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Neil Strauss, Before and After...


posted by Donovan at 5:49 PM

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I was just watching a segment from "Richard and Judy" (British TV show) that had author of "The Game" Neil Strauss (Style) doing presswork for it. They showed him teaching some AFC's (Average Frustrated Chumps) and they're reactions to what they were being taught.

I have always seen Neil as the man on the left, and I was shocked to see how badly he really did look before he got involved in the seduction community. Wow! No wonder he didn't get laid even when he hung out with Motley Crue, Jenna Jameson, Marilyn Manson, etc. ?! :)

I have read his book The Game but found it hard, like most I'm sure, to be convinced of the quality of women that he was pulling. I recently got hold of another video taken from "ABC Primetime". This video details the PUA scene, and the industry as a whole and Neil the center of attention, and it also scrolls through old photos of him with women at some clubs. :) Enjoy.

neil strauss

neil strauss

neil straussneil straussneil strauss

With rockstar girlfriend Lisa...

neil strauss

Neil Strauss on Richard and Judy

For Neil Strauss on ABC Primetime, click here.

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posted by Donovan at 5:49 PM Dating Advice for Men


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