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Along Came A Model...


posted by Donovan at 9:36 AM

I think I can die happy soon...

I had a date with a HB9 last night. She's South African, 5'10, and extremely cool.

I actually met her online, through a college friends site. I messaged her saying if she knew someone at her high school etc. We conversed for 15 minutes on MSN, got her number, and she owed me hot chocolate for me telling her my height (5'8 haha).

I think the trick was while we were talking on MSN, it setup the overall frame. I played a very charming role, but didn't hestitate to bust on her when she displayed what we both call a "model moment".

A part of the conversation went something like this when I tried to setup the date:

Her: I've actually got a class Tuesday from 9-10.
Me: That's amazing, is that a special class for insominacs?
Her: Its for blah blah class.
Her: Oh wait. You mean at night?
Me: And you were doing soooo well!
Her: Haha. No WAY! That was a blonde moment.
Me: Wow, defintely a model moment there.
Her: I'm not like that normally!!
Me: I'll have to take you're word for it...

Anyways, all we did for the date was go to a service station get some hot chocolate, went to a park, sat and talked. I DHV'd through stories, mindreading (even if she didn't pick 7, I said she had some weird aura that destroyed the process), busting on the mistakes guys make with her (treating her too nice, etc) and displaying a brief vunerable side. Towards the end of the night, she said "You know why I like you so much?" I said, while holding up my hands "I don't really have enough fingers on my hands, but give me just ONE." "Because you don't treat me like glass!" "Guys are way to nice on dates, and never tease me when I have a blonde moment, they just act like it didn't happen!"

And on...

I basically asked her in an intial message if she knew this girl that looked like a celebrity, like I mentioned earlier.

Well, she asked what my darkest secret is... and I told her.

I said: "I never needed to know if you knew that friend from school, I could find out in 5 minutes what her phone number is through a friend."

She said with a huge smile and blushing: "I'm so flattered!"

I presume she already knew that though, but it showed balls admitting it.

I think just like David Deangelo says, is you can say charming, almost corny things if you get her in the right frame. This showed her that I wasn't all cocky and funny, or alpha. I did have a side that was "human", or "emotionally vunerable". The reason for that is, it took balls to say that. Normally a guy will never tell them the excuse, and I normally wouldn't either, but the frame was there that I was dominant from DHV's, her IOI's, throughout the 2 hour date. (But you have to calibrate, and you don't want to be too dominant, just alittle abit, you still want to seem attainable as The-Approach article I posted a month ago talked about) This was last night.

She called me this morning at 8am and woke me up, and told me 3 days in advance that she forgot about driving school (shes pushed it back 4 times) that she must take, and suggested hanging out after, and also Saturday. (Last night we setup to go to a Volleyball game for Fri)

I'll keep you posted on this gem as it develops further,
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posted by Donovan at 9:36 AM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Jan said...

a blonde moment......

That's funny! Thanks for the teaser!

10:05 PM, August 10, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a hot story. I love model. Killer legs. Any updates (four years later?)

6:46 PM, April 10, 2010  

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