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The Mystery Method Program DVD


posted by Donovan at 4:59 PM

I'm also in the middle of reading "The Game". It seems from "The Game" that Mystery is unstable at times, but he is like most of us in the earlier days (I believe "The Game" is when Mystery first started out).

Mystery Method Saturday Night Magazine

When we try to improve our lives (seduction one area), sometimes we go to far. We need to be temperate and get things together. Sometimes we go to the extreme in a discipline, but when we realize it, we should come back down and reach a good mean.

Mystery Method, seduction, pickup, dating, Neil strauss

The Mystery Method is science. It can be repeated. He is about to release his "Method" on DVD, stuff before only available in bootcamps. The release is scheduled for the 15th of October 2005.
These topics that will be discussed on Mystery's DVDs:
  • Art of Approaching and Opening
  • Neg Theory
  • Six Characteristics of an Alpha Male
  • S&R relationship
  • Non-Verbal Aspects of Approaching
  • Storytelling and Integrating DHVs
  • Time Bridging Strategies
  • Frame Games
  • Kino Escalation
  • Peacocking
  • Identity Creation
  • Multiple Thread Theory
  • Building Comfort
  • Grounding Sequences
  • Group Theory tidbits
  • Lock-in Props and Locking Into Set
  • Last Minute Resistance

It is easy to see why this program will rock. The thing that separates Double Your Dating from the Mystery Method, is that the Method is a step-by-step guide to picking up from approaching. Double Your Dating, is more of a lifelong inner game, and outer game change.

Mystery in New York Times newspaper

Method is a step-by-step approach. Double Your Dating changes you internally, and guides your outward behaviors for overall improvement.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, but I believe put together, UNBELIEVABLE. Even just one of these will increase your success.

Click here to get the "Mystery Video Archive Encyclopedia 5-DVD Compilation Set" or order individual DVDs to specialize your skills.

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