking with a friend. We were chatting when he gasped and pointed out a girl hiding from the rain under a shelter. She was a 9 in my book and the hottest girl I’d seen in 2006 with maybe 1 other girl on the same level as her. 6” tall with heels, blonde, thin, beautiful face, perfect skin, great smile, greeny blue eyes. Stunning.

I told him to go in, he went in and choked, shook his head and came back. He couldn’t do it.

I went and stood 2 meters away, mirrored her facial expression, she looked at my belly as if to say “huh?” and I rubbed it and mouthed “my baby”. She smiled. I looked at the floor next to her as if to say “there isn’t space next to you” and she took step back to let me in. I went and stood next to her right in her face. I asked what her name is. I was in seduction mode already. I went in to kiss her after 15 seconds but she turned her face so I kissed her on her cheek and neck. I do this if they turn their face. I asked where she was going and she told me so I said “I’ll walk you” and took her hand and lead her down the road.

I said “let’s go for another drink” she agreed and I lead her to my house. She objected when she realized we weren’t going to a bar and said “Russian girls are not so easy!” I said “I know, I love Russian girls, and you are special” in a sincere way (I did mean it too). She then started walking again and I got her to my room. I had no outcome dependency at this point, I had a take-it-or-leave-it attitude which she must have picked up on.

I got her in my room, she sat down, I put music on, she didn’t want wine. I said come here, she said “why” and didn’t stand up so I pulled her up, started kissing her, tripped her up onto the bed. Escalated with no LMR at all and had the best f-close ever. She was stunning, I wouldn’t change her thing. Plus it was all natural. No fake tan, died hair, tons of make-up, fake boobs. She was a diamond. Anyway, it took 15 minutes to get to my house, 5 minutes to get her into bed, and she was a NINE so it was amazing for me.

The PU skill? Nothing verbal, nothing I can describe too well. It was the state I was in + the confidence in the approach + the sexual vibe + the indifference and coolness about taking her home. I really didn’t feel desperate or outcome dependent.

She went to Russia for the holidays so need to call her again now because she’ll be back. But one thing is for sure, in London, it will be MONTHS before I even see anything as good.

What are your current challenges?

Finding quality girls! I don’t practice enough due to lack of quality HBs. My personal pickup goals are to be more dominant, escalate quicker, push the boundaries in this way. I’ve cracked upscale venues, celeb parties etc. Hmmm, not too much left. Just general improvement now I guess and a consistent level of quality.

What are you goals now within the community, and in life?

I’m torn between wanting to be the world’s best PUA and running a successful business. I think I need to come to America for both so I’ll be there soon. I am happy with my love life with a few good quality girls. I like to be in a loving relationship. ONSs don’t do too much for me. Neither does writing field reports or getting status from guys. I’m competitive but not a show-off, so I’ve posted on forums less than 5 times in my life!

You've started a company for English students called PUA Training, what can they expect when they take a bootcamp, and what makes you different from other English companies out there?

In London, we have the major US companies who have set up local operations, and no real home-grown talent. I don’t think the quality of training is up to US standards from the established companies since the local guys just aren’t the name-brand PUAs.

I put together a team who even the other organizations will admit consists of England’s best PUAs. We all have different styles and are not too tied to a specific approach. We teach direct, indirect, day, night, phone, day-2, dance-floor, natural game, and routines. It sounds like a lot but it is pretty simple. The system we teach can be learned and memorized and applied within 15 minutes. It is pickup boiled down into its essential elements from open to close. We then put the other stuff on top of this model so it is flexible enough to adapt to any student or any teacher. Because of this, some students leave and are routine guys, some leave and have natural game, and most have a mix but are working towards being all-natural. We had 3 f-closes in a row on bootcamp nights in December, and many more from dates following n-closes on the nights. At least 75% of students get closes on average which is better than any other published number I’ve seen.

Our bootcamps have 2:1 ratio in the club, have HBs that the guys can practice on before going into the field, feature wing-girls, sex skills training, fashion advice, and special guests in lots of areas. I wanted to get away from the “guy with a whiteboard” type of event and we hold our events in private rooms in bars and clubs and the guys are never sat listening without doing an exercise for more than 20 minutes. We have a big budget and spend the money on quality additions. We do day game AND night game.

Tell me about your soon to be released products, and what someone can expect to learn from them?

I’m writing an ebook which is 90% done. I went through all the material prior to going into the field. I’ve read every ebook and watched every DVD and listened to every piece of audio. Some is good, some is bad. A common problem is that none of these products gives you everything you need – the entire process from open to close with all the content you need along the way. Mystery’s book is the best in this regard at the moment, but it is still somewhat limited in its approach. The 7 hours, the negs, the mixed sets in clubs, no direct game, no dance-floor game, no day-game, no inner game, a very rigid system of steps. Basically I wanted to give a complete system for picking up women in any environment. I think I’ve achieved that. People love it so far and I look forward to seeing the response. I’ve basically created the book that I needed when I was an AFC.

Other products will have a similar goal, and so will stand out in the same way.

Your game is "natural", why did you adopt this technique, instead of using a more structured approach to pickup?

Hmmm, well it is natural but still structured. I know what “phase” I’m in and what I can do and what I need to do next. But I freestyle it within that. Because I generally look for quality girls that I can be in relationships with, I find canned material objectionable. I want the girl to be attracted to me, what I have to say, and what I truly think of her. I don’t want to catch a girl by acting a role. I would hate to have a girlfriend who I used a routine stack on. I think that canned material is a crutch until you develop the skills to freestyle and “be yourself”!
I have an unbreakable routine stack, it would close pretty much anything, but I don’t use it. The second reason I don’t use this stuff is that it doesn’t test me, I like to exercise my mental muscles, sharpen them and become better socially through this. You learn more from freestylying 1000 sets than doing the same routine stack 1000 times.

I don’t understand why guys want to be PUAs. A natural with PUA knowledge can out-game 99.9% of PUAs. AFC’s should strive to be naturals.

You traveled around Europe with some great dating coaches last year, what can you tell us about meeting women in other countries?

Well... You have disadvantages and benefits:
You are a rare commodity and more attractive.
They know you aren’t staying long.
The girls are generally not as easy.
Language can be a barrier.
Some countries just hate foreigners.

Aside from this, it is pretty much the same everywhere. The hottest girls in the world are in Latvia. And the most harsh environment ever is the Latvian club scene! They will blow guys out on the open in the most harsh way possible over and over. I still scored every night but I really did pick my shots carefully and the HBs were scared to be seen with me in front of anyone because of the negative social proof of being with a foreigner. Somewhere like Sweden, it’s different, pretty easy, but weird things like expecting you to light their cigarettes (same in a lot of these countries actually, Russia too), and if you refuse it isn’t cool at all. They are not shit-testing, it’s a part of the culture.

Being around so many HBs on the European tour, my game went through the roof! That’s why I need plenty of holidays to places with hot girls – to keep my game sharp. Anyone who wants to take our English girls, please let me know!

You've offered to write a column on The Attraction Chronicles. What do you think you'll focus on, and what can my readers expect?

Lots of things spring to mind. Right now, I think “A structured way to become a natural” would be pretty good theme. Natural game learned unnaturally! Haha. The advice is universal in my opinion.

Gambler can be reached through his website at:


Thanks Gambler, it looks like we'll be hearing from you again soon!

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posted by Donovan at 8:19 AM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Freddy K said...

That guy seems right on the money. Great interview. I was also curious however, how does he transition pickup into having a solid relationship?

9:21 AM, January 11, 2007  
Blogger puatraining said...

Hey Freddy,
I use a casual acquaintance kind of rapport with girls I only find physically attractive. This is important and means they won't get hurt or too attached if we get physical.
I do crazy deep rapport with girls that I want to "girlfriend close". The transition is simple. You run the pickup as usual but with more rapport and connection stuff.
I get solid relationships by being totally honest, being emotional and loving but not needy. It's pretty attractive I guess. Because i don't use routines or lines or lie, the girls won't have any regrets and will want more of the same!

10:51 AM, January 11, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that your photo Gambler? Hmmm. I would say by looks your about a 7-8. Same with the women your with, although personally I don't rank blonds very high. So your a 7-8 and so are your women. Sure this does take a bit of skill because of the general lack of available and attractive women in America, but this isn't really that amazing, considering most guys in the PUA community are probably a 6 or lower.

5:10 PM, January 11, 2007  
Anonymous Lifestyle With BG said...

Gambler, I'd like to get in touch with you. I like your philosophy and would like to exchange some thoughts with you. I run an established blog and am one of the 3 chairmen of the NLLounge Lifestyle Lair here in Holland.

5:57 PM, January 11, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pick up the same all over the world? Uhh. Clearly you haven't traveled that much. I know countries where your overall all value can easily raise as much as 5 points if you know where to go. Meaning if your a 4 or 5 in America, you can easily pull a 9 to a 10. Just by being your lame self. Not to say the PUA skills still aren't handy, but it can be totally different depending where you are in the world.

6:56 PM, January 11, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that your photo Gambler? Hmmm. I would say by looks your about a 7-8. Same with the women your with, although personally I don't rank blonds very high. So your a 7-8 and so are your women.

^ You are a delusional if you don't think those girls are hot. Put away your porn and get some real action.

8:45 AM, January 12, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, i concur with the dude that said gambler is a pretty good looking guy (yeah i tap that 0haha). if you're good looking and young, like gambler, you can do a direct approach. i just hope he isn't teaching dorky ugly old men to do direct approach, because it ain't gonna work!

10:41 AM, January 12, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure I know most of you guys think those women are totally unreal. But to a guy who has traveled to over 30 countries, and slept with nearly 300 women, I'm sorry, those women don't look that great to me. Both of them look pretty dumb in my opinion, and lazy in bed. But the seduction arts should be something personal, not about your ego or impressing others. If he really likes those women then great, but I imagine he just likes the feeling that he's successful which is kind of sad, since a good hypnotist could have got him that. Go to Brazil, Costa Rica, Thailand or Japan and then tell me those are hot women.

7:33 PM, January 12, 2007  
Blogger Donovan said...

I need to set some things straight.

It's just one photo of heaps Gambler sent me, he has loads of different photos with different women of all sorts of flavors.

The last comment:

I find Asian and South American (Brazilian/Argentina (Euro-ancentry) are hot) girls unattractive personally. I prefer European and "Western" women. It might be the culture I'm from.

If you're sleeping with over 300 women, why would you look online for seduction tips? Seems like you might be the one "likes the feeling that he's successful."

Thanks for posting, fill me in if I'm terribly rude and incorrect! Not my intention =)

10:57 PM, January 12, 2007  
Anonymous Cobra said...

2 things:

-I am pretty sure that Gambler didn't close either of the girls in the picture. They are just posing for a pic, he has some with other celebrities like Paris H and Katie Melua as well.

-I totally agree with Donovan. While I have not even slept with 1/10th of the women the previous poster has, I have travelled quite a bit. About 50 countries, including all those mentioned above.

It is oviously a personal preference, but a lot of people like us prefer the Caucasian type you find mostly in the US, NA and some parts of South America (+Venezuela is great).
Asian girls do not do it all for me.

That being said, it is a personal preference. The girls above are definitely hot, but not in a unique way.

So much for todays KJ'ing!

8:03 AM, January 13, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

as they say, de gustibus. to me, these girls look like prostitutes and aren't what i go for, but if the guy likes them, by all means. i'll send them over if he sends over the ones i like. unfortunately the ones i like are hard to run game on.

11:32 AM, January 13, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No your not rude, and I'm not trying to start a fight. I just like shedding light on the illusions of the seduction community. I've been a part of it since it began in the early 1990's and when I first started all I ever wanted were these LA type western blondes and brunettes. And I got them, although I admit they were often hard to maintain since I'm really about a 5/10 in a LA club. At the time I never questioned WHY I was so attracted to these women and I had no idea there was a entire different world out there. 15 years later, I can't imagine even walking around with those women and feeling cool. What I found was more amazing than anything I could have even imagined.

11:32 AM, January 13, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's so great about thai chicks anyway? i mean sure they're btter than japanese chicks, but who aren't?

among asians, the chinese girls are supreme, but that's probably just because there are a billion chinese people and there are going to be some hot girls among them.

in asia, go to southern china and laos if you want to see great girls.

11:36 AM, January 13, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is 300 women a lot for PUAs? That's good news! And all this time I've been thinking I was a loser...

11:38 AM, January 13, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. I think the reason so many of you guys get stuck in the first place is because you get attracted to these "Bay Watch" girls and can't imagine a having a epic sex life, even better than "Bay Watch" if you start to look outside the box of America.

2:43 PM, January 14, 2007  
Blogger puatraining said...

Hey guys.
1. The pic above is a "show picture" it's just like a picture i'd use for publicity or whatever.
I don't like this TYPE of girl, although the one on the right is very hot and my type in looks.
My girlfriend right now is beautiful and I love her PERSONALITY & CHARACTER, she is good quality. I didn't use any kind of game anyone else teaches to get her! I like to think that bullshit wouldn't have worked. I'm not shallow, and not a show-off (hence me only posting on forums THREE TIMES IN MY LIFE!) but the way "Game" is marketed in my view is often sleazy even though most of my customers are great quality guys with good intentions.

2. No, I don't teach direct game to old guys or unconfident guys. I think indirect should be used by beginners unless they are going in off IOIs. What I teach is a path towards natural, direct game. I teach what is right for the guys, not what I personally do - what I do woudln't work for most of them. I don't like having a website like mine, i'd prefer to be a "life coach specialising in dating and realationships" but that is the way it has to be marketed.

3. I have travelled to so many places, last year alone I visited 15 countries. I speak Chinese, have been there for 3 months and I find it pretty easy to pull Chinese girls. They are feminine, not hairy and have good skin - all good points. But i've had too many and my type at the moment is either mediterranian or Eastern European. I also like South American. Thai? they are nice but not special. Japanese can be nice sure. Like I said, for me, it's all about RIGA in LATVIA!

Remember, I live in London, it's the most mixed city in the world. I know my girls. Tonight I finished the bootcamp, I gamed French, Austrian, Chinese, Slovakian, and American chicks in just the last 2 hours.

In this blog you are getting the real me, i'm being as honest as possible.

5:31 PM, January 14, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool Gambler. Sorry to harass you on here. You sound like you know your stuff really well. I've been in the community for a long time starting with NLP. I love the pick arts and sciences and what they have done for me. Yet since THE GAME their are so many watered down imitators cashing in on the business it's sad. A guy like you really gives me hope for the community to evolve. You gained a new fan here!

12:05 AM, January 15, 2007  
Blogger Donovan said...


11:56 AM, January 15, 2007  
Anonymous D$ said...

For the guys who have done a lot of international travelling, what countries would you say rate American men higher? If you had to pick a top 3 or top 5 countries for an American PUA to go for best odds/results, what would they be?

2:08 AM, January 17, 2007  
Blogger Tiger said...

Two days ago an old friend sent me an email entitled; THIS IS YOU, IM SCARED. Included was a pdf. book of The Game. I read it in one sitting. Now I’m not claiming to have the finesse of Styles or the painfully gained knowledge of Mystery but I had only met two people in my life that had decent game apart from myself, and they have been wrenched from the lifestyle by long term (lovely) GFs. Fair enough. Every good friend I schooled in the art of decent Wingmanship (from my own fairly unsophisticated theories) went out with the first fit girl he managed to bang. Then let her boss him for the rest of his life. Not cool.

Anyway, after reading The Book I wanted to find out if we had anything similar sort of underground society and forums in the UK where I can spit some of my own tried and tested UK theories and experiences. My internet quest bought me here.

Juggler I’m looking forward to going to your seminar when I get back to the UK in June. Your thoughts matched my own exactly on natural game as well as Riga (where I am moving for a year in 2008). I have some natural skill already but obviously so much room for improvement. Very exciting to be on the curve of learn and also I need wings. Mine drop like fucking flies.

P.S Just to add, the girls in your pictures are both healthy English 9s. Especially the brunette. It’s not about the jealousy. And remember we are English most our girls are pretty rubbish.

9:35 AM, February 24, 2007  
Anonymous jujubean said...

1) Gambler would be considered HAWT by most women. Direct works best for hawt guys.

2) Those girls are physically hot. Guys can diss their personalities as bychy, hi-maintenance, vapid, etc (and probably would be right)...but we all know damn well that we'd still all love to bust some nuts up in those. And the grass ain't greener in Asia. Truth be told, most Asian girls don't have the face or body to compare with these - although yes they may thus be more attainable and compliant to compensate. Sour grapes and whine, anyone?

7:56 AM, April 11, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh snap. I thought I was reading Juggler's profile. They're both quite similar.

7:34 PM, September 28, 2007  

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