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How To Keep A Woman Attracted


posted by Donovan at 10:32 AM

I liked this email for those guys that are getting into relationships from Lance at Pickup101.

I saw a headline today that said, "YouTube Serves Up 100 Million Videos A Day."

Now unless you've been living in some sort of cave you have probably looked at a youtube video at least once.

Probably more than once.

Some of them are hilarious (especially the recent ones about the infamous Zidane head butt), and some of them just plain suck.

But occasionally some one sends me a video that is actually painful to watch, and today was one of those occasions.

I got a link to this short clip that I thought was comedy about a guy breaking up with a girl. I figured the guy would get blown out and that was it.

Man was I wrong.

It starts off with a guy on the phone telling the girl that it's no big deal about the break up, and she should come get her stuff.

I'm thinking, this guy's got it right. Move on and get another girl right away.

But it gets worse quickly, and I mean downright ugly. There is scene after scene of this guy singing loves songs into her answering machine, crying into the phone while sitting in the bathtub, and practically stalking her to get her back.

I couldn't stand it!

I would rather listen to nails on a blackboard.

Listen I get a lot of questions from guys about how can they get this one girl back.

My advice forget about it! Or as I learned to say in New York... fagedaboutdit.

Let's review a few key points of attraction:

1. Attraction happens in an instant.

When you see the cute girl with the big booty in her tight jeans, you're attracted. It takes all of a few microseconds.

Attraction happens just as quickly for a woman, but for different reasons (so don't waste your time trying to squeeze your big butt into tight jeans).

The myth that you have to spend days or weeks to get a woman attracted is a load of donkey droppings.

The flip side is, if you don't keep her attracted, she'll find someone else.

2. Attraction is fleeting... it doesn't last without effort.

Just like when the women in the tight jeans is out of your sight and the next cutie walks
by, you've forgotten miss big booty.

So it is with a woman. If you can get them to talk about it, they'll tell you how many times a day they are attracted to guys. But it doesn't mean she will ever act on it.

And for relationships, once the attraction spark is gone... it's usually gone for good.

You will be wasting your valuable time trying to get her back attracted to you.

Why bother when there are so many women out there? Go get a new girlfriend, you'll be

3. Chasing is very unattractive

If you only learn one thing from me learn this valuable lesson.

Chasing is VERY UN-attractive.

You've probably already discovered when you pursue a woman, she gets less interested and more annoyed at you.

Think about how you feel, when a salesman won't leave you alone from the minute you walk in his store. All you want to do is look, and maybe get some info, and the guy is all over you like a cheap suit.

Well cute girls get that all day every day. Hell even average women get it every day.

So the second they think your chasing them, your screwed.

And please promise me you'll never beg a woman to come back to you. it's about the WORST thing you can do.

So maybe you are wondering what the heck you can do that gets attraction, and keeps it going, so you don't have to 'chase'.

The answer my friend is a simple six letter word... B A N T E R!

Banter sets you apart as being a man who is comfortable around women, enough to 'play' with her like she's an old friend.

Banter is one of the most powerful attraction triggers I know, and it's FUN!

And women NEVER get tired of it. You can use banter to keep your woman attracted just like she uses lingerie and mini-skirts.

If you want to see banter in action take a look at Surefire Attraction Secrets.

Now, go meet some women.

Your Friend,

Lance Mason
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posted by Donovan at 10:32 AM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Ryan said...

So do we get to see this painful video, lol

11:52 PM, August 30, 2006  
Blogger Donovan said...

I'll see if I can find it... :) hahaha

11:57 PM, August 30, 2006  
Anonymous Sorta Like said...

Reminds me of Swingers:

5:20 PM, September 15, 2006  

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