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Buying women gifts and smothering them to early


posted by Donovan at 4:57 PM

I was in line at Subway today on campus. A guy of average looks was talking to a woman next to him. He was asking her if it was a good idea to buy this girl who has been having a hard day something special. A DVD, groceries, or something around the $20 mark to make her day alittle brighter. Nice gesture right?

I turned around and asked, "Do you like her?"

He replied, "I think so, yeah..."

"If you don't like her buy it, if you do, I defintely would NOT," I said. "Don't do it."

He said, "Interesting, why is that?"

"You're going to come across to strong, and you probably don't know her that well. Don't you have other girls that you're interested in as well, how can you afford it?" (Being college guys)

"We'll she's the girl right now that I like."

"Find more girls... that will help your problem."

Something I have noticed when I have dated girls, is that you NEVER come across to strong before you're in a relationship. A couple of weeks or months of dating, is prime time to give her some of that much elusive attention you haven't been showing her. Now don't get me wrong here.

1. Don't crowd her to early. (Atleast before a month of dating)

2. Don't buy her gifts. (Before your in a relationship)

3. Be original (All the time)

4. Act indifferent to her (On and off)

I never condone disrespect of women. BUT THIS IS NOT DISRESPECT. It works. Treat them like a little bratty sister, and things work out better. Don't crowd. Occasionally call her once a week. Setup dates by saying, "I'm headed over to grocery store, want to come pick out some special fruit juice for me this week?" or "I've going out to Barnes and Noble to see some of the new releases, want to pick one out for me?" etc.

Never ask a girl out by saying, after awkward silence as the conversation comes to a boring end, "I was wondering if you're not busy on Friday, do you want to go out?"



That's my blog entry for now.

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Till tomorrow,



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posted by Donovan at 4:57 PM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Dave said...

I like your site


12:24 AM, September 16, 2005  

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