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How To Pickup Women in Supermarkets


posted by Donovan at 11:03 AM

The latest and greatest from Lance Mason

Here's how I get my shop on.

Supermarket is a super-normal situation. Act super-normal. Forget the crazy stuff. Just be friendly, flirty, and the show you have some manners.

And keep this in mind... the supermarkets are full of single girls on weeknights after work. Single girls who are waiting to meet someone charming, confident, and yes, NORMAL.

Now's your time to shine.

Follow these steps, and make sure you put "hottie" on your shopping list this week.

1. Walk in and grab a cart. It makes a difference. Even if you're just there to
practice flirting, make it look to everyone, especially yourself, that you fit in.

2. Head towards the back of the store so you can see who's in which row. Walk along
shopping, and keep your eyes open. When you find a girl you like, start walking towards her.

3. Be observant. Look at where she is. It always helps to be aware of the situation.

4. Make a comment on anything appropriate to the situation.

You don't need your opener to be clever. Just appropriate. The trick is to get her
attention, and then start having fun.

5. Here's how it works when you add some banter to your shopping cart.

"Wow, you got a lot of good food there.
I usually just buy beer and a pack of

"Yes, well..."

Now turn on the big smile.

"Perfect. I'll be over for dinner at 7:30...
no, 8. And I'll bring the wine this time...
you just cook that special thing you made
for us last week."

Now is when she smiles and plays along. Keep playing with it. Talk about how the
dinner last week was great, and you're really looking forward to a special night. Laugh and smile and enjoy it. If you have fun, she'll have fun.

Once she's smiling and having fun, the next step is easy.

Just introduce yourself. Then talk to the girl. Have a conversation, and see if there's something there.

Tested and approved.

Now, because I'm in a good mood, I'm going to give you one more super-bonus line to use.

"My buddy is having a girl over for dinner.
What should he make?"

"Well, girls always like pasta..."

"Actually, I didn't need to know that.
I just made that up so I could come over here
and flirt with you. Did you not get that? Here,
let me try again.

How you doin'?" :-)

Now I want to see some replies with your ideas as well. Let's make the supermarket the new disco.

Yeah baby!

Tell me your best lines. Get out there and start having fun, and let us know what's working best for you.

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posted by Donovan at 11:03 AM Dating Advice for Men


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey it's been some time that i've been reading this good free stuff and i'd like to praise you guys alittle bit. You guys are genuine since you had to figure the whole thing out and started from being "humble". thanks alot for all this good stuff

8:52 AM, December 16, 2006  

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