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Don't Rush A Woman


posted by Donovan at 7:27 PM

So I went out with the twin on a date to the State Fair. Everything went well, I played indifferent, and made her seek approval. That night we madeout while we watched a movie. The next day came, and I called her that night, she came up to a concert I was at, and we talked and then kissed goodbye. Sunday I didn't call. Today I texted messaged her, and asked her round to hang out. She wanted to, but gave the excuse that her ex-boyfriend has been hassling her and making her feel bad. I gave her space and said, only come around if you want to, otherwise I'll talk to you another time.

Meanwhile, this girl Rachel... We went on a date on Saturday, and really hit things off. We stopped into my friends house to pickup somethings of mine (snowboard, etc). My friend texted me, (a married guy) "Don, she is way too cool and good looking for the likes of you. I think you should aim lower..." Of course, we have this kind of relationship. So basically she told me that she would be heading over to France in a couple of months for five months. This was a study-abroad option alot of college students go for when they are doing that sort of study. I decided to do an experiment.

I told her that I can't date her because we would end up dating exclusively and we would have to break up before she went to France. This was done infront of one of her roommates. Basically, she had the look of an AFC that had just been told that there was no chance of being anything but friends. On Sunday, I wanted to explain it, because she started giving me the cold shoulder. I told her, what will end up happening even if we don't want to date exclusively is that will happen naturally if we get along with each other really well. She said she was just shocked to hear it, and that it didn't freak her out.

Today, she called me alittle after 7pm, (she hasnt called me before) and invited me over to her place for some dessert (seriously... pie). So it goes to show, you can say anything, but so long as you have the right intent, and motives behind, it won't come off creepy.

My topic today is, DONT RUSH A WOMAN. Don't try and rush into a relationship, or even talk about it for awhile. This sends messages to them that you are:

1. Needy (Why do you need to set a relationship up with a girl you barely know? Don't you have other girls that you're closer to? You get a lot of dates right?)

2. Creepy (It is just plain creepy when someone wants a relationship off the bat. No matter if it's the woman or the man)

Just take things slow, because women progress at a much more relaxed rate than you would. Keep up the elusiveness, and confident personality, and you'll be fine.
Till tomorrow,

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posted by Donovan at 7:27 PM Dating Advice for Men


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