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Quick, Easy Ways To Meet Women Online


posted by Donovan at 12:24 PM

Have you tried online dating yet?

The first time I tried it, I felt like I was learning to ride a bike all over again... it was

Well, I'm glad I stuck with it, because it turned out that the Internet was one of the most incredible miracles ever created for meeting women.

I've personally met and dated some of the most amazing women... all online. I'm talking about models, dancers... super intelligent women that I would have NEVER met if it were not for the Internet.

What's the point?

The point is if YOU are not using the Internet to meet women on a CONSISTENT basis, then it's time you learned how.

Of course, I don't think you should shut yourself up at home and never go out into the real world again...

It's important that you continue to develop your social skills and grow your ability to create ATTRACTION with women...

But, if you'd like to get three or four more dates a month with women that are MUCH better matches for you, then I'd like to share some of the secrets I've learned about Internet dating with you.

By the way, did you know that if you understand how the dating web sites work... and you know the patterns of how women check their profiles and responses, that you can get double, triple, or even MORE responses?


Just by knowing "how the system works", you can literally increase your success by MULTIPLE times.

Here's one for you...

Did you know that many of the big online dating sites will take your profile and put it at the "top of the list" when women do searches... every time you change or UPDATE your profile?

Ever notice that when you first put up a profile, you seem to get more response from women?

Well, that's why.

So guess what?

Now that you know this, you can go and update your profile regularly... with new pictures and other changes... and STAY at the top of the list.

What could that one secret be worth to you? Well, if you're spending as much as the average guy who stays subscribed to an online site for many months, then this one idea alone could be worth hundreds of dollars to you.

Speaking of saving time and money, and getting HUNDREDS of ideas like this one that will DRAMATICALLY improve your success with online dating...

I'd like you to go and watch the video preview clips of my "Meeting Women Online" program.

And I'd like you to read about it and what's inside.

Most important of all, I want to send it to you to TRY out.

In fact, no kidding around here... I'm so convinced that you will use what you learn in this program to get IMMEDIATE results, that I'll send one to you at MY RISK. I'm even going to pay for the shipping to send it to you.

Listen as my guests teach you LIVE how to set up systems that will meet women FOR YOU 24/7... even when you're not near a computer.

Listen as I show you how to create a "machine" that converts profiles and contacts into email addresses... addresses into phone numbers...

...and phone numbers into dates.

I want you to go through the entire program, and try a few of the ideas you're going to learn.

If this program doesn't prove to be worth TEN TIMES the investment, just send it back... no hassles, and no questions.

I wouldn't "push" you to check this program out like this if I wasn't convinced beyond the shadow of any doubt that it's THE WAY to success with online dating.

Those video clips, plus all the details... are all here:

Meeting Women Online

I'll talk to you again soon.



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posted by Donovan at 12:24 PM Dating Advice for Men


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