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More Women Turn To Online Dating!


posted by Donovan at 12:03 PM

Meeting Women Online

I just read this article in Cosmopolitan magazine in which it published a "Guide To Online Dating" (for women). Don't ask me what I'm doing reading Cosmopolitan. Bastards =P

The article said some interesting things from a woman's perspective.

"If you think the online dating arena is a bastion of socially inept people who can't master bar-scene trolling, your watch -- Internet dating has actually become cool. "Since the '90s dot-com boom, more people are comfortable on the Web," says Jane Rinzler Buckingham, president of trend-tracking agency Youth Intelligence and a Cosmo contributing editor. "If we use it to find airline tickets and jobs, why not love?" Plus, it's efficient. "You can instantly get the lowdown on dozens of men," says Hannah*, 27, who has used her keyboard to connect with several guys.

Everyone is doing it -- because it works.

Nearly 18 million people visited personals sites in January 2001, according to Internet tracking firm Jupiter Media Metrix. averages one marriage per week between people who met on its site, and says it has matched more than a million users."

That's insane.

The reason I keep mentioning meeting women online, is because I've found it to be one of the places I meet really emotionally healthy women these days. Successful women tend to be busy and have a life, so online dating seems to be where some turn to, especially if you are in college, such site's like Facebook and Myspace are a goldmine.

As you may realize, a lot of single women read Cosmopolitan Magazine. The magazine took a poll of their female readers on their cyber-dating habits (meeting men online using online dating services). I wanted to pass along the results and I will tell you why after you read the following results:

86% of their online readers has given online dating a try.

41% said they tried it because they were getting frustrated with traditional ways of meeting men.

44% of the women said they would contact a man even it he did not post a picture of himself with his ad.

34% waited three months before meeting their online dates in person.

61% said they found their online dating experience rewarding.

55% think that online dating is a good way to meet men.

74% liked the guys they met online.

36% are in a relationship with someone they met online.

So, what do all these results tell you? You need to get online a meet some single women! This is such an easy way to meet women from the comfort of your home using your computer. This is not a replacement for going out in the field! You have to do that. However, it adds another dimension to your game.

Although I bet most of you that are reading this are Internet savvy. Which means you've probably already tried it with more than likely bad results. Also read this:

"It's ladies' night whenever you log on -- the Web is full of fine guys. Most
sites we checked out have a male registration of 65 percent; some even have two
guys for every female. Why? "Men are used to pursuing women, so the Web is just
an extension of that," explains Jeffrey Ullman, founder of the non-Web-based
Greater Relations Worldwide matchmaking service in Los Angeles."
Now that is a problem...


This is why I keep talking about the Meeting Women Online DVD's. They have heaps of little tricks, techniques and step-by-step plans for getting the most bang for your buck, and give you the WAYS to make your profile an instant chick MAGNET!

Check out the video previews for free here, and see if it's what you're looking for.



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posted by Donovan at 12:03 PM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stick to the real world, pal! Online dating is a meat market. It doesn't matter what your age, the real "babes" of the world don't use online dating. Most want to find someone real - and honest.

P.S.I'm talking about those "babes" with a brain!

4:28 PM, April 09, 2006  
Blogger Donovan said...

I can see your point. However, online dating is a powerful way to meet those girls with busy and successful lives. Especially if you're in college and you have resources such as facebook, or myspace.

6:35 PM, April 09, 2006  
Blogger JULIO said...

I would like to comment on what the Anonymous sender wrote. I have used an online dating site called and all the people that I have met there are very respected and loving people. I also have been with my girlfriend (or should I say "soon to be wife") for about 5 1/2 years now and guess what? I met her on this site. So I dont think that the online dating thing is where all the stupid or brainless people are, you just need to really talk and get personal with them. is the site that I used so check it out.

4:28 PM, May 24, 2006  
Blogger dianne_lone said...

I met a lot of people through online dating. In webdate*com, I met all kinds of people in the chatrooms. Webdate also creates interracial relationships. I got to learn more about asian and european people. Webdate is a cool venue to expand your dating and social life. =)

4:05 AM, July 20, 2006  

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