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Maximum Edge Seminar


posted by Donovan at 2:30 PM

I just got this notice from Stephen Nash of Cutting Edge Image Consulting. This seminar will truly be value for money. I've personally witnessed Stephen's smooth style, and highly recommend his products.

Wanted to give you a heads up that seminar space for the end of the month is quickly filling-up. I got a number of sign-ups over the holiday, so the event is now nearly sold-out. I encourage you to get on the list asap.

We are VERY excited to offer this BRAND NEW program entitled the "Maximum Edge Seminar", to be held in NYC on Sat. September 30 & Sun. October 1. In it we cover everything you need to know to MASTER your social skills so that you can meet women and date on your terms, while also maximizing your lifestyle, and personal style so that you are always at your most attractive...if you are looking for balanced and healthy relationships, this program is critical to your future success.

If you'd like to hear some audio of me discussing the seminar, and sign-up now, go here:

What follows is a mere sampling of what will be taught at this seminar:

* Learn our ground-breaking 3-point plan that gives you the power when meeting new women;

* We disclose the secret art of "hooking" so that women never walk away from you again;

* How to bait ANY woman into a conversation so that within minutes she is dying to know YOU;

* We go over the subtleties of female psychology and why it is absolutely necessary to do THREE key things when meeting any new you know what they are?;

* We will guide you through a step-by-step process to build a look that empowers you. Look forward to feeling confident about what you wear each and every day;

* We help each student understand the BEST places to go where they can meet women with the greatest probability of success. Certain venues are better for some than for others - let's find a plan that works for YOU;

* Learn which conversational topics are fascinating to women. Never be boring again;

* We will guide you through a step-by-step exercise which will help you get your life on track, and moving forward towards an attractive, autonomous lifestyle. This is the ultimate way to be attractive, and to feel like a man;

* We provide a clear definition of relationships, and why some work and some don't. We give you clear-cut ways to improve all of your relationships TODAY;

* There are three different ways to engage women in conversation when you are socializing. These three are based on the three different environments that exist socially. Do you know what they are? We teach you on Day I of the program;

* We explain the importance of lifestyle, and why it is critical to live fully and have fun. This is essential to your success with women. Curious why?

* We teach you the FASTEST way to begin conversations in ANY environment;

* We outline the aspects of a successful mindset, and we then lead you through a clear and concise exercise to attain that attitude for yourself;

* We teach you how to flirt, tease, and tell stories which build fascination and intrigue. This is precisely how you will never feel lost for words when relating to women;

* We instantly improve your body language and tonality with simple, clear advice never heard anywhere before;

* We give you a SIMPLE way to ALWAYS be relaxed and comfortable before approaching and engaging women in conversation;

* Get women chasing you by being a challenge and by playing hard to get - you may have heard other ways to create this dynamic. Throw them all away - this one is solid, and empowers you to be the prize;

* We give you precise things to say, and then teach you how to drop all scripted lines and be truly spontaneous;

* Learn priceless leadership secrets that you CANNOT LEARN ANYWHERE ELSE - these will lead you to the promised land with beautiful women;

* Learn the secret to building a FAST and GENUINE emotional connection;

* We will give you three different dating scenarios which most guys follow - there is one, and only one, which is nearly a guarantee for success - which one do you follow now? How can you change your strategy for dating to increase your success?;

* We give you a solid blueprint on how to live with PASSION and bring other people into your life - become the magnet of your social circle;

* We reveal deep insights into female psychology that women don't want you to know;

* We will help you create a profile for the woman you truly desire, and help you develop a PLAN for meeting her and bringing her into your life. It is critical that you know what you are looking for in a woman, and we will reveal this to you on Day II of the program;

* Critical elements in creating an interesting and magnetic lifestyle - have people coming to you from now on;

* We speak at length about connections, and intimacy - topics that are baffling to men, and we describe them in detail, giving you a solid framework to create more of both in your life.

Again, below is the link you need to sign-up today and insure seating at the "Maximum Edge" seminar at the end of the month. We look forward to working with you!


Stephen Nash
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posted by Donovan at 2:30 PM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd suggest people use caution when thinking about taking a class from Mr. Nash. He doesn't like people disagreeing with his mental map of the world. He spends a extreme (compared to others) amount of time discussing clothes. Clothes really don't matter. Look around the next time you are out if you don't believe me. Most guys with women look like crap (stylistically), yet they are with women.

One could dress Mystery in a nerd outfit and his game wouldn't drop. It's the person inside the clothes that matter.

Just don't do something stupid and you are OK clothing-wise. What is something stupid? Well, black shoes and a tan belt would be one. Iron your clothes. Have a nice pair (better would be uniquish) of shoes. It's really not hard and it's really not a big deal, although it will be a learning process. Clothes are quite expensive and I'm just trying to save people some dough.

Check out or thesatorialist for more style info. Make it a hobby, its fun. At the end of the day, if you don't have the right body language and say the right things, clothes don't matter (they won't help or hurt).


9:57 PM, September 06, 2006  
Blogger Donovan said...

Having known people, and myself, that have taken classes from Nash, I can say that 1. fashion makes a huge difference (women approach you) eg. I just bought a pair of $250 Prada sunglasses that my gay black friend recommended while I was in NYC. Nothing makes a woman melt like those. 2. Nash's system is simple, no fluff, and works. I've seem incredible changes in myself and others who have heeded his advice.

anonymous, your assumption is that most guys already know this about fashion. Although, thankyou for the links and addition information!

7:21 AM, September 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your point that most guys with women dress badly is true. However guys with hot women dress well.

Clothes DO matter. They give you an EDGE. Good clothes and haircuts are can easily and drastically increase a man's attractiveness. Great skills and great clothes are much better than great skills alone.

11:21 AM, September 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah dressing nice help. if we are talking about first impression why not look your best. if you don't want to dress nice, then your game better be tight because I don't know what keeping the girls their.

11:37 AM, September 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never thought Nash was talking solely about fashion - his blog is loaded with actual useful shit about dating and communicating with women - it's my favorite actually. I wish he and Mike would post more about fashion - so many idiots out there wearing their PUA gear - that shit is female repellant dude.

I think anonymous just needs some love out there...go sargin' bro...leave..the..keyboard (hows that for some love man!)

10:23 AM, September 14, 2006  

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